Camping and the Balance of Everything- Part 2

August 1st, 2021

Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  Korton takes over from where he left off on side one with explaining all he conditions that must all come together for life on a planet to get its start. Now with all the possible planets for life to begin, we are one of many civilizations doing the best we can to survive and improve. He explains how some can be return to the planet the have ascended from in the form of artificially impregnating someone and the baby to come as a result would have pre-programed knowledge to help in their mission to teach others. he would not confirm or deny that was the case with Jesus Christ. We move on from there to elementals such as devas who have a lot to do with maintaining nature. We learn there is a fine balance that is needed for harmony between nature and technology and currently that balance is out of whack and needs to be fixed. He explains that a lot could happen that will determine if we survive as a race or a select few move on to elsewhere to continue our race's evolution. With the climate extremes experienced over the last couple of years, his dire predictions need to be taken far more seriously than they were taken back then. On answer he offers is to work with the nature spirits in bringing back the missing balance. A demonstration of that help was shown by how the wind was acting in a way that kept the bugs off of us. In thanks for that help, he suggests leaving a gift of trail mix for the animals missing out of their hunting they would be doing then. We do learn that the devas we had hanging around our residence may have passed on our travel plans to the elementals in the area where we were camping. He leaves but reminds us that school is all around us if we wish to learn, life itself is our teacher. The tape is left running as Mark returns and at no point in the archives is a longer recorded time where Mark is just himself. Just another special moment in an already special channeling session.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 8/10/1995. Side two includes: 


1.)(0:00)-  Korton helps us understand the relationship between elementals and the nature they maintain. Finding the balance between that nature and technology is the answer to our future it turns out.


2.)(4:57)- Mark is back from the base and in his body so we spend some time discussing what was said while the recorder keeps going. It is a rare treat and the longest he was ever on tape as himself.



Camping and the Balance of Everything- Part 1

August 1st, 2021

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  This special channeling session for the month of August starts with a scene that needs describing. It takes place at a small lake on the outskirts of the Lake Tahoe Basin in 1995. Mark and I were trying an experiment planned by Omal where we would use a camping trip Mark and I were on to give an astronomy lesson. With a pair of tents nearby, two air mattresses were set up in front of a campfire we had built. Mark astral projects himself up to the base and Tia takes his place in his body. A portable tape recorder that slows down occasionally without warning starts as the channeling begins. Due to the wind that would blow through at times and it being a portable tape deck, the sound is not as ideal as we would wish but the information is always the principle focus of these sessions. Tia would not stay long as to let Karra take over as ring mistress and the first speaker of the night. As speaker, she would ask questions that laid out a typical healing session using crystals. Omal follows Karra which is when we get his definitive class on Astronomy while in an actual outdoor setting with the night sky overhead. Also overhead is Wing Commander Taal who provided a prearranged UFO sighting. Korton comes on to finish up side one and pretty much all of side two as the last channeled speaker but he is a hard act to follow. Especially this time as he explains that our allies in the battle for survival on an over heating planet are the elementals and nature spirits. The answer he says is a balance between technology and nature and no one knows more about nature than those beings responsible for it to work the way it does. Finally, to cap things off, the listeners get to hear the longest exchange of Mark speaking in his natural we ever got on tape as we leave the recorder running after he's back. Now for a more detailed description.


  Tia pops on to get a look at our campsite and update us on a party being held for the son of Kiri being now able to demonstrate his manifestation ability. Without any far sighting questions to answer, she swaps places wit Karra who will now be the night's ring mistress. Karra answers the question on the root race for for Sirians being fish while pointing out that is is also the root race of humans by extension. From there she switches into teacher mode as she quizzes me on my healing knowledge by asking how to use fine focus in identifying an area needing to be healed through the help of a crystal. Up next is Omal and his astronomy class using Tahoe's wide open night skies as a visual aid. In the midst of pointing out constellations he also points out Wing Commander Taal's ship passing overhead. No doubt one of the perks of being the commander in charge of the base protecting our planet. Not a camper himself, we get to explain some of the traditions that come with the experience such as roasting marshmallows over an open fire. Omal wraps up and Kiri comes on to go over her ensemble she had planned for Alex's manifestation party as well as my own. Finished with fashion, she makes way for Korton who only has a short time before this side of the tape ends who begins to answer on how life starts on a planet or, as he says, life as we know it.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 8/10/1995. Side one includes: 


1.)(3:42)- Karra uses a select set of questions to quiz me of my knowledge of using a very fine focus to intuitively know how to heal a certain area. She also goes over the use of a crystal in the healing.

