Future Myths of Present Days- Part 2

February 1st, 2019

Greetings again in love, light, and wisdom as one. 

  As we enter a totally different channeling session, Kiri is already talking as the subject comes up about the current state of her pregnancy. She was far along enough that a telepathic link had been established. We change subjects at that point to get an update of her flower crop back on Sirius which consisted of a field of highly sought-after pink flowers, a natural aphrodisiac of the planet. The medium of exchange she worked with was wine for those who purchased the crop which amounted to an astounding number of cases of wine. This was to our benefit since it was the storage of that wine that would take up the rest of her time channeling. What Kiri calls her broom closet, we would call a warehouse. She is able to employ fifth dimensional generators that use gravity to adjust the size of the room to fit her needs. Because of that, we get a very long and detailed description of how the physics of the fifth dimension operate in opposition to the reality we are used to. Her engineering knowledge is useful in her explanation on the training they do for those getting education of those physics. She moves on from there to her other field of expertise of coercion to explain to a guest the morals behind using that skill. It's a familiar lesson to regular listeners to the podcasts and as usual, she gives us an excellent dissertation for us to ponder. After Kiri wraps up we return to our original channeling session from side one where Karra is just finishing what she had been previously discussing. Tia is then back to introduce Huna, better known as Bunny who had been on the base healing from her healing she had done for her sister Leah and Lyka. (noted in previous podcasts) She was in for a last channeling session before heading back to college on Sirius and being that Bunny is her stage name, we here about a guy who gave her ten acres of land for one of her legendary sessions. Just her luck it had some blue flowers on which Bunny would be able to have as trade goods after the next harvest. We still want to get her sister on before the tape ends so Kiri makes the transition between sisters since Tia got ambushed as she left the channeling field but in a very loving manner. There's not much left on the tape but there is enough to learn that Leah and Lyka had found a way thanks to Bunny on how to conceive a baby between the two of them using a more natural form of insemination than would have been available in a lab.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 12/17/96. Side two includes: 


1.)(00:26)- Karra answers the question about having so many options available to heal, how do you determine which to use. Her answer is a demonstration with the two people in the room on how to start.


2.)(16:10)- Kiri offers a suggestion for when a person might have to go up against a coercer in a coercive battle plus lets us know of how the channeling happens on the base, all 98 hours of it a day.


Future Myths of Present Days- Part 1

February 1st, 2019

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


   February is a time of myths and magic. From groundhogs to Cupid, to the Rams winning the Super Bowl, with this channeling session you get the impression it's because every day we live and everywhere we go we're surrounded by both. We get the world we see handled by Tia, the unseen world explained by Omal on side one with the magic that healing and coercion were once thought to be covered by Karra and Kiri on side two. With Tia, it's all about the secret government, all those civil servants below the cabinet secretaries in governments working behind the scenes to keep the railroads on time as they say. With Omal it's a thousand years into the future we go to discover where we and all we have done are just a myth. We're left wondering after that over the unasked question of if something as simple as a webpage or a channeled conversation could become one more myth or legend in some far off future. With Karra, it's all about the ways to heal naturally which is magic to ancient civilizations but is beginning to gain a foothold in society today. Kiri teaches another course on coercion which has also seemed like some magical ability in both olden times and new. What it really points out is the futility of the small little irritations that affect a person's happiness when stacked up against the immensity of time. Speaking of time, we have to get even more into the 96 hours of channeling a day taking place at the end of this summary.


   Mark has a slight cold prior to leaving his body which is one of the things Tia brings up immediately. From there we get serious as stock markets and the government are the main topics of conversation. Firstly the stock market gets her expert take on the results post-election before moving on to the mechanisms behind the turning wheels of society, the secret government. The scores of civil servants carrying out the wishes of those above them while possibly pulling their own strings at times. Along with that was the stocks market swings and how they could be a product artificial stimulation where changes could be planned in advance. Her main concern was things getting out of control economically with a crash the end result. Tia gets up after that to let Omal take her place and he gets right into answering questions about the time of myths and legends. He's so on the mark with his reminder that it would be a mistake to think we are no longer living in a time of myths and legends. How can you look so far into the future that what we take as a major event now someday may only be a story remembered like Atlantis. Related to this subject are devas of whom myths and legends abound. That is what he addresses next as we with the various gods and goddesses throughout history who we know only from beliefs in the unseen and unknown. The elemental kingdom is an incomprehensible one but Omal brings it into context by providing a logical explanation for it along with how devas are born. We get to the end of the side with Omal giving us a lesson on thunderstorms that would surprise a lot of people as it did us. He ties it all together at the end by connecting the devas and storms in another his excellent dissertations.


For full transcripts of this session and more information about Hades Base and the 6th dimension, please visit our website: 


The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 12/17/96. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Tia gives us interesting inside view of our own system of government as she explains the working relationship between the civil servants and their bosses in the highest levels of power.


2.)(19:08)- Omal reminds us that the time of myths and legends isn't over but is taking place even now. We also take closer look at devas and their ability to manipulate nature to serve their purposes.


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