144,000 Only = Critical Mass- Part 2

August 1st, 2018

Greetings once more in love and light as one. 

  Karra gets side two off with an answer to a personal question I had about some future training of mental gifts for a son who was soon to be born in less than a week before we turn the conversation to what happened during her trip back home to Sirius. An ambassador's life isn't a life of ease even on the sixth dimension so it's the relating of a trip filled with meetings, banquets and formal dinners. There was some fun we get to hear about and a seminar she attended where the topic was word manipulation. The examples she offers take up the rest of her time speaking but valuable insights are shared that would useful on this planet. The funny part is that the instructional lesson she had to read had been written by her sister earlier in her life. With that it's time for Treebeard to get in his time channeling and it is one of the most informative conversations we ever had from him. First he helps with a concept I had concerning adding thought waves along with an accompanying sound when speaking in certain situations to get my thoughts across better before we hear about life in the Tenuvial family. He explains that a genetic breeding program within the family designed to produce super operants had some unfortunate side effects that could potentially doom the line. His warnings that such a program could have far-reaching implications led to his being basically in exile from his family back on Sirius hence his position as gardener on the base. We learn he is considering being part of a plan to start a new branch within the tree that has the potential to make sure that fate does not come to pass. He leaves after that revelation followed by Kiri who uses the minute or two left on the tape explaining why her and Karra's family, the family Tanaka didn't go down a similar path.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 04/06/99. Side two includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Karra has some suggestions for raising a child and their abilities before talking about her trip to Sirius. She attended a seminar on using words as tools from which she shares a bit of what she learned.


2.)(13:31)- Treebeard answers a question on if waveforms have sounds and we hear about the dynamics of his family which has some genetic issues he hopes to reverse with a new line.


3.)(39:39)- Kiri explains why it is her family doesn't have the same issues as can be found with families trying to breed super operants.

144,000 Only = Critical Mass- Part 1

August 1st, 2018

Greetings in love and light as one. 


   The girls are back in town. As we heard last month, Kiri and Karra were getting ready to leave for the Tri-base ski races on Sirius but now the races are over and we get to hear about how the trip went. We also hear the results of the Festival of Fish which is a very old tradition with Leah's and Bunny's family. We first heard about the festival in the podcasts from May of 2016 and October of 2017 so listeners would have already been familiar with its roots. The other big revelation comes from Omal that the group mind needed to transition to the next highest dimension would need an exact number of people mentally focused in perfect synchronicity to make that happen. And that is just side one.


   So Kiri resumes her role as ring mistress by recounting the events which took place on Sirius when she joined Leah, Lyka and Bunny at the family get-together. It is a tale of huge fish, bare-handed wrestling of said fish and a number of broken bones. On the lighter side of the recounting was the camaraderie of old friends but on the darker side with the death of someone very much loved by Leah and Bunny during a previous festival. She also regales us with the parties she went to, meeting up with her dad and his bond mate Gonzo and the upcoming birth of Leah and Lyka's child as well as their recent bonding ceremony. She finishes remembering a bit more about her trip. Omal takes his place within the channeling field and starts by answering my question of the appropriate wording to use in relation to a past channeling. "The Matrix" had been released recently and the question about the reality we live in brought on the topic of ascension. We knew that it would take 144,000 people in a group meta-concert to make the change but we now find out that number is an absolute. We spend pretty much the rest of side one finding out why.


For full transcripts of this session and more information about Hades Base and the 6th dimension, please visit our website: 


The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 04/06/99. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Kiri regales us with her trip to Sirius and the Festival of Fish she attended with Lyka, Leah and Bunny. She also fills us in on the status of the child Lyka, Leah and Bunny, the start of a new family line.


2.)(18:51)- Omal reviews pat sessions with me for the page, we discuss a recent movie that had come out called "The Matrix" and he reveals why a 144.000 people and only a 144,000 people can make the change.


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