2.)(16:35)- Omal gives an astronomy lesson where he identifies the various constellations above our heads and even had a surprise in the form of a flyover by Wing Commander Taal. Quite the UFO encounter.  

3.)(26:31)- Kiri talks about the upcoming party for her young son Alex who was finally able to use his mental skill of manifestation to bring illusions of his desires into being. That traditionally calls for a party.

4.)(33:14)- Korton is asked about what happened at the big bang and life forming on a planet among all the billions that now made up the universe. With a few seconds to go, he describes how life begins.  

From the X-Files to Star Trek- Part 2

July 1st, 2021

Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


   Side two opens up with Omal still giving us information available to a base commander of Ashtar Command including the confirmation of a higher dimensional Earth awaiting humanity's arrival. As he says, no one is allowed to disturb it until we're ready as a race to take our rightful place as its new occupants. With Mark's energy levels running low, he leaves so Wing Commander Taal can have his time relating a battle report he had been involved in where one of the base pilots lost his life after being ambushed by the Greys. One thing Taal does want to stress is that inexperience was very much a part of the cause with the three pilots on patrol failing to maintain their training and procedures. The dead pilot we learn left behind a bond mate and sons who were very understanding of their father's sacrifice. If there was a reason we started the Hades Base News, it was to provide as Omal says the other side of the coin. Tia takes over from there as Mark is borderline on energy and we revisit the battle report of Taal's to analyze the actions that took place. Then she confirms before we shut things down that the participants of the channeling sessions had an active part in the two dimensions. We go on from there to jump over to another session that was very much all Korton's time for more questions and answers from some other channeling session that only had a half hour of tape. At one point, Korton lays out exactly why it would take twenty-five years to present this podcast due to the advancements we are seeing now that tell us Ashtar Command was way ahead of its time on purpose. Before that though, he brings up the galactic Conference being planned and Ashtar Command's position was in the initial preliminaries. because of that, we ask about the media changing the planetary consciousness with shows like "Star Trek". Things get profound from there as he reminds us we are the stuff of stars. We finally end things on a discussion of linguistics. In this session also, Mark's level of energy was running low s Tia steps in to get us to the final minutes of the tape. She follow-ups Korton discourse on linguistics and the fact that her language is only understood by others of her race and cats. We close things out on her demonstration of that very fact with a cat in the room. This session was the bookend of a key night for us in our ascension path as a planet. Next stop, a planet waiting for our arrival.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 10/09/1996. Side two includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Omal continues on with answers regarding the secret government and a very special revelation, about the higher dimensional Earth. It is still a virgin planet not even they are allowed to visit.


 2.)(4:57)- Wing Commander Taal makes a very timely appearance to provide the battle report on an incident over South Utah. Due to inexperience, one of the three ships in a patrol was killed in an ambush.


3.)(19:56)- Tia describes the view from her side of the channeling room with so many waiting to channel including Ashtar. We finish the rest of this session discussing the battle report Taal presented.


4.)(19:56)- Korton spends most of the rest of the side explaining in 1996 what we would be seeing in communication advances the world of today. We finish pondering the challenges of a universal translator. 


5.)(19:56)- Tia finishes with a follow-up to Korton's predictions of the future of translation with how her language is easily understood by cats which she demonstrates by speaking to a cat in the room as we end. 

From the X-Files to Star Trek- Part 1

July 1st, 2021

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


   The channeling session for the month of July is one we have waited a long time to post due to what we heard back when it was recorded. Ashtar Command's aspirations for our group here on Earth were more long-ranging than we were aware of back in 1996 and that fact is confirmed by Korton acknowledging that the information now being approved for public release had been set to be allowed five years later. As the session starts, it is actually the back half of a channeling session that ran long and Ashtar had already finished speaking. Korton is one of many guest speakers present and it is from him that we now get the go ahead to ask questions we could not get the answers to when we had asked  them before. Omal gets the first of the questions and the answers he gives lives up to expectations. Things like the how far is the nearest space fleet from Earth, which president actually signed the agreement with the Greys, how many abductions had taken place by then, and some of the actions of the secret government. On side two, we get confirmation from Omal that not only is their a higher dimensional Earth, it is a virgin planet where not even Ashtar Command is allowed to visit. Adding to the seriousness of the night, Wing Commander Taal gives us a battle report where three from the ships from the base on patrol were jumped by an opposing force of fifteen ships of the Greys. One of the pilots from the base was killed and his ship destroyed before reinforcements arrived in the form of Taal's patrol that was fortunately nearby. As this was the second half of a session, another session of thirty minutes night was added as filler. Great filler though since Korton spends nearly all of it answering our questions. What's funny is that most of the subjects keep coming back to Star Trek.


