From Under Officer to Wing Commander- Part 2

May 1st, 2020

Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  We get less than two minutes of completion on the question of genetics before we jump ahead five days into the future as our scheduled special guest is introduced by Omal. A change in background denotes the new session starting with the base commander having to stretch out the introduction because the guest speaker was swapping flying techniques with Mark as he was leaving the channeling room. At least the time allows him to confirm that this is our guest speaker's first time in a channeling situation so the results were anyone's guess. He departs and we finally meet Under Officer Taal who we know would one day make wing commander. After some time getting to know one another, he answers a question on what types of visitors we get to our planet and a surprising number are scientists studying everything but us it seems except our ancestors. A surprising revelation happens when asking about a famous UFO encounter between a French Mirage jet fighter where Taal admits it was himself piloting the UFO that night which no doubt explains why he was chosen to channel over another of the pilots. Another of the reasons is his seventy years on the base of what he tells us is a hundred-year assignment is amazing in that he had already served on three other bases. His being 370 was astounding in the fact that the pilots often live much less than that due to combat. It also meant this would possibly be his last assignment before he would retire as a pilot. We learn what it took to get him to his position and the risks faced in protecting our planet such as being shot down by one of our craft due to a technical malfunction. Or third dimensional opponents flying craft with similar technology as his own craft such as one he relates he's faced numerous times. Not someone looking for kills, we learn he'd rather just chase off opponents rather than having to engage them in a firefight. He gives us a rundown of the three types of crafts he flys and that they utilize space warps and folds to do the long trips they make though they do not have to for anything short like to our planet. At one point he invites me up for some simulator training to test my flying skills which were found to be not up to their required level. I did though earn a spot training and doing a few missions with Nazreal in his search and rescue craft. He next helps me with a sighting of some unusual craft I had seen flying while I was living in Sedona. It is a place he knows well as we learn from some of the flights he made through its famous scenery I had heard about personally from friends who had witnessed his maneuvers. We run out of tape just about as he was asking for a request the next time I was out in Sedona but we hope to bring the rest of that session someday when it comes up for review. What little background noise that can't be removed is well-worth the interview with Wing Commander Taal and the information we had not heard previously and it is in his honor we present this month's podcast.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 10/24/94. Side two includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Karra confirms my inquiry on if her boss Kornas, the head of the genetics department, had successfully mapped the DNA of the human body. I had taken an interest recently into genetics.


2.)(2:21)- Omal gives with a briefing about channeling from the guest pilot who delays things as he chats with Mark about flying techniques. I get to ask in the meantime about the book "Visitors From Other Planets".


3.)(7:15)- We meet Wing Commander Taal for the first time who reveals he was involved in a famous encounter in 1977 between a 1968 French Mirage jet fighter and a UFO. He reveals as well he isn't allowed to fire on our planes even in self-defense.

From Under Officer to Wing Commander- Part 1

May 1st, 2020

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  This month's podcast comes with a bonus not seen in previous channeling sessions posted where we begin with one session and then switch to the session five days later. In the first session we had set up the events we would complete in the second. The title for the session comes from the life of our main guest speaker, Wing Commander Taal who was making his first appearance as one of our speakers. Frequent readers of our website will already know Taal from his many times channeling for our group but this was his introduction to the channeling setup. This is one of the earliest sessions our sound technician was able to make clear enough to be heard so much of what is discussed hasn't been covered in what has been submitted to the archives previously. One item of note before going into the summary is that we see in the session the head of communication for Ashtar Command starts the session. Korton was actually a regular speaker in the earlier sessions and each was notable for their abundance of decorum that would be lacking once he began attending only on occasion. As we have learned in later channeling sessions from Omal, they were testing out various main speakers and it was found Omal made a better fit for when we began adding guests to our channeling sessions. The lighter mood led to more informative if distracting, recordings. One last item of note was that Omal had yet to adopt his traditional farewell of "live long and prosper" but his question he raises about Mr. Spock is a clue it was shortly after this session he began to use it his departures. Now, onto the summary.


  Korton gets us started we begin with some very deep areas of research Mark and I had been doing as far as improving our methods for getting to the base. Mark is a master of the skill was asking about some rarefied knowledge related to astral travel called traveling in the grey area and stopping at a specific point by projecting an energy source that detonates ahead of the traveler to stop them suddenly. The tricky part was that the gray area was the fourth dimension and Mark was perfecting his ability to time jump, return in the time stream after ninety minutes had passed in real time but actually leaving the base after sixteen hours. When the term time translocation comes up, this is what is being mentioned. My questions mirror Mark's in that I too was trying to use implosions but for the purpose of making my astral body more solid. We end with his advice on how to help a friend of ours who had come to me for help with astral projection. That brought up Omal then to get us ready for side two which would take place in five days. The Command had decided a viewpoint from one of the pilots of the base's craft would help give our archives knowledge on how that part of the base operated. Before that though we had a bit of fictional entertainment to discuss. Mark had just seen the latest "Star Trek" film and we had both been reading a book series called the "Galactic Milieu Series". Both sets of entertainment-focused around inhabitants of other planets so it was relevant to our normal topics. Not relevant but important for my training was his helping me with my manifesting abilities by making a penny appear out of thin air, always good for a laugh. After setting up the arrangements for our time with the pilot, we finish with his request for the details on an incident where Mark had to use his coercion. That left Karra to get us to the next side with a few topics to go over such as an energy transfer done during a demonstration caused physical bruising on Mark's hand for a couple days, an exchange of poems between Karra and myself as well as some barnstorming of ideas on how to improve my astral travel. We end on a topic we would get back to when the next side started about genetics and human DNA.


For full transcripts of this session and more information about Hades Base and the 6th dimension, please visit our website: 


The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 10/24/94. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Korton goes over the higher ends of astral travel such as traveling in the gray area, negative feedback loops, and energy implosions. He also gives me some tips on training someone in far sighting.


2.)(22:51)- Omal sets up for side two the circumstances for a chat on side two that would be taking place five days later with one of the Blue Guys, the pilots on the base. He has a reason why cats are easier to coerce than humans.


3.)(36:36)- Karra finds out how in a recent healing demonstration she accidentally burned Mark's hand but it was only temporary. After that, we exchange love poems and barnstorm astral travel improvements.



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