An Ashtar Analogy- Part 2

September 1st, 2016

Greetings once more in love and light as one. 

Karra follows her sister on side two in answering questions on nutrition and maintaining a healthy diet but reminds us that bullion cubes can be used to flavor food in a survival situation. Tia takes a break from her imposed sabbatical to sing a birthday song to Mark and myself before enlightening us on some of the details involved with the hologram discs often mentioned in session. We learn each uses 8 gigs of memory and how many pictures it holds including life size holograms. Her time channeling also gave her the opportunity to hear Ashtar call her a computer genius. We get a look into the personal life of one of the Base's pilots next as Flight Commander Taal tells of the escort he'll be flying with his family and the Base's ski team to the Tri-Base ski races being held on Centauri Base with a stopover on Sirius first to pick up their ski team. We also get to hear about his latest combat victory where a ship of a third dimensional race refused his request to board their ship for inspection. Kiri returns to wrap up the channeling session and we find out that Ashtar and Korton have gone into one of the other channeling rooms to channel to another group. Kiri and I then discuss the creation of this website at the time and the upcoming ski races on Centauri Base. I try to push for a competition between the Wookies of Hades Base and Centauri Base as one of them is a friend I visit when astral traveling to see Karra. I'm informed it will have to go before a committee where I have a bit of a pull with a couple members.  



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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 02/27/96. Side two includes:


1.)(1:55)- Karra gets side two started with survival tips when it comes to nutrition and roughing it, food would not have to be bland.



2.)(6:32)- Tia who is on sabbatical uses her time to provide some details on the hologram discs used on the base to store photos including life size holograms.



3.)(14:11)- Flight Commander Taal tells us about his latest combat engagement and how he'll be escorting the Base's ski team to the Tri-Base ski races.
4.)(21:25)- Kiri relates how Ashtar and Korton move on to other rooms where they'll be channeling to other groups and we reflect on past ski races held on the Base.

An Ashtar Analogy- Part 1

September 1st, 2016

Greetings in love and light as one. 

This was quite an important session for the guest speakers who dropped by this night and so the subjects covered were of an also important nature. Expecting a normal channeling session, we were pleasantly surprised by having Ashtar and Korton spend some time answering our questions. One other special guest speaker was Flight Commander Taal who stopped by to say hi. As one of the pilots on the base, we would only had few visits from him and it should be explained that his English was not as polished as the other speakers though it's always been good enough to be understood clearly as to what he was trying to say.

Omal gets this night of dignitaries started with answering question over a wide variety of topics but focused mainly on the future based on Tia's predictions which have as yet to come into reality. He's very helpful in this session providing suggestions on how best to proceed should we find ourselves at the collapse of society. Having a larger view of the bigger picture than even the sixth dimensional beings he was in charge of, he could give us a way to plan for all eventualities he could foresee happening as possibilities. Staying with the same theme as Omal, Korton follows during his time channeling with a look toward what would make the future easier no matter the world situation and how people can combine their various skills to increase their chances for survival. Ashtar comes on to give us a status report on how we're doing as a group and our future study schedule. He also gives us an explanation for the removal of the shield that had been over the house here on earth and its being used for Carrie's dwelling instead. He ends with an interesting analogy to describe the possible future. Kiri finishes up side one looking back on an incident on the base where Mark was the subject of a meta-concert on the base when Kiri and Tia's children ganged up on him in fun.


For full transcripts of this session and more information about Hades Base and the 6th dimension, please visit our website:



The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 02/27/96. Side one includes:



1.)(0:30)- Omal gives us an overview of the world now and the world to come if looked at from a worst-case scenario.



2.)(22:04)- Korton has some helpful suggestions for planning for an uncertain future by merging the skills of multiple people for the best results.
3.)(29:57)- Ashtar has kind words for our work as a group and explains why the shield that had been over our house was moved to Carrie's house instead.
4.)(37:50)- Kiri explains how she was able to disrupt a prank by her and Tia's children who had combined in a meta-concert to play a trick on Mark.


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