The Photon Cloud Part 2

August 1st, 2015

Greetings once more in love and light, 


On side two, Omal continues with answering questions on the effects of the photon belt on ourselves, other planets and other galaxies. Kiri next helps find a UFO hidden in a picture that had taken as as covers the positive effects the photon cloud has has on us. She then uses most of the rest of the session to explain how her use of both coercion and sex in a positive way helped a young woman new to the 6th dimension with her problems making the transition. 



The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 11/12/96. Side two includes:


1.)(0:00)- Omal continues with answering questions on the photon cloud such as what consciousness changes can be expected.

2.)(16:30)- Kiri answers more questions about the photon belt and changes so far witnessed. She then uses her experience of helping someone new to the base get off a need for flowers by using sex to replace it as a way to answer a question we asked Karra.

The Photon Cloud Part 1

August 1st, 2015

Greetings in love and light, 


Topping the news for the month, a new feature has been added to the podcasts where the timestamp of when each of the speakers comes on will now be in front of their link. Also, this month's session covers a very important topic, the photon cloud, an area of energy our solar system passes through every 36,000 years. As our planet was fully engulfed by the cloud in 2014, this is a timely addition to knowledge being shared as part of the ascension process.

After Tia got the session started with a review of an online channeling session the night before, Karra came on and helped with a decision to get or not get a flu shot that year. She then discusses a bad situation a friend of ours had gotten herself in which led to a crucial discussion on coercion Kiri would answer during her time speaking. Tia came on between speakers and while the topic was the 1996 presidential elections, it's content is very timely in the build up to the 2016 elections. She also explains how they have no need for politicians or police on the base. Omal then gives us a critique of how we are doing followed by an excellent dissertation on the photon cloud that takes up what's left of side one. 





For full transcripts of this session and more information about Hades Base and the 6th dimension, please visit our website:


The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped 11/12/96. Side one includes:


1.)(0:00)- Tia reviews the previous night's public channeling session and the extra letters on the keyboards of Durondedunn and Sirius.

2.)(4:11)- Karra dicusses the situation a friend of ours had got herself in and the healing needed. That led to a question on coercion Kiri would answer later on side two.
3.)(24:34)- Tia comments on the lack of a need for politicians or a police force on the base and how one incident was dealt with.
4.)(34:23)- Omal reviews our progress as a group and answers questions regarding the photon cloud which wouldn't fully encompass the planet until 2014.


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