Well Met, Hatshepsut and General Patton- Part 2

February 1st, 2020

Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  Kiri continues with what is definitely the highlight of the session where first we remark on the revelation that one of our regular speakers had been General Patton in her last life. We know from a recent podcast that Lyka had ascended for the first time and had previous to this always been born on the third dimension. Looking at the similarities in hindsight, it's easy to see the draw to an organization like the Oath Keepers who travel to the third dimension protection the sister worlds of Sirius. What Kiri gives us about her third dimensional life is a first-person view of the life of a pharaoh in ancient Egypt. Her name at the time was Hatshepsut who ruled Egypt during the 18th dynasty and the details she is able to provide is a first-person perspective on her life as one of the few female pharaohs. She answers questions on her rise to power and the question of slavery which was a large part of Egyptian society. History books lack the kind of recollection she is able to provide of someone from history we are able to research. One point not brought up but stands out is the fact that Kiri would have 3,500 years or so on a higher dimension. Knowing her as well as we do says a lot on what a great place it is to be born back into life after life. While this would have been a great conversation to stay with for the rest of the tape, we have to move to her sister Karra to continue this enlightening channeling session. It's reminiscing for us as she remembers the past. First is the last third dimensional life she had where she faced similar challenges as Kiri's and then about her mother's passing and Kiri's help during those hard times. In between she defines what it is to be a healer and that healers give of themselves when healing, something she would have a lot of experience in her times prior to becoming an ambassador. It was the healing through her words when Kiri was with their mother in the last part of her life that brought up the subject of the coercer healer combination that we have really only seen with Bunny. We're reminded, because of the healing Bunny had preformed on her sister and Lyka, that she is young as are a number of the speakers who part of the archives. That's where we finish in a look forward at all the potential waiting for those still under a hundred with eight or nine hundred years left in their lifetime. To get us to the end of the tape would be the person we had just been speaking about, Bunny herself. In her years since we had met her as a university student who did occasional porn holograms, we see her now as an intern on the base looking to get a position there and it's a bit more serious Bunny than previously but not by much. She acknowledges that she be accepting the position Omal was offering her to hopefully strengthen her case for staying and fulfilling an urge we hadn't previously considered. It proves you can't judge a book by its cover. As usual, the conversation turns to sex and the overemphasis placed on the morals surrounding what two people and almost every other living creature has done since history began. Bunny's extensive knowledge on the subject makes her the perfect person to explain the connectedness that can be found on the sixth dimension which would be hard for us to comprehend but something she still has yet to experience. Towards the end, she comments on a pair of stockings she had a gift made from Earth silk. We knew of another pair of silk stockings she had and it's thanks to them we know how valuable such a gift would be on the base. We get to the end of the tape with a little bit of Bunny's self-reflection on the future she faced with the acceptance of this new position. You can tell this is something that represents a change in her life where she would never be the same again.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 04/03/01. Side two includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Kiri recalls in great detail her last third dimensional life as a pharaoh nearly deleted from history by the name of Hatshepsut. This is a first-person recall of a life at best we can only read in hieroglyphics.


2.)(15:19)- Karra uses her last third dimensional past life to explain the giving of themselves healers do whenever they heal. She reflects back as well on healings that both Kiri and Bunny had done in the past.


3.)(27:26)- Bunny reveals she will be accepting the position mentioned by Omal while expressing some reservations about the changes it will bring to her life. As an intern, this is a great opportunity to impress.


Well Met, Hatshepsut and General Patton- Part 1

February 1st, 2020

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  February's podcast features some amazing revelations that go way back in history in the form of a female pharaoh from Egypt's ancient past and a World War Two general reincarnated as two of our regular members of Ashtar Command we talk to quite a lot in these channeling sessions. Hearing about details of someone who lived over 3,500 years ago and the personal struggles faced by someone who decreed over who lived and who died that came before them for judgment is something history books can't convey. This is all from Kiri who also talks about Lyka's last life where she was not yet ascended and had been the person we know as General George S. Patton. This is just the beginning of side two and there is still everyone else who spoke that filled up the rest of the tape. A quick rundown before going into greater detail starts with Tia who talked about the McCain-Feingold bill and trouble in the Middle East at the time, Omal going over the delay of the Conference and Bunny being chosen to work with the Sirian representative as well as Karra discussing the self-control needed by a someone like Bunny who can both heal and coerce. Overall, thanks to the clarity of the recorded on the best equipment we had been able to afford in 2001, we are able to present a session free of the static experienced in recent podcasts though we still had a bit of radio interference that can barely be heard in the background. Minus that, you are hearing pretty much how it sounded to us who were a part of these channeling sessions.


  Tia is back in her role as ring mistress after a long time out of the position and goes over the normal data from the reports she generates as a data analyzer of our planet. She has a lot to go with recent the happenings of the military spy plane that had to make a forced landing in China and the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill. She also has been following the situation in the Middle East so we get into the question of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. She uses an analogy to define the realities faced by both sides and has a go at the Clinton administration for dropping the ball on financial assistance that had been promised to ease the tension. Her very in-depth observations give us the views of someone with an eye to helping the planet rise in consciousness but seeing things that would say their work is more needed than ever. She ends her time speaking and hands off to Omal who is happy to announce they had found a solution to a problem that was holding up the intergalactic Conference. To clarify, the representative from Sirius required a special chamber that kept her apart from the rest of the base personnel to avoid bias in her role towards one side or the other. Unfortunately, an earthquake on Mars caused a collapse of a section of the passageway that accessed the chamber. They had repaired the passageway and faced a second hurdle of how to pass on the representative's input without any interactions with anyone else on the base. A mechanical alternative was in the works but Omal found a better solution in the form of Bunny, a much better alternative for sure. He explains how the transfer of information would work and as a bonus, we get to hear from Bunny herself at the end of the session with her impressions on the arrangement. He changes subjects and we are reminded that once again Hades Base has a champion in the downhill during the recent Tri-Base ski races. Lyka again got the gold but her consistent winning has become a problem Omal reveals. The other competitors in the event lack the thought they could win and the event has turned into a snooze fest. There is a solution and it is one that Lyka came up with Omal is set to approve in which future competitions would lack her participation but would continue with biathlon. The example uses to compare to our world is Tiger Wood's domination of the Master's tournament that he would go on to win later that week. We're minutes from the end of the tape and things finish naturally just prior to Kiri coming on saying hi with her unable to even finish her first sentence.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 04/03/01. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Tia gives us a rundown of the happenings down here on Earth from her perspective of a data analyst for Ashtar Command. In terms of a third dimensional TV channel, it was a busy news day.


2.)(22:14)- Omal announces a fix to a technical problem holding up the Conference and it includes one of our favorite speakers, Bunny. He also ponders a command decision to have Lyka hang up her downhill skis.


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