A Healer’s Secret- Part 2

September 1st, 2017

Greetings once more in love and light as one. 


  On side two he continues from where he had left off on side one when he began talking about how the need for a common language evolved as the world evolved. A master of languages, he shows some of that mastery with a demonstration of American Indian sign language to show how different people communicate to bring his point to an end that a common language crosses many barriers. Responding to a question on power increases as a result of healing, she has the perfect answer developed from years of experience to use the power more efficiently. She then responds to a question about belief as a factor in healing before veering off into whether reminding someone they have they ability to heal themselves should be told to a person before or well into a healing. This had been a point of contention between Karra and myself in the past and once more she presented a side of the debate I could never win. It's only now, nearly twenty years later that both sides of the debate can be presented. I still lose the argument as always but it provides an important teaching opportunity for the healers reading this. She signs off with a suggestion on the best way to broach the subject. A newly promoted Lyka takes her place and gives us a rundown of what it is like to be a captain in the Sirian Defense Force. She is coming off an all-night exercise and her exhaustion was very evident. It is a revealing glimpse into her life but done in a way that draws you into her world and the responsibility commanding ninety other people. Kiri lets her go get some rest as he takes her place and gets her usual tease of our guest Skip and his quest to discover the secret to warp core engines. Bad news was received about Kiri and Karra's grandmother in a convent high in the mountains of Sirius. Luckily it was nothing more serious than an broken arm she received in a fall pruning trees. Kiri had just returned from a trip to see so we know things couldn't be too dire. That brought up the fact that Kiri's grandmother had a connection to the space between life and death and was able to give Skip the latest on a 3rd dimensional person dying of cancer was to be Skip's next guide. Skip not having a guide, this was of great importance for him. As the session comes to a close, Kiri made an observation about parents, video games and how games aren't just for kids anymore plus noting that a diet of rabbit can be a good way to starve. We got a lot in a little from here before the tape ran out.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 08/18/98 Side two includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Omal continues from where he left off on how English grew as the most widely spoken language from his first-hand perspective.


2.)(3:53) Karra offers some advice on how to employ the energy for a healing efficiently and when or even if a healer should reveal a secret crucial to any healing to the person being healed.


3.)(27:31)- Lyka descibes some of her duties as a newly promoted captain and tells us how someone on the base with hundreds of years more experience and access to his past lives keeps beating her at sword fighting.


4.)(33:13)- Kiri gives us an update on how her and Karra's grandmother who had recently broken her arm pruning trees while in her 800's. We also contemplate what the results would be if you put a rabbit into a warp core engine.

A Healer’s Secret- Part 1

September 1st, 2017

Greetings in love and light as one. 


   A rare disagreement came up over the title of this podcast with myself wanting "Pluck Yew" and Karra wanting "A Healer's Secret" though reluctantly as the healer's secret isn't something she wanted a lot of focus on but it was better than what I offered. In the end, 6th dimensional class won out over 3rd dimensional crass, go figure. On note about this session that made it stand out over previous podcasts was that it could have been recorded last Friday instead of 1998 for how relevant the topics discussed are to the news anyone can read about daily. It's not often that we're transcribing a tape where we have to remind ourselves the topic is about Bill Clinton and not Donald Trump when Tia is discussing impeachment or Omal discussing the effect of the presidency on the stock market. It's another great night learning from teachers of the highest caliber if only it was to teach us that life in their world is not so much different than life is in ours. On that note, it's old home week five miles below the surface of Mars three dimensions away.


   Our ring mistress Tia starts the night off with some back-and-forth teasing between her and our old friend Skip. Then things get serious as she goes over some wild fluctuations and their causes pointing to the recently named Asian Flu which decimated markets in the East at that time. We turn to the political next as impeachment talk is in the air over Bill Clinton and his many flaws in judgement. The previous night Bill Clinton made his very famous speech to the American people that he indeed been involved in an improper affair. Tia reminds us of what the founding fathers had to say on the matter before circling back the stock market again. The trail an investor's money takes on its path to profit or loss is examined before Tia makes way for Omal who is about to circle us once more into the mess that became the end of the Clinton administration. You can tell he has been made very aware of the circumstances taking place and offers an insight into how the markets were responding to the news which may cause a bit of deja vu upon listening. We move on from there to sacred geometry and recent articles about how there were predictions of the future written into the measurements of the pyramids of Egypt. while he shoots down that theory he does confirm the fact that humans built the pyramids. It the source of the plans used to build the Great Pyramid that he gives a tantalyzing hint as well as a second hint that hieroglyphs used to cover the outside of it and that they can still be found in a place viewable to the public. All of this builds into a very informative history lesson into the English language and how it came to be the most widely spoken language on the planet. This from someone who watched it grow firsthand from its very humble roots. He gets us to the end of side one by illustrating for us how a language can change over the centuries and uses an insult from a famous battle where "Pluck Yew" was yelled out to the opposing forces. It's pretty easy to see how that phrase has evolved over time.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 08/18/98. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Tia shares her opinion on Bill Clinton's speech where he admitting having an improper affair and gives a lesson on how the stock market works.


2.)(14:31)- Omal's insight on politics and stocks in 1998 is eerily familiar to 2017 but he also reveals how the hieroglyphs that once covered the pyramids can still be seen. We then get into a very comprehensive look at languages.


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