Carrie and the Karma of Atlantis- Part 2

August 1st, 2019

Greetings again in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  Karra continues her conversation with Carrie and we find out Carrie has initiated a self-healing regime of positive mental thinking that probably had a lot to do with her final healing. She passes Carrie off to her sister at that point and Kiri gets only enough time to wrap things up so Carrie can get to sleep. Back to a normal schedule, Omal's time channeling is anything but normal. This is one of the Atlantis tapes, those where we get insight into what took place on that continent but this is the main one, the one where Omal reveals that in my role as a geneticist, I took some of their DNA as part of an experiment in genetic engineering without their approval and am working out the karmic debt from that. Continuing on to more of that lost history we explore the work of Edgar Casey and his channeling about Atlantis. We focus on the two groups of antagonists that were part of the original colonists of which Mark and myself were in opposite groups. He hints at how a power source that was nuclear in nature was misused to cause the first destruction that took out parts of the continent. Though he is very restricted in the information he can tell us due to a policy of non-interference, he is able to let us know that the Atlanteans lacked the rejuvenation technology Sirians enjoy today but were able to self-rejuvenate to a longer life than that lived by their modern descendants. He confirms as well Atlantis had airships and craft that traveled underwater through remote control which would explain how some were able to escape to safety. On a personal note, he does provide an answer to an issue I had with him when I was left without his guidance back in Sedona when he was being channeled by someone other than Mark. That person moved to New Zealand at a critical point in my development but I can't fault the reason Omal gives for my experience. He finishes his time speaking by acknowledging that the human species got a shot in the arm genetically at about the time science acknowledges the same thing, just not in a similar way in both cases. Science and Sirians have yet to meet but that might not be how it is in the future. Karra comes on to use up most of what is left of the side to follow-up on what Omal and I discussed about Atlantis. This is about an experiment started then that is still running where her and I plus Mark, Kiri, and Tia all play a part with the help of Ashtar Command to guide the experiment along though this revelation comes as a surprise. What the end result is the question she brings up and is one that has to remain an unknown for the time being. The end of the tape is coming up so we wrap up with Karra who is hesitant to delve deeper into the goal of the experiment being as she has more of the answer and could inadvertently reveal more than she should. We then give the couple minutes left of tape to work with Tia on her role was with us in Atlantis but the tape before we can get far on the subject.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 07/18/95. Side two includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Carrie reveals to Karra her goal of self-healing she has set for herself where all thoughts of negativity are replaced by thinking just the opposite.


2.)(4:36)- Omal covers the timeline of Atlantis from its colonization to its final destruction and how the survivors integrated with man's early ancestors. We continue that timeline all the way to the present from my meeting him through another channel to now through Mark.


3.)(32:23)- We stay on subject as Karra poses the question of how an experiment started in another body 50,000 years ago would end from all the players then reuniting to resolve the karma of the past.

Carrie and the Karma of Atlantis- Part 1

August 1st, 2019

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  As evolving beings, we hope our mistakes won't come back to haunt us but such is not the case for our podcast for August. Fifty-thousand years ago Atlantis was at its height but so were genetic experiments taking place back then between where DNA from various placed was being combined. Karra and I were part of a team in Africa working on a new race which is what I'm reminded of by Omal and Karra during the channeling session. It's tough enough having to deal with karma that has been accrued as a teen but past lives are no less of an influence in our current lives as is our past. Omal clears up questions lingering for decades on why actions taken by Ashtar Command back in Sedona made so much of a difference in making the present a reality. We also learn from him that devas were once physical beings during the times of Atlantis and only lost their need from a physical body with its destruction. We go over the writings of Edgar Casey and how far apart the two groups were that controlled Atlantis and the mass destruction that took place during the conflict. He even hints that the reason such destruction was possible was through the development and use of nuclear energy. Probably the least spectacular of his revelations but for me the most important was the role parallel lives come into play. Hence it is that we get to the point that leaves more questions than answers is whether this reality is the one that accomplishes the goal of ascension or a parallel one. When Karra follows Omal to discuss the matter is when things get to what the end result of our experiments from Atlantis will come as a result since the experiment started back then is still running. That was all on just side two while on side one, we call Carrie and catch up with her. Not as dramatic but just as important to learn the information our call provided.


  Kiri steps in as ring mistress to get the session going until Tia is set to take over and get a quick question answered on the theory of places with less being more conducive to spiritual learning. While she confirms it may be a possibility, there isn't any concrete evidence to say if it is a factor. Tia is set at that point so she takes the reins of the channeling session in hand as we call Carrie which will take up the rest of the side. After catching up with Carrie, we start into the heart of our conversation with her by Tia getting into the astral travel training she had been working with Carrie in her dreams. The lessons would have Tia astral traveling from the base to Carrie's house to take her astral body along with her on trips. We next go over her plans for getting pregnant which always seems to come u pin our conversations where there's only hope for a child all the way to a bouncing baby girl. Tia describes her body to Carrie who had only known what Tia's face looked like previously and for a first, Carrie puts her husband Mike on the phone who had attended a few channeling sessions. It's old home week as we get caught up in the couple's lives prior to Tia bringing on Karra to talk to Carrie. Karra gets up to the end of the side by reviewing Carrie's recent health based on a checkup she had done where the cancer she had going into remission with upon leaving Tahoe was possibly back. We know in hind-site it had left for good. We learn Karra'a advice to spice up Carrie's marriage had been successful and their relationship had grown much stronger. Something timely for today, we discuss the extreme heat they had been going through in their part of the country so Karra offers some advice for dealing with the heat before the tape come to an end.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 07/18/95. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Kiri and I discuss a theory that places with less light have people with more developed mental powers. She brings up the point that Atlantis would be an exception because the colonists already had psychic abilities.


2.)(3:43)- We call Tia's sister mind Carrie and go over the astral travel training the two had been doing in Carrie's dreams. Carrie asks for and get from Tia a physical description of herself plus we finally hear her husband Mike on the phone.


3.)(21:49)- Karra gives a Carrie a long-distance health review from information provided by Tia and gets from her a report on her marriage. They did not know yet that a daughter was in their future.


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