Pyramids, Proposals, and Water Breaking- Part 2

December 2nd, 2021

Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  Omal comes back to the topic that had been started about Ashtar manipulating a conversation in such a way that we received some very important information but through the coercion of our newest speaker to the archives and myself by Ashtar. We discussed the effects it was having on Luna as she would be the next to channel and the Base's hard work seems to have paid off. What was revealed was part of a trigger designed to key in certain memories of the listener. This evening's revelations by Ashtar on the Great Pyramid seemed to be a part of his making up for taking over the previous channeling. My attempts to clarify some of Ashtar's facts were mostly out of the allowed conversation range so move on to the channeling session planned for the future when a friend of mine and the Command's from Sedona would be able to call in during a channeling session on our new speakerphone. Raya was a part of the channeling sessions I attended back when I lived in Sedona and we became friends through my desire to learn more after a channel named Roger Pinion had channeled Omal and Korton. From there he introduces our newest addition to the Hades Base archives, Luna. As a historian, Luna was someone who was interested in our group for what we were trying to do and will be featured a number of future channeling sessions. For this session she was able to answer questions about elves that we had been curious about. One name came up in our research was Mr. Richard of Gloucester who Luna assured us only had a twisted understanding of their nature. From there I get from her a fuller knowledge on elves throughout our history. From the founding of Atlantis to what mental talents they posses. We have learned extensive knowledge on devas from Treebeard and now we were getting a look at another aspect of the elemental world. Tia comes back on between speakers to talk about all the parties coming up for births and bondings she's be a major factor in planning. With Omal's announcement of Tia's pregnancy, we could now start going over what her and Mark's offspring would be as far as genders. The tape is paused while Kiri comes into the channeling room to speak but has to leave almost immediately as her water suddenly breaks. Korton steps in to save the day and get us to the tape's end. Thanks to the subjects covered to this point, we re able to delve into crystals and the harmonic fields that can be generated by large rotating crystals. One he discusses as a reality is a dream of a teacher of mine had about a crystal cave in Palos Verdes. I knew of the effects he was talking about because I had stood in an area of a supposed crystal cave containing a statue of a crystal lady in front of a large crystal that can rotate. He confirms several possibilities I put forth on what such a combination can do and I begin to wonder what effect they would of had on me during my formative years living only miles away from such a cave. Every time we rehear this session we get more out of it and still find it hard to believe we were entrusted to pass on this information to you. It must good living, and good living, and good living and so on into eternity.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 04/04/1994. Side two includes: 


1.)(0:00)-  Omal explains an incident where our newest speaker to channel became a conduit for the release of information. We also discuss an upcoming channeling session involving a friend from Sedona.

2.)(12:58)- Luna, our newest speaker, shares with us her knowledge of elves and their history. She explains how they lost the memory that they were part of the colonists who settled Atlantis from Sirius.

3.)(21:40)- as the only bonded member of our group on the base, Tia plans to help with the upcoming bonding ceremonies. Tonight is the night though where we get confirmation she is pregnant with the Cubs.

4.)(25:16)-  Kiri is on for only the shortest of times before she suddenly realizes her water is broke and she is no longer able to channel. The event was ahead of the time for when it was planned.

5.)(26:34)- Korton steps in to channel so we go over the past life regression I had done on Mark and the items of power he had in that life. We also get his take on the crystal cave of Palos Verdes California.

