From the X-Files to Star Trek- Part 2

July 1st, 2021

Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


   Side two opens up with Omal still giving us information available to a base commander of Ashtar Command including the confirmation of a higher dimensional Earth awaiting humanity's arrival. As he says, no one is allowed to disturb it until we're ready as a race to take our rightful place as its new occupants. With Mark's energy levels running low, he leaves so Wing Commander Taal can have his time relating a battle report he had been involved in where one of the base pilots lost his life after being ambushed by the Greys. One thing Taal does want to stress is that inexperience was very much a part of the cause with the three pilots on patrol failing to maintain their training and procedures. The dead pilot we learn left behind a bond mate and sons who were very understanding of their father's sacrifice. If there was a reason we started the Hades Base News, it was to provide as Omal says the other side of the coin. Tia takes over from there as Mark is borderline on energy and we revisit the battle report of Taal's to analyze the actions that took place. Then she confirms before we shut things down that the participants of the channeling sessions had an active part in the two dimensions. We go on from there to jump over to another session that was very much all Korton's time for more questions and answers from some other channeling session that only had a half hour of tape. At one point, Korton lays out exactly why it would take twenty-five years to present this podcast due to the advancements we are seeing now that tell us Ashtar Command was way ahead of its time on purpose. Before that though, he brings up the galactic Conference being planned and Ashtar Command's position was in the initial preliminaries. because of that, we ask about the media changing the planetary consciousness with shows like "Star Trek". Things get profound from there as he reminds us we are the stuff of stars. We finally end things on a discussion of linguistics. In this session also, Mark's level of energy was running low s Tia steps in to get us to the final minutes of the tape. She follow-ups Korton discourse on linguistics and the fact that her language is only understood by others of her race and cats. We close things out on her demonstration of that very fact with a cat in the room. This session was the bookend of a key night for us in our ascension path as a planet. Next stop, a planet waiting for our arrival.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 10/09/1996. Side two includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Omal continues on with answers regarding the secret government and a very special revelation, about the higher dimensional Earth. It is still a virgin planet not even they are allowed to visit.


 2.)(4:57)- Wing Commander Taal makes a very timely appearance to provide the battle report on an incident over South Utah. Due to inexperience, one of the three ships in a patrol was killed in an ambush.


3.)(19:56)- Tia describes the view from her side of the channeling room with so many waiting to channel including Ashtar. We finish the rest of this session discussing the battle report Taal presented.


4.)(19:56)- Korton spends most of the rest of the side explaining in 1996 what we would be seeing in communication advances the world of today. We finish pondering the challenges of a universal translator. 


5.)(19:56)- Tia finishes with a follow-up to Korton's predictions of the future of translation with how her language is easily understood by cats which she demonstrates by speaking to a cat in the room as we end. 

From the X-Files to Star Trek- Part 1

July 1st, 2021

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


   The channeling session for the month of July is one we have waited a long time to post due to what we heard back when it was recorded. Ashtar Command's aspirations for our group here on Earth were more long-ranging than we were aware of back in 1996 and that fact is confirmed by Korton acknowledging that the information now being approved for public release had been set to be allowed five years later. As the session starts, it is actually the back half of a channeling session that ran long and Ashtar had already finished speaking. Korton is one of many guest speakers present and it is from him that we now get the go ahead to ask questions we could not get the answers to when we had asked  them before. Omal gets the first of the questions and the answers he gives lives up to expectations. Things like the how far is the nearest space fleet from Earth, which president actually signed the agreement with the Greys, how many abductions had taken place by then, and some of the actions of the secret government. On side two, we get confirmation from Omal that not only is their a higher dimensional Earth, it is a virgin planet where not even Ashtar Command is allowed to visit. Adding to the seriousness of the night, Wing Commander Taal gives us a battle report where three from the ships from the base on patrol were jumped by an opposing force of fifteen ships of the Greys. One of the pilots from the base was killed and his ship destroyed before reinforcements arrived in the form of Taal's patrol that was fortunately nearby. As this was the second half of a session, another session of thirty minutes night was added as filler. Great filler though since Korton spends nearly all of it answering our questions. What's funny is that most of the subjects keep coming back to Star Trek.


   Tia opens up the channeling session from where she left off from the channeling session "Ashtar, Harmonics, and Healing" posted in October of 2018 with an analogy on how the government works by using the example of a friend who was living with us at the time. while the subject started with tax cuts, it is followed thereafter with topics that are debated in Congress that had been in the news. Those topics included abortion and affirmative action which elicits the humorous of Tia as aggrieved applicant from another planet who was denied a job. She wraps up with a true story of a living saint and her motivation to feed the world's poor. Next up is Korton who gives us the words we had been waiting a long time to hear, we had a green light to release the heavier knowledge they had been holding back. Coming from the head of communications of Ashtar Command, this edict carried a lot of responsibility with the approval. He reminds us we are eligible for abduction and implantation though he reveals they could use such an action against the Greys. Next up is Omal to now answer all those questions we had been holding back and we hit the gold mine with the provided revelations. The first is that time and space are finally grasped once you've ascended and it is understanding both that takes place from there. Next comes some great knowledge on the secret government and our dealings with the Greys. All of this may have been problematic to release in the nineties but these days all of this information has been running around on the web. What Omal is able to confirm is now ready for prime time. Our ability to share it with the world would have been far more difficult back in the days when these archives were recorded so this is a case of what we call a timension. The right information at the perfect time. 


For full transcripts of this session and more information about Hades Base and the 6th dimension, please visit our website: 


The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 10/09/1996. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Tia gets us talking about the ills of the third dimension as she expresses her opinion about topics such as tax cuts, abortion, and affirmative action. The last one having a surprise story she relates. 

2.)(15:19)- Korton comes on and things get heavy as he turns us lose to post the information channeled we had been previously been blocked from releasing to the public. This is when everything changed. 

3.)(26:15)- Omal takes questions as if Fox Mulder had stepped into his office and was told he could ask him anything he wanted. Having my chance, I got the answers the show always left as a question mark. 


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