   Tia opens up the channeling session from where she left off from the channeling session "Ashtar, Harmonics, and Healing" posted in October of 2018 with an analogy on how the government works by using the example of a friend who was living with us at the time. while the subject started with tax cuts, it is followed thereafter with topics that are debated in Congress that had been in the news. Those topics included abortion and affirmative action which elicits the humorous of Tia as aggrieved applicant from another planet who was denied a job. She wraps up with a true story of a living saint and her motivation to feed the world's poor. Next up is Korton who gives us the words we had been waiting a long time to hear, we had a green light to release the heavier knowledge they had been holding back. Coming from the head of communications of Ashtar Command, this edict carried a lot of responsibility with the approval. He reminds us we are eligible for abduction and implantation though he reveals they could use such an action against the Greys. Next up is Omal to now answer all those questions we had been holding back and we hit the gold mine with the provided revelations. The first is that time and space are finally grasped once you've ascended and it is understanding both that takes place from there. Next comes some great knowledge on the secret government and our dealings with the Greys. All of this may have been problematic to release in the nineties but these days all of this information has been running around on the web. What Omal is able to confirm is now ready for prime time. Our ability to share it with the world would have been far more difficult back in the days when these archives were recorded so this is a case of what we call a timension. The right information at the perfect time. 


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 10/09/1996. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Tia gets us talking about the ills of the third dimension as she expresses her opinion about topics such as tax cuts, abortion, and affirmative action. The last one having a surprise story she relates. 

2.)(15:19)- Korton comes on and things get heavy as he turns us lose to post the information channeled we had been previously been blocked from releasing to the public. This is when everything changed. 

3.)(26:15)- Omal takes questions as if Fox Mulder had stepped into his office and was told he could ask him anything he wanted. Having my chance, I got the answers the show always left as a question mark. 

Regarding Truth Seekers and Self Lovers- Part 2

June 1st, 2021

Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  Karra changes tack on side two as she covers raising children with a warning about letting them become individuals but not so much that they turn in on themselves. It leads to an alienation from others due to a desire to be alone. Kiri would go into much more detail when she followed on after her sister. She gives us an example of how neighbors improve each other by each doing the best they can and helping their neighbors when that help is needed. She finishes up with a mental chat with me over some thoughts I had on my mind That brings on Kiri to expand on just how far someone can turn inwards. Perhaps you've seen some person on the street having a conversation with someone no one else can see. Kiri lays out the stages that go into making that happen. Pushing people away leads into a coercive loop where everyone else is to blame for the state of their lives. We learn this is the last stage before everything becomes irreversible. She then has to clear up some confusion over the possibility that talking to oneself is anything but a natural habit for anyone. She expresses the opinion that people should be happy with themselves before practicing a bit of her coercion to improve the outlooks of those down here in the room asking the questions. Group coercion is one of her specialties but she informs as she ends her time channeling that it was all Mark's coercive skill she was using. She reminds us of the coercive powerhouse he had been when we were both brothers at odds in Atlantis. That leaves Tia to get us to the end of the side in the remaining ten minutes so she checks with the technician Teene who is monitoring the channeling session how much energy Mark was generating. It turned out to be just short of going into the yellow zone and wasn't more than we could handle. When Ashtar would channel we find out they have to switch off that monitor as it would be off the scale. In fact, Tia reminds us of a past session when I was learning to shield along with a friend of ours and was humbled by Ashtar's ability to control our motivations when he was testing our shields. What self-confidence we had in them was quickly wiped away as we found ourselves actually suffering from over-confidence. She recalls the times she had to present verbal reports for Ashtar before realizing she had broken Omal's restriction for bringing up work while talking to us. She gets the rest of the week off and we get to hear about a report on President Clinton at the time and how he would have continued with illicit affairs had not the scandal with Monica Lewinski bring to light his dallying ways. There are actual national security concerns she brings up and provides examples that luckily never became a reality. We are pleased with the sound and content and feel it is another worthy addition to our higher dimensional archives. 


