Ode To An Oath Keeper- Part 2

July 1st, 2020

Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  We were running late due to the earlier healing the session was cut short less than a half an hour into the second side. Tia finishes the subject she had started on the previous side before bringing on our guest of honor Lyka. The feisty side of Lyka is showing as she's raring for a test of skills through swordplay. We get out the equipment and go at it though all of that was removed from the recording. It's just the sound of clanging steel. Our guest Skip has always wanted to meet Lyka which is impossible but it doesn't stop her from imaging the mental image of how the two of them would look side by side. We need a bit more from her to add to the Hades Base News so she presents an excellent dissertation on the life of an Oath Keeper in the Sirian Defense Force and how they are able to rationalize the taking of a life. It makes a lot of sense especially seen as it's the upholding of an oath made by Sirius to whatever world it is that Lyka has been deployed along with her other Oath Keepers. Taking off her captain's hat, she next provides a higher dimensional explanation of how sex and love are different. This was a year before he would meet the love of her life, Leah, the sister of Bunny. We learn about the sharing of oneself with another which leads to a discussion of past lives. She explains how hers are starting to come in at twenty-one but we know her last one was as General Patton which must have come as quite a shock when she learned about that life. She make way for Kiri to get some time in before Skip had to leave. We get to hear about the status of her grandmother and Skip's guide who was still alive but an agreement had been made between lives apparently that Skip would finally have a guide after the person went through the process of passing between life and what comes after. While it may have been a short session, the sound is of a great quality that really comes in handy as we end while Mark makes his way from Hades Base back into his body. We get some time to goof around as always before we shut down the recorder for the night.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 08/25/98. Side two includes: 


1.)(3:20)- Lyka gets in some sword practice in Mark's body and gives a dissertation on the importance of oaths and defines the differences between love and sex on Sirius and most of the sister worlds.


2.)(18:51)- Kiri goes over Alana's school schedule as she shuttles between Sirius and the base before giving us and update on her grandmother. It's good news as we hear she's over her recent illness.


3.)(25:19)- Mark gets back to his body after leaving the base while the tape is till running so we hear one of our longest yet recordings of his normal voice.


Ode To An Oath Keeper- Part 1

July 1st, 2020

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  Two months ago we honored Wing Commander Taal and the sacrifice he faces each time he leaves the base to patrol our skies. This month we again honor another who risks her life for the sake of others as part of her role in the Sirian Defense Force. Lyka has more than once shown us what sacrifice looks like and for our podcast for July it plays a major role in her explanation how she is able to resolve her conscious to the act of taking the life of another. Then, in a lighter point in the channeling, she goes provides the defining characteristics between sex and love she says is practiced by pretty much all of Sirius and most of the sister worlds. Coming up with a summary has come only at the last minute as this a tape Karra and I have been listening to over and over. To say it stands out is an understatement just for Lyka's dissertation alone but, along with that we have one of the longest sections yet posted in the archives of Mark after he has returned from the vase and begins speaking in his normal voice. This session has become our favorite of the year so far and we hope it will be as equally memorable for the listener as well.


  It's hard to wrap our heads around events of twenty-two years ago and current times being so in synch but, yet again we present a channeling session that could have been presented live if one replaces heatwave with pandemic. It doesn't start out so dire with Karra filling in as ring mistress while the other two mothers setting down their children for bed. She steps out of her ambassador mode temporarily as she critiques a healing held in the same room earlier in the evening. Our guest Skip had brought a friend who was in need of an energy infusion though wasn't a part of the channeling session. Three monitors we were unable to see in this dimension had always been installed in the room since Mark had started channeling which allowed Karra to watch the healing take place along with the various energy flows the monitors would have displayed. Her take on the exchange was that Skip had not been monitoring his friend's energy levels causing him to start overheating himself. That leads to a great talk on how to recognize another person's energy levels from afar or in Skip's case, having to shake a person's hand to gauge their energy. We determine how best to help Skip and so Karra makes way for Omal's turn speaking. In one of his foretelling of the future by describing the present back in 1998, we see parallels aplenty as he goes over heatwaves in 2020s most recent Covid hotspots, a stock market that can close 3% of its value overnight, and a prison riot that nearly was the cause of him declaring a Defcon three, a situation denoting a need to be more vigilant of current events. The excess heat around the globe brings up the subject of global warming and his view on it as an outside observer. He ends after a discourse on balancing water conservation with land conversation highlights the differences between the proponents of both priorities. Tia then returns as the traditional ring mistress to discuss stock market fluctuations and how politicians may have been stepping in to slow down a rising market. To prepare for a time of possible economic disruption, she brings up a vital possession to be gathered and shared should the need arise. The tape runs out so we have to continue the subject after a short break.


For full transcripts of this session and more information about Hades Base and the 6th dimension, please visit our website: 


The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 08/25/98. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Karra critiques a healing we did in third dimension and find out how to gauge a person's energy levels by how warm or cold are their hands. She's also able to provide some mentoring for a guest in need.


2.)(13:24)- Omal explains why a Defcon upgrade was called off. A lot has to do with a number of events eerily similar to the events we are seeing in the news. He points out how people in the past could help the present in our building techniques.


3.)(30:48)- Tia goes over the economy and how it's being affected by governmental policies. She encourages the gathering of information to stay up on things and pass it around.


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