Visitors From Sister Worlds Part 2

June 28th, 2016

Greetings once more in love and light,

After finishing up what she had shared, Karra turned it over to Treebeard who was our next speaker though this was still when he was "The Man With the Can". Getting him onto the subject of devas led us to learn that in Sirian they are called churons and he also recalls for us a ceremony that had to have happened over 800 years ago when as a boy of 15 he and a group of friends called for the deva to assist in an area's growth. He ends his talk with the result of many years of going through the process of attracting a deva and the great results received as well as a visit by the deva. With only two main speakers for side two, Kiri ends the session up with her own memories of the calling of a deva but not one of nature, unless you count sexual nature. One of the more unusual abilities of a deva we were not aware of before is covered which in itself leads to her getting stumped for a word to describe what happened. That brought up a moral decision Kiri had to make at the time that will be touched on more fully in next month's podcast when she uses her time to discuss morals in the use of coercion. 

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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 09/23/97. Side two includes:

1.)(6:42)- Treebeard takes us through a Sirian ceremony that calls on a deva to help the growth within a garden he was a part of in his youth.
2.)(32:56)- Kiri reflects on a calling of a deva she was a part of once though at the time it was to help with the merging of two selves. 

Visitors From Sister Worlds Part 1

June 28th, 2016

Greetings in love and light, 


In last month's podcast we discussed where the survivors of Atlantis settled after the continent was lost and this month it's that we learn of the survivors of Lemuria and how only a few pockets we left when the colonists of Sirius settled on Atlantis. We also find out just where the survivors of Lemuria come from during Omal's conversation. It certainly fills in the gap of information between the timelines of Lemuria and Atlantis. Two continents that shared more than just a calamitous end. History books only cover a very small slice of the known history of the planet. It's true history goes back far longer than science has taught because science does not have the factors of earth's sister worlds to add in to the equation. For a deeper explanation of the sister worlds he mentions, please refer to Kiri's recitation of "The Sirian Chronicles" from the podcast from July of 2013.

Tia start the session off with a lesson on the moral upbringing and the importance of instilling the five main ones she offers. She also clarifies for us the difference in lying and explaining the reality of Santa Claus. Things get really going with Omal who replaces Tia as speaker as he sets up a discussion to be taken up in the future concerning the evolutionary development of a race in our planet's early history. The race he is talking about are the Sirians who came to earth to settle on first Lemuria and later Atlantis. He helps clear up the timeline between the two continents and how Lemuria was no longer in existence at the founding of Atlantis but that some survivors were still left. His dissertation focuses on the visitors from earth's sister worlds and the after effects an isolation from those sister worlds cut off earth from their influence. Karra is the final speaker on side one and gives us a lesson on quantum healing, the science of which is only starting to gain traction now in the 21rst century as we come to understand it better but she was already a master of it in 1997. It all starts with belief and how the minds reacts when the belief is genuine. 



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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 09/23/97. Side one includes:



1.)(0:00)- Tia teaches us the importance of maintaining a high moral standard in the raising of offspring.



2.)(9:37)- Omal takes us back in time to the founding of Atlantis and of the visitors from sister worlds in contact with the settlers there.
3.)(23:52)- Karra explains healing on the quantum level and how cleanliness is a major part of making that happen.

Atlantis, After The Fall- Part 2

June 1st, 2016

Greetings again in love and light,

A conversation with Kiri on geometry and astronomy leads to a larger discussion on the types of the population that left Atlantis at the exodus and where they settled afterwards. Immediate differences are seen between Britain and Egypt but signs both saw the influence of the miners and farmers of Atlantis. Stonehenge, megaliths and the Great Pyramid all point to evidence of an advanced form of mathematics and psychokinetic activity. Also brought up is something harder to spot but no less obvious, the established Ley line network kinking various sites of power. A possibility is put forth that perhaps the larger overview of the scattered survivors and possible examples of their architecture is a large scale version of the continent of Atlantis separated into many continents though in essentially the same places they had before geographically. Bunny follows Kiri fresh off a special performance at the corner bar on the base. It was a big hit even though I faded out during the show when I could no longer maintain my astral form. She had planned to go over an experiment in probing she had planned but got distracted when Katrina, one of the pilots on the base who had been injured in a recent engagement, showed up and she let her sister take over to sooth Katrina's injuries. Leah then proceeded to help me with explaining the differences between the 3rd and 6th dimensions while expanding on that with that on what it's like to live sixth dimensionally. She warps up the session with a fascinating story of how her, her sister and brother were raised in a family where their father is a member of Sirian Council and their mother his assistant.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 08/26/97. Side two includes:





1.)(1:43)- Kiri and I theorize on where the survivors of the Atlantis disaster settled afterwards and which classes stayed together.

2.)(25:29)- Bunny is back on the base and had just wrapped up a special performance as a dancer at the corner bar. Never a dull moment when Bunny is around.

3.)(31:15)- Leah gives me a great description of what it is like to be raised the daughter of a Sirian Council member and growing up on Sirius.


Atlantis, After The Fall- Part 1

June 1st, 2016

Greetings in love and light, 





We get quite a treat right off the bat with a channeling from a student surfer from Sirius who is on the base to study the 3rd dimension by taking on some the elements he's studying. In this case it is the surfing culture of the west Coast he identifies with so he and I hit it off immediately as I feel right at home from my 15 years of surfing Southern California to help with his study. Another treat is that this is my first meeting with Treebeard before he had taken on that moniker and all we knew him at that time was The Man With the Can. This makes it an appropriate follow-up to last month's channeling session where it was Skip and Laura's first meeting with him. We see how Alzheimer's had began to take effect from his over 800 years of life on the sixth dimension and the change between sessions where it seemed to improve with time instead of get worse.

Tia begins on a review of happenings in both Wall Street and the White House with a drop in one and a steady stream of bad news from the other. She quickly makes way for our first special guest from Sirius, Monk. As mentioned, he's a young student from the university on Sirius on a solo field trip to Hades Base to observe and study the 3rd dimension before heading back to complete his class work. It was nice learning of a surf culture on Sirius and of his revelations on the differences between the two dimensions as well as his interactions with the dolphins on Sirius to help with his wave hunting. My thanks to Tia for her help in arranging his time speaking through Mark. (Who wouldn't have any clue on how to speak like that.) Omal joins us before departing to a Council meeting but prior to leaving, delivers a short dissertation on the goal of Hades Base and Ashtar Command of raising the consciousness of the planet to the next level. He urges against making a deal out of specifying which dimension that is. We next meet Treebeard before he was Treebeard. I had come across him previously on an astral travel trip to the base so I finally made his acquaintance in the flesh so to speak. Karra takes up the rest of the side one talking about the family home on Sirius, an oncoming sister or brother and how life imitates history.








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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 08/26/97. Side one includes:





1.)(0:00)- Tia has a few things to update us on regarding wall Street and the White House and as usual the news is bad.

2.)(5:52)- We meet Monk, a student from the University of Sirius traveling to the base to study the 3rd dimension. The surf culture of Sirius is represented from the close bonding of two surfers light years apart in distance.
3.)(10:23)- Omal leaves for the night to a Council meeting but not before reminding me of the goal of Hades Base and Ashtar Command.
4.)(16:46)- We meet Treebeard for the first time when he was only known as the Man With A Can. A tendency to drift off apparent here seems to lesson greatly in later sessions.
5.)(28:58)- It's a free night so Karra dwells on home with me as we talk about the Tanaka family home on Sirius and the similarities between now and the Sirian Chronicles.


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