Luna Channels Again and We Are Star Seeds- Part 2

January 1st, 2022

Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


Side two starts right away with Kornas already answering questions as the recording begins with the first about some experiments we had been trying in the lab involving a bio-magnetic fluid. We were attempting to find ways to help me implode my astral body into a state of solidity Mark had achieved naturally. We go over the practice of Sanpaku where a person's health can be determined by the eyes and how toxins can show up when studied closely. We finally consider the pain factor of giving birth and how it can also be a tool in bringing out mental skills if used as a breakthrough technique. Omal takes the place of Kornas and proceeds to inform us that a virus had been brought back some how and they were able to maintain a full staff. The joys of being in charge when things like this occur. It also relates to how we here on our planet have our pandemics as well. He provides us with a look at the human race going forward as star seeds who have been able to master the power of cold fusion to make traveling across the galaxy a matter of a couple of years. On his way out speaking, he gives a hilarious mashup of Kirk, Scotty and Ross Perot doing improv. Karra returns as the co-ring mistress of the night and now that this is her first time carrying twins and at the time they were still trying to settle on if they were to come out as girls or boys. One thing that does come up is the weather can be changed for the individual residence from perfect to variable as needed. Kiri warps up the session after her sister finishes speaking and we continue with finding ways to mitigate pain without drugs by accessing the pleasure centers of the body to mask the pain until the source can be healed. We learned a lot, laughed a lot and were reminded once again how life on the base is not so different from life on the Earth.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 07/20/1995. Side two includes: 


1.)(0:00)-  Kornas explains the pain threshold that will be pushed during Tia and Luna's pregnancies which will open the channels for their mental abilities. He also notes they can then train the babies before birth.

2.)(8:05)- timely as always, Omal discusses a virus brought back and infecting the fight crew. On a related topic, he confirms we are star seeds with great potential. He ends with a Kirk, Scotty, Perot mashup.

3.)(21:25)- Karra returns to discuss the twin offspring growing inside her and how they were still trying to decide which gender to be. Also, in charge of the housing in her area, she arranges a special night for us.

4.)(27:41)- Kiri gets to try an experiment of standing Mark's body up and walking around for a couple of steps. We find out that getting rejuvenated to improve the body is a waste of one of rejuvenations allowed.


Luna Channels Again and We Are Star Seeds- Part 1

January 1st, 2022

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  As we begin a new year, new life seems to dominate this channeling session more than most. A complicated arrangement and advanced medical technology had separated the triplets Tia was pregnant with into twins for her while Luna was now pregnant with the third triplet. Teaching begins in the womb as a telepathic connection with the growing child is established. Mental development from the earliest point of conception is encouraged. Further notes from Tia's time channeling includes her ability to play racquetball telepathically. All one sees is a racquet swinging itself to connect with the ball. The notes from Karra's part of the session reflect on earlier in the day when I had experimented with some magic mushrooms. This was in my thirties when I would rarely try them to give me a boost in getting more solid for longer periods when astral traveling to the base. With brain cells too valuable now, such experiments are for the archives. One further note is that Taal and Katrina who we discuss would eventually have a son. Luna is the next speaker and the highlights of her channeling was that she was a rare individual who had weak telepathic skills among those who primarily used that form of speaking. It was hoped the pain of pregnancy would help get her fully operant. Kiri follows next with what she had been working with me for a couple weeks. It was ways to mitigate pain where we were focused on the pleasure centers of the brain to heal the individual or others without chemicals. Kornas is the first speaker of side two and his chat note is that we had been working on getting my astral body more solid using a bio-magnetic fluid he had created. I was trying to achieve a mental implosion to force solidity such as what Mark had been able to achieve. The rest of side two's points of interest are Omal discussing an upcoming camping trip we posted th podcast of in August of 2021. He also tells us about a virus brought back that was infecting some of the flight crew and maintenance crews. This would be the first time he would mention the prime directive and give a mix of Kirk, Scotty, and Ross Perot on his exit phrase. Karra's second time channeling has only one note, our twins would eventually choose to be males. A few highlights as Kiri ends the session were the Beverly who is mentioned is an early guest of ours that was very much into learning from Ashtar Command. This was the first time Kiri would try standing upright and walking in Mark's body after trying it virtually in a simulator. The final note is that Sirians get two rejuvenations in their life, at around three hundred and six hundred. It is these details of life on a higher dimension that we have been given the privilege of sharing with the world. We should point out that this channeling session is one that came after the session to be posted in February so some information is still a month away from hearing what was said.  


The night starts with Tia in a singing mood as she regales us with parts of five different songs. She also is able to update us on how her pregnancy was going and what potential mental skills the children would have upon birth. She is already training them in the womb and had to have one of the babies transferred to Luna to finish out the pregnancy as her the strain of all three was too much on her. Karra comes on next to reflect on a magic mushroom trip I had taken earlier in the day when I still did such things so I could some help in extending my astral trips to the base. It was productive for the amount if time I could be there though she warns me of teh dagers of continuing the experiments to the extreme. Luna joins us next for her send entry into the archives as she would tell us how she felt taking on this new life within her. We find that while her telepathy is still not yet at its peak, the pain of the birth might help her bring it out in full. I do discover craving of pickled herring I volunteer to make happen. Luna had the herring prepped and Karra got the other needed ingredients to satisfy her craving. Kiri comes on next to finish out the side and give Kornas a fresh side without stopping. She gives us a foretaste of what was to come on side two when she would try walking and also return to a subject we had been studying of the pleasure centers in a person's body to alleviate oain in others of the self. 

For full transcripts of this session and more information about Hades Base and the 6th dimension, please visit our website: 


The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 07/20/1995. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Tia gives us an update on the birth of her and Mark's triplets and their potential mental talents. We also hear her sing the parts of five different songs as well as her ability to play racquetball via PK.


2.)11:05)- Karra and I review a trip I took after experimenting with a mind-altering substance. We then consider the teaching Ashtar provided us the prior week and how he got to focus on one thing at a time. 


3.)(23:16)- Luna is having a baby, well she is having one of Tia's babies to help Tia through a pregnancy. Because of that, I volunteer to help with her craving by getting her some pickled herring in sour cream. 

4.)(30:37)- Kiri comes on for her first of two times channeling to get prepped for what she would cover on side two. One would be taking a walk in Mark's body for the first time and exploring the pleasure centers.


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