Pyramids, Proposals, and Water Breaking- Part 1

December 2nd, 2021

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  The channeling session for the month of December finishes up the year on a very special note, Ashtar's latest addition to the archives and his revelations about pyramids around the world. Prior to getting to the main summary, here are the items of note we wished to explain first. To start, the term farsighting is used in the place of astral travel as it would be another year before we switched terms. Next, I had done a past life regression on Mark recently and quite a number of things came to light. In the life we explored, Mark in that life had usage of two very unusual items of power. A sword and armor made out of meteorite. It seemed that life also involved elves which would be expanded on later by Luna, a first time speaker. During Karra's time talking, I had attended a Grateful Dead concert so Karra found it a way to connect to me amidst the collected energy of tens of thousands of people. As for when Maxxus is brought up in questions to several speakers, that is Mark's Atlantean past life's name when the two of us were brothers. Mark's relationship to the Great Pyramid's building was covered in the archives when the levitating of the stones for the construction is covered more then. One last note about side one, this would my first trip to Centari Base and it gave me a better understanding of the inner workings of Ashtar Command. The notes for side two include an explanation that during a channeling session before, Ashtar had used coercion the speaker who was Luna to say something that was in answer to my question I had been coerced to ask. The next note is on Raya who is mentioned. She is a friend of mine I met while attending channeling sessions in Sedona who would be calling in on our new speakerphone during a future session. Tia's discussion on her pregnancy and her wish for triplets for her and Mark? She would get her wish and I would be proven right that they would be little hellions but in the best ways. Also, Korton's chat on the crystal statue at Palos Verdes California, the source of the information on the statue came from a New Age teacher of mine who had seen the details of the cave, the statue and the crystal at its feet. Now on to the full summary. Finally, the sound is clear for being a genesis tape but we recommend following to the transcript to catch the words missed in the sound mastering.  


  Tia kicks off the channeling session in a lighthearted mood despite the heavies in the room in the form of Ashtar and Korton. Little did she know the night would descend into ring mistress hell. Getting going after explaining a cultural phenomenon, we start going over farsighting before veering off onto another cultural phenomenon. Returning to the topic, she provides some very helpful advice for anyone still struggling to astral project. We discuss an upcoming part of my astral travel training she was helping with by offering to take the lead in getting from Sirius to Centari Base if I could get us to Sirius. We next get a bit of Atlantean history from her part in that she was one of the seven races that came down we now refer to as elves. A lot of the planet's history is covered by her with Mark as the connecting point from one to the other. We end with her frank assessment on whether man and elves could ever coexist in the future. The special guest speaker to come on next is Ashtar and what we see is the definitive Ashtar, all business. With reports of our activities and conversations going to Ashtar as a regular course of receiving the information we did, he was taking the time to answer some of the questions Mark and I had been batting back and forth recently about the deeper knowledge regarding pyramid powers. To say it is jaw dropping is an understatement as that is what happened when Karra and I heard the recording for the first time in twenty-five years. Too much to post in this short summary, it's hard to believe we were given the green light to make it public. Leaving us wondering what just happened, Karra replaces a departing Ashtar and gets us near to the end of the tape. This next part is personal. Bonding in the higher dimensions is similar to marriage if past lives were to be taken into consideration and how one life is merely the bonding to the next with a soul mate. Our relationship is deeper still as twin souls so the question of Karra and our bonding was never far form my mind. I have made the suggestion and care took it from there. Indicative of our playful connection, it's Karra who gets down on one knee after I bring up the possibility of our being bond mates. Then it is a matter of asking her father's permission which would involve a trip to Sirius I would be getting some help in making. Next, Karra has a surprise for me in that she had tie-dyed a shirt she was wearing. It seems I had inadvertently created a higher dimensional Deadhead. She leaves with a reminder to keep my energy shields up around her dad followed up by a minute of two Omal channeling prior to the tape running out.

For full transcripts of this session and more information about Hades Base and the 6th dimension, please visit our website: 


The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 04/04/1994. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Tia provides some tips on astral traveling and reveals that Karra has gotten big into the Grateful Dead because of me. We review as well a past life regression I had done on Mark that was very special.


2.)(19:07)- Ashtar confirms some amazing things about pyramids that Mark and I had speculated on in a recent conversation he and I had been having. He definitely gave us some avenues for experimentation.


3.)(26:18)- Karra agrees to our bonding which is even more special than a marriage on the base and Sirius. It's my task then to ask her father for his permission once I can locate him on Sirius. I would later.


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