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 09/15/1998. Side two includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Karra looks at so being turned in oneself from a healer's point of view leaving it to Kiri to take the subject further. She next explains the healthy way they do it on Sirius.


2.)(5:49)- Kiri warns of the effects of negative coercion on oneself can lead to a total withdrawal from society and then gives a coercive demonstration using only Mark's natural ability and none of her own.


3.)(24:14)- Tia gets us to the end when she mistakenly begins talking about work when she was supposed to while on vacation. As a result, we get to hear a report on President Clinton we almost didn't. 

Regarding Truth Seekers and Self Lovers- Part 1

June 1st, 2021

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


There is one thing that distinguishes the Hades Base News from other sites with channelings from Ashtar Command, the lack of long, flowery dialogue from just a single speaker. Instead, multiple speakers cover a variety of topics in language familiar to anyone hearing it. That fact is brought home by Karra on side one of June's channeling session as she explains how every channeling session they hold with groups down here is tailored for the needs of each particular group. We try to be far more interactive to bring out a wide selection of topics to cover with the members of Ashtar Command who would have already had a briefing on what to discuss before commencing with the channeling. Before that also on side one, Omal covers world events and politics being as Tia is on a forced sabbatical from work. As seems to always be the case, news of the day meets channeling of the nineties. Karra finishes up the side discussing the UFO conspiracy being forced on the world when suddenly we see an openness to the subject in the headlines we could not foresee back then. Naturally, it has to be this randomly selected tape being posted on the month the United States Congress gets a report on what the military knows about the craft we discuss quite often in the archives. Then, it is on side two that she reminds us that everyone needs someone else and that the opposite can lead to severe problems should the person turn inward, totally shutting out the society around them. Kiri takes over the subject from her sister and approaches it from a coercive point of view. After Kiri finishes that, Tia gets herself into trouble almost at once by talking about work when she had been not to do so for her own health. That gets her a much-needed suspension and us a look at a secret report about President Clinton that thirty years later is old news. Much more comes following this short summary but the relevance of UFO's getting hearings and a recent president compared to what was being discussed about a former president makes these channeling sessions more like monthly newscasts as confirmed by Karra during her time in this channeling.


Tia's prohibition on speaking about her work leaves little to discuss at first so she trades places with Omal and the night gets off to a start. When Omal comes on he takes us on a trip down a political memory lane as he discusses the Monica Lewinsky affair and how many investigations the Clinton administration was going through at the time. One can't help to compare the last four years of falsehoods and be amazed at how far we've come since "I did not tell a lie" and "I did not have sex with that woman." We move on to world events where we see something emerging that was still a bit new, capitalist Russia. It was fifteen months before Vladimir Putin would become president and Omal still saw hope for the future. It is at that point we compare their best-case scenario to the situation in the U.S. and how neither had much hope of those scenarios happening. We end there to let Tia transition between speakers but the change came at a bad time when Karra was in the middle of a conversation. Luckily, it became a good time to learn more about astral travel from Tia she was forced to stretch for time. She shares a few ideas on how not to fall asleep while trying to get out of body as well as a few laughs at how we in our efforts can make the easy hard. Karra is ready to channel then so Tia switches places once more to let her speak. After going through her upcoming ambassadorial duties, she explains the reason our site and channeling sessions stand out from the other websites that feature the channelings of Ashtar Command, we want the truth without embellishment. She mentions Ashtar-Athena who can express her truth in beautiful, flowery phasing commonly found as can most who channel for the Command. The archives and the Center For Ascension are repositories of the straight truth presented in a news-like fashion through a number of speakers she explains and how for them it is a much easier way to conduct a channeling session. We get to the end of the side discussing a timely topic, the government coverup of the UFO phenomenon. As Congress is soon to hear evidence on the matter this month, naturally it happens to be a topic. The world is on the cusp of something and this channeling session could not have come at a better time.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 09/15/1998. Side one includes: 


1.)(2:10)- With Tia taking some time off work, Omal covers the subjects she normally does such as politics, world events, and how Russia could have been a model society prior to Vladimir Putin.

2.)(24:30)- Tia has to fill in some time between speakers so we go over how she is spending her time away from work and various ideas on how successfully astral travel without falling asleep.

3.)(29:07)- Karra explains to us the reason why the speakers in the channeling sessions don't go into long, flowery speeches as is often seen. Instead, they give the truth in a way that doesn't have to be deciphered. 

