Presenting, Our Galactic Neighbors- Part 2

May 1st, 2019

Greetings again in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


 Omal completes his discussion on morals then pivots back to Tia's topic where we use "Star Trek" as an example of some of the non-bipedal races of beings including "Q" who he compares to Ashtar. That brings on Karra next who has a very serious subject to discuss which is health problems in relation to the negative actions a person may choose such as addictions. She does mention addictions that can be good but she focuses this talk on two that are bad which are drinking and smoking. For drinking, she suggests some methods for dealing with the addiction which would be tough to implement on anyone not receptive to stopping. As for smoking, she actually points out some of the good it does Mark as he is a smoker. She notes that nicotine by itself isn't what is so harmful with smoking which gets us into ideas of eliminating all but the nicotine for those it could help. Karra's healer personality comes out as she looks at the chemical process that goes on when each of the addictions like food are satisfied and the endorphins released into the system. In a sense, it is self-medication that has to be replaced by something and that something is self-love. In this way, she compliments Omal's earlier on the subject and gives us a fuller understanding of the importance of loving oneself as well as others. She brings up the fact that out of addictions, not even heroin competes when it comes to the failure rate of first-time smokers who try to quit. She gives up the channeling space so that Omal can go over what was discussed. About the only things he has to comment on was that he had his suspicions someone in his office was leaking to her his topic for the night to enhance his. That leads him to suspect that a lesson in spiritual healing may be in the offering soon. He returns the session back to Tia close it out by first reading a letter from Lyka who is out in the field on some far-off third dimensional planet helping with its ascension process. Unfortunately, it is a letter that has a somber ending as she recounts those of her comrades keeping the oaths they made but losing their lives in the process. She gets us up to-to-date on Kiri's trip to the monastery to visit her grandmother we heard Kiri herself relate in a channeling session posted in July of 2014 from a channeling session that took place three days after this session. She ends things by contemplating bringing in Treebeard who was then still known then as the Man With the Can. It wouldn't be long before she mad that happen.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 08/09/97. Side two includes: 


1.)(00:00)- Omal finishes his discussion on higher moral consciousness by referencing "Star Trek" and commenting on Tia's discussion about the other races in the galaxy like comparing Ashtar to "Q".


2.)(5:32)- Karra presents a very constructive dissertation on addictions and how to deal with them as a healer. She focuses on two, drinking and smoking, as examples of addictions needing the most help.


3.)(33:20)- Omal pops back in to go over what Karra said has some suspicions someone is leaking his dissertations to Karra ahead of time as this is the second time the two had complimented each other.


4.)(36:37)- Tia reads a letter from Lyka who is on some third dimensional planet as an Oath Keeper as well as gives us an update on Kiri who is currently on Sirius visiting her grandmother at the monastery.

Presenting, Our Galactic Neighbors- Part 1

May 1st, 2019

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  While anyone visiting this website will already have an understanding that we are not alone in this universe, the podcast for May gives an idea of just how not alone we are. Before we get to that though we will go over a new astral travel technique and spiritual growth's rate correlated to their economic condition. It's after all that Tia and I discuss the many races in just our galaxy and Tia is able to name off eleven of them. This conversation was started by the perceptions of alien species in our popular entertainment. Omal gives us a great dissertation on self-love and morals which also corresponds to the lessons given in the Ten Commandments. It was an excellent first side but side two was the continuation of a theme started on self-love Karra expand in for dealing with addictions. The two covered the most by Karra are smoking and alcoholism. They were covered in such detail we only have a bit of time for Tia to read a letter from Lyka and give an update on Kiri's trip to Sirius to visit her grandmother.


  Our start is a little unusual for a channeling session as Tia starts things off with a method of astral traveling that has a more ritual theme around it. That would give the method with a far more serious tone than the previous techniques she has shared before. She next puts the focus on what to watch for in the economy to see a trend leading to a downturn. We veer a little from that as she makes a point that consciousness growth is often dependent on a person's social standing. How well a person is doing sometimes correlates to the growth taking place. That is due to having less of a worry on where the next meal was coming from. On a related question about off-world species in the media, she expands the topic out to a treatise on the many alien races not covered by the media. Beyond the 11 she mentions, she goes on to talk the many non-humanoid races that are sharing the galaxy with us. It's amazing to know we have been given the help with have with so many other possibilities that could have been our reality. She ends her time channeling by getting slightly irked over the role Art Bell had in promoting a ship around a comet the Heaven's Gate cult committed suicide over in an attempt to board it. Being third dimensional, she has a less forgiving take on the event than others would have discussing it which was totally understandable at the time. She changes places with Omal who presents anyone looking at growing consciously, a dissertation that would be a helpful addition to anyone's learning in that he supplies another of his keys to ascension. This key is on self-love which opens a door to a love of all things that brings on a higher moral consciousness. He uses several of the Ten Commandments as a moral basis that covers most of the moral dilemmas a lightworker may face. Omal ends the side reviewing the words of Sananda to love thy neighbors as thyself. That, he points out, is something that helps all the other laws fall into place.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 08/09/97. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Tia starts with an astral travel technique of a more formal kind and ends with a conversation about the many races of the galaxy including some most have never heard of before.


2.)(31:16)- Omal basically defines what it is to be a lightworker and how it starts is with self-love moving on to a high moral standard from the love of others and all things. 



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