Camping and the Balance of Everything- Part 2

August 1st, 2021

Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  Korton takes over from where he left off on side one with explaining all he conditions that must all come together for life on a planet to get its start. Now with all the possible planets for life to begin, we are one of many civilizations doing the best we can to survive and improve. He explains how some can be return to the planet the have ascended from in the form of artificially impregnating someone and the baby to come as a result would have pre-programed knowledge to help in their mission to teach others. he would not confirm or deny that was the case with Jesus Christ. We move on from there to elementals such as devas who have a lot to do with maintaining nature. We learn there is a fine balance that is needed for harmony between nature and technology and currently that balance is out of whack and needs to be fixed. He explains that a lot could happen that will determine if we survive as a race or a select few move on to elsewhere to continue our race's evolution. With the climate extremes experienced over the last couple of years, his dire predictions need to be taken far more seriously than they were taken back then. On answer he offers is to work with the nature spirits in bringing back the missing balance. A demonstration of that help was shown by how the wind was acting in a way that kept the bugs off of us. In thanks for that help, he suggests leaving a gift of trail mix for the animals missing out of their hunting they would be doing then. We do learn that the devas we had hanging around our residence may have passed on our travel plans to the elementals in the area where we were camping. He leaves but reminds us that school is all around us if we wish to learn, life itself is our teacher. The tape is left running as Mark returns and at no point in the archives is a longer recorded time where Mark is just himself. Just another special moment in an already special channeling session.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 8/10/1995. Side two includes: 


1.)(0:00)-  Korton helps us understand the relationship between elementals and the nature they maintain. Finding the balance between that nature and technology is the answer to our future it turns out.


2.)(4:57)- Mark is back from the base and in his body so we spend some time discussing what was said while the recorder keeps going. It is a rare treat and the longest he was ever on tape as himself.



Camping and the Balance of Everything- Part 1

August 1st, 2021

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  This special channeling session for the month of August starts with a scene that needs describing. It takes place at a small lake on the outskirts of the Lake Tahoe Basin in 1995. Mark and I were trying an experiment planned by Omal where we would use a camping trip Mark and I were on to give an astronomy lesson. With a pair of tents nearby, two air mattresses were set up in front of a campfire we had built. Mark astral projects himself up to the base and Tia takes his place in his body. A portable tape recorder that slows down occasionally without warning starts as the channeling begins. Due to the wind that would blow through at times and it being a portable tape deck, the sound is not as ideal as we would wish but the information is always the principle focus of these sessions. Tia would not stay long as to let Karra take over as ring mistress and the first speaker of the night. As speaker, she would ask questions that laid out a typical healing session using crystals. Omal follows Karra which is when we get his definitive class on Astronomy while in an actual outdoor setting with the night sky overhead. Also overhead is Wing Commander Taal who provided a prearranged UFO sighting. Korton comes on to finish up side one and pretty much all of side two as the last channeled speaker but he is a hard act to follow. Especially this time as he explains that our allies in the battle for survival on an over heating planet are the elementals and nature spirits. The answer he says is a balance between technology and nature and no one knows more about nature than those beings responsible for it to work the way it does. Finally, to cap things off, the listeners get to hear the longest exchange of Mark speaking in his natural we ever got on tape as we leave the recorder running after he's back. Now for a more detailed description.


  Tia pops on to get a look at our campsite and update us on a party being held for the son of Kiri being now able to demonstrate his manifestation ability. Without any far sighting questions to answer, she swaps places wit Karra who will now be the night's ring mistress. Karra answers the question on the root race for for Sirians being fish while pointing out that is is also the root race of humans by extension. From there she switches into teacher mode as she quizzes me on my healing knowledge by asking how to use fine focus in identifying an area needing to be healed through the help of a crystal. Up next is Omal and his astronomy class using Tahoe's wide open night skies as a visual aid. In the midst of pointing out constellations he also points out Wing Commander Taal's ship passing overhead. No doubt one of the perks of being the commander in charge of the base protecting our planet. Not a camper himself, we get to explain some of the traditions that come with the experience such as roasting marshmallows over an open fire. Omal wraps up and Kiri comes on to go over her ensemble she had planned for Alex's manifestation party as well as my own. Finished with fashion, she makes way for Korton who only has a short time before this side of the tape ends who begins to answer on how life starts on a planet or, as he says, life as we know it.


For full transcripts of this session and more information about Hades Base and the 6th dimension, please visit our website: 


The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 8/10/1995. Side one includes: 


1.)(3:42)- Karra uses a select set of questions to quiz me of my knowledge of using a very fine focus to intuitively know how to heal a certain area. She also goes over the use of a crystal in the healing.

2.)(16:35)- Omal gives an astronomy lesson where he identifies the various constellations above our heads and even had a surprise in the form of a flyover by Wing Commander Taal. Quite the UFO encounter.  

3.)(26:31)- Kiri talks about the upcoming party for her young son Alex who was finally able to use his mental skill of manifestation to bring illusions of his desires into being. That traditionally calls for a party.

4.)(33:14)- Korton is asked about what happened at the big bang and life forming on a planet among all the billions that now made up the universe. With a few seconds to go, he describes how life begins.  


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