Baron Von Ringmaster- Part 2

March 1st, 2018

Greetings once more in love and light as one. 


  On side two the subject is continued but only up to the point where Treebeard demonstrates his talent for probing by exploring the early life of our guest Skip. The two have a conversation about skip's years in the military and a previous life on a distant planet that could only best be described as the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk from the Star wars series or a planet covered in forests of huge trees. Treebeard leaves after a short while speaking to dwell which brings on Omal who gives us a better understanding of differences of probing between Treebeard and Bunny, his distant grandniece many generations down the line from him. He also addresses Tia's dissertation which leads into a discussion of how best to survive any kind of breakdown of society which would include the storage of food and other essential items that might be needed. That included food dehydration and again Skip's time in the military is revealed as we learn about K-rations and C-rations. A time of economic collapse thankfully has never happened though what is being discussed is valuable for a possible future when such advice would be handy such as the trade value of a case of cigarettes where each pack had been wrapped in wax paper and vacuum sealed. Even Omal is moved along to Karra and new dissertation on herbology. For this session she starts out with mint and some of the good things it can do and some of the bad things a certain mint can do if used by pregnant women. She follows that up with the only plug for a website besides the Hades Base News that she ever endorsed. It's a health resource site that is still a valuable place for advice and one she believes strongly in still. She gives us a preview of the next week's channeling session where she would demonstrate how to make poultices. We again bring tobacco into the conversation as it is one of the main ingredients being asked to have supplied before the session. She even remarks on the incongruity of a healer using tobacco as a tool for healing. She changes subjects at that point to give tips and quiz us a bit on battlefield medicine including casts and honey. The session ends just as we're starting to go through the list ingredients needed for the upcoming poultice training.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 11/02/98. Side two includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Treebeard explains his gift of being able to probe people's minds through their shields to our guest who was meeting him for the first time. He demonstrates by answering all his unspoken questions.


2.)(7:45)- Omal talks about storage ideas for possible hard times ahead which include dehydrated food that is vacuum sealed. We also learn about K-rations and C-rations from our guest who was in the service.


3.)(27:48)- Karra begins her dissertation on herbs plus makes a one-time plug for a health research link she believes strongly in. We also plan the ingredient list she'll need to show us how to make poultices.

Baron Von Ringmaster- Part 1

March 1st, 2018

Greetings in love and light as one. 


   This month's podcast comes with a story for anyone not up to date on The Baron and the title for this channeling session. As heard in last month's podcast, Kiri was discussing guides and the suggestion was made that The Baron would make a good guide for a pilot just starting out being that it had been just over two months since he had died. This was nine before that though and this was the third session where The Baron had been acting as ringmaster in a search for the best person to lead off each of the nights when there was channeling from the base. We hear him talk about his wish to do the best job possible and that he had been working on his English skills to make himself more understandable in his phrasing. The reason for this was that during his time as a pilot he took on the persona of Baron Von Richthofen and had whatever craft he piloted painted red. We even get to hear him make a joke during the session of his choice of pilots to emulate. We hear also of his family and the high costs of being a pilot from a higher dimension flying in the third dimension to protect worlds like ours. Besides his story, the rest of the session is another informative one but with a new twist. Tia could not make it in person to make her report of happenings on earth so she recorded a hologram disk of it and through a new technology being tried, they were able to get the holo-disc to act through Mark's body and perform all the functions Tia would take if she herself was channeling through Mark. For those of us in the room down here the difference was unnoticeable.

   So giving his new English lessons a test run, The Baron starts the night off talking about his family which he would soon be visiting back home when his trip to their planet happened. We hear of the bravery of his daughter who had been permanently crippled from an engagement and would never be able to fly again. Once more we learn of the men and women of the pilots and what they do for our dimension despite the chance it could end their careers or even lives. He ends his first time on with an answer to a question on if it was possible Tonar, who was a ruler on Sirius at one time in its third dimensional period, could have been reincarnated as Adolph Hitler. Tia's short report via holo-disk covers several items with the main one that global warming is a natural occurrence. Twenty years later I'm personally in disagreement about that aspect of her report but this is now and that as then. In his first transition between speakers, The Baron tells a joke which maybe gets more laughs on the base as the punchline was lost somewhere in the translation. That brings up Karra who was asked to split her time speaking in two so as to get Treebeard before Karra's main topic was discussed at length. In this segment she answers the questions Tia's report and in particular on a hurricane that was ravaging Central America at the time named Mitch. She gives us her take on it as requested by a reader at the time from the perspective of Hades Base. short on time The Baron takes us to Treebeard who has an answer on a subject we had left off on during his last time channeling. The answer was given in the form of an analogy of how the human race is like an immense tree with branches spreading out from a single source. He ends the side with a discussion on devas and a theory he had put forward that the deva that was coming around the house at the time might be the same deva of a similar nature but in a male form. Our visiting deva had taken the form of the goddess Diana and he helps us try to tune into the devas presence who had just come into the room. The subject also allows us to hear about a similar deva he knew about back on Sirius who was the deva of fishing using spears.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 11/02/98. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- The Baron tells us about his family back on his home planet he is about to visit and discusses whether someone from the distant past of Sirius was Adolph Hitler.


2.)(9:43)- Tia could not be at the channeling session so she presents a dissertation on our planet through the aid of a holo-disk to control Mark's body so she can report on our global warming, stocks and politics.


3.)(16:11)- Karra answers questions on Hurricane Mitch that was going on in Central America and whether earth's wobble was a result of the comet that wiped out the dinosaurs.


4.)(25:53)- Treebeard uses a banyan tree as a metaphor for the growth of the human species but as he starts discussing our local deva it comes into the room. He next helps us tune into its presence.


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