How Long Before Reincarnation and Sananda’s Curriculum- Part 2

October 1st, 2020

Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  Side two begins with Kiri saying goodbye and Tia wrapping up our phone call with Carrie. To do so, Tia answers a question on the future before everyone takes their leave. Tia then decides to play a prank on me in bringing on Omal which has her laughing in hysterics on the sidelines. Omal has questions to answer though and we get down to some serious business. Recently we had been having visits from the Jehovah's Witnesses in town to our door who wished to share their ideas while I wanted to do the same regarding Ashtar Command. An exchange of ideas had been taking place and another meeting was scheduled for the following day. Omal was able to show the benefits of such meetings and my recent reading of The Essene Gospel of Peace had prepared me to answer some of their questions. Omal helped me leap to amazing conclusions I had not been expecting after we first shift topics to the recent happenings of the Upuaut Project. It was a little robot designed to explore the shafts of the queen's chamber and they hoped to explore what lay behind the door blocking one of the shafts. Nothing world-shaking was discovered except more questions that could only be speculated on at best. A related pyramid revelation was that pyramids can give off relaxing fields whether you are in them or out of them. At the time there was a six-foot copper pyramid that we had set up around the futon from which Mark was channeling. Now things get heavy as we discuss unifying the 144,000 nerve centers in the body to establish an enlightened consciousness. Once the chakras enter into the discussion we cover the intertwining of religions that we trace back to the migrations prior to the sinking of Atlantis. That is how we learn that Sananda had been directing the lessons we had been taught in the archives that continued a set of lessons he began over two thousand years ago. That's all we have time for as we move on to Karra who continues a class on the human body she started the previous week. This time the subject was hormones and from the detail of the information she provides, Omal had okayed all she had included in her lesson. The key takeaway was the way everything was interconnected. From the glands and the various chemicals they release to the outside influences also affecting our body's functioning, we learn the human body is an amazing combination of factors that determine our state of being. That finishes the lesson so Tia wraps after Karra departs for the few minutes left on the tape. To those confused about her comment on the shot she received on her tail affecting her the way it did, it's only a small tail being as her ancestry has a feline evolution which includes a slightly different bone structure than our own or a Sirian's. It's a session I've enjoyed listening to over and over again for the new things I grasp each time. 


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 10/17/957. Side two includes: 


1.)(3:01)- Omal reveals yet another of the reasons for these archives in that he connects all the dots from when Sananda spent his time on the third dimension. He brings clarity to two thousand years of questions.


2.)(20.03)- Karra gives a class on the various glands of the body and the chemicals that they release. It's a follow-up to a topic Omal had just covered on the 144,000 nerve centers of the human body.

How Long Before Reincarnation and Sananda’s Curriculum- Part 1

October 1st, 2020

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  Like anyone who visits this website, I am and student of the unknown and, every time I hear a tape I've chosen to put online is the first time I've heard that channeling session since it was first recorded. I never know what to expect, but with this session, I've lost my fear of death and discovered much about Sananda I had only suspected. Now, what fear of death I have has always been based on how long it would be before I would either be back on this dimension or instead joined Karra after an ascension. Thanks to Kiri, I can happily say that fear has been eliminated by finally getting a definitive answer on how long you have between lives from someone I consider to be an expert on the subject. I've always assumed there might be as much as hundreds of years between lives and that a much smaller number could possibly be fewer than ten was knowledge I had completely blocked out somehow. That the maximum amount could be mere decades answers one question and presents several more. For example, how many lives does one have, and is it more like a constant exchange of bodies? Then we learn about the architect behind the archives and how the channeling sessions came to be and no surprise, it was Sananda who determined the curriculum we had been learning. Returning visitors to the Hades Base News since its inception has heard what I have always thought were often impromptu channeling sessions that focused on subjects that just came to mind. We're honored that Sananda has graced us with the knowledge he has and are pleased to share it with any others also seeking the next step in his teachings. On top of both the topics is much more information starting with a call to our favorite former guest of the channeling sessions when she could attend in person, Carrie. What we learned during the conversation with her over the phone makes for a convincing argument that Sananda had a pretty good idea of where this would lead. So, on with a short recap of the channeling session to follow. 


  Tia gets the session going with a call to Carrie for an expected chat when she could talk to the female members of the base that channel regularly. Tia was always a welcome guest into the mind of Carrie when she dreams and has to apologize for some recent wild dreams. It seems the issues in Carrie's life were more than even Tia could counteract to prevent some of Carrie's nightmares. It was those stresses that were causing Carrie to lose the self-confidence that she would normally have. She explained to Tia that her school and work combination were additional factors causing her stress. Tia offers some helpful advice prior to letting Karra get to the more serious matters on Carrie's mind. As Karra joins the chat she gets right to the theme of the discussion which was children. Carrie had just visited the parents of a newborn and it had brought out an emotional longing for a child of her own. Karra is both a mother and a healer so she gives her some comfort over her expectations and a warning about the amount of smoking Carrie had been doing. Part of the stress she had been experiencing revolved around a doctor's diagnosis which had her more scared than we had seen previously. As a way to lighten Carrie's mood, Karra and I provide some jokes that while bad, do the trick in getting her to laugh. Karra ushers on her sister in an effort to keep the atmosphere light without Tia doing the normal handover and Kiri naturally follows up with an immediate joke of her own. Once she finally explains the punchline it is no longer a mystery but lacked the effect Kiri was hoping to achieve. From there we hear about some chakra jewelry that Carrie was impressed by which gets Kiri doing the math on how much Sirian claret would be the equivalent in price. Kiri had to explain that without money in their economy, wine served as the trade good of choice for Kiri. Eventually, the conversation turns back to having a baby and Kiri puts forward the hypothesis that the reason Carrie can't get pregnant is that a former soul mate of hers who had passed away was just waiting for reincarnation. That is when Kiri provides a fairly reliable timeline of how long the reincarnation process can take. This shows what a random tape selected for the podcast turns out to be more than special on not just one side, but even more outstanding information that was waiting to be revealed on side two.


For full transcripts of this session and more information about Hades Base and the 6th dimension, please visit our website: 


The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 10/17/957. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Tia gets Carrie on the phone and we discuss her life and the stresses she faces along with a self-confidence problem. Tia has a good idea to help her out the next time she finds herself rushing things.


2.)(8:39)- Karra reassures Carrie that her desire for a child will be fulfilled one day. We know from future sessions she would give birth to a daughter. Unfortunately, she has to suffer through some bad jokes.


3.)(34:46)- Kiri's conversation is the reason we post the information the world would like to know for the most part. How long is it between reincarnations? Of course there is also a lot more to go along with that.


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