How To Stop A Hostile Alien Invasion- Part 2

May 1st, 2021

Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  Omal is almost finished but leaves us with a description of the end results of the space battle that would nothing but bits and pieces of an attacking enemy force. We wrap up by remembering Mark's trips in his astral body when he sat on the Hubble Telescope. Karra follows up Omal with an update on the wedding to take place that weekend between her dad and the very special Lady Goronsky or, as we like to call her, Gonzo. We next dive into past lives and the way reincarnation is always bringing both old souls and new souls to the planet constantly. Some to carry on the work of others who are ready to move up in dimensions. The Earth is an excellent school of learning for anyone wanting to have all the options of lives available in one place. It may not seem the best place to raise a consciousness but there are some very attentive caretakers to make sure nothing disturbs our education. She leaves after confirming a possibility that souls may spend 10,000 lifetimes on a planet before moving to the next one. That leaves Kiri to come on to get us to the end of the tape and from her we learn Tia's need to relieve her bladder seemed to be transmissible to Mark's body because it needed relief as well. Luckily, Kiri's control of his body allows her to answer nature's calling for him. A question is asked by our guest about the builders of the Great Pyramid and gets a lesson on the Sirian survivors from a destroyed continent who used their minds to get the stones where they were needed. An example of the power of the mind she suggests is the Coral Castle in Florida that was rumored to have been built in the same way. Any research into its construction will get find that the hidden potential of the mind needs further research as to its limits. We next compare measurement systems between civilizations and find out that their system of three has some advantages when it comes to space travel. We move on to the upcoming wedding and talk about her father's recent rejuvenation which took place somewhere near his three hundredth year. His resulting twenty-year-old body now allowed him a new life with a new wife. Lucky too because Kiri had her suspicions his eyesight had begun to deteriorate the closer to his rejuvenation he got. We get things closed out on the invitation our guest received from a bartender at the corner bar on the base when she finally was able to get there in her astral body and the answer to why boars have tits. Kiri provides a logical answer to an unexpected question. Quite the session and one that brings with it a sense of relief that our entire future depends on the kindness and goodness of our fellow man........we need a miracle.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 02/06/1996. Side two includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Omal completes his explanation of the defense of our planet by relating that the debris of any hostile ships that would be destroyed in a battle would be viewed by us once we are a full space race.


2.)(3:37)- Karra's dad is getting married and the base is getting ready for a celebration of the event. She goes on to explain that souls transition to this planet from other planets and even animals like dolphins.


3.)(17:06)- Kiri helps explains how PK was used to build both the Great Pyramid and the Coral Castle in Florida. Something tougher for her to explain is going between dimensions using spatial geometry.

How To Stop A Hostile Alien Invasion- Part 1

May 1st, 2021

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


Hollywood has given us scenes of the aftermath of space battles in a number of movies and TV shows but the channeling session for May will need those as a visual aid when Omal describes areas of space beyond our planet should any hostile alien force ever try to invade our planet in an attempt to take it over. Coming from a base commander of Ashtar Command in charge of the base monitoring and protecting the earth, that is as much of a guarantee that there can be. What else can be said in this initial summary about this channeling session is that an alien invasion is only part of a great deal of information we learned from the higher dimensional members of Hades base. Prior to Omal's revelations, Tia had helped our Australian guest with her astral travel questions and those she had about past lives. She also covers soul mates and parallel lifetimes so it was already an information channeling session. Side two brings us news on how the preparations were going with an upcoming wedding of Kiri and Karra's father to his soul mate. We then get an excellent discussion on the process of rejuvenation and how one can be born onto this planet after spending many lifetimes on another first. Kiri wraps up the session by giving us a lesson in the Sirian system of measurement and how it differs from ours. As we're getting near the end, we get to joke with Kiri about how her father now looks younger than her now that he's been through his first rejuvenation. This was a channeling session that gave us a lot in just an hour. Now, onto a more detailed summary.


Tia gets things off to a quick start of answering questions and so our guest from Australia has some good questions that bring up even better answers. We start with past lives and the effects they have on a person's life path for however long the encounter may last. We then move onto a related field of soul mates where Tia is happy to explain how the triple soul relationship of her, Kiri, and Mark are so complete with each other. I know that feeling well through my connection with my twin soul, Karra. We finish things up, for the most part, discussing parallel lives when everything is possible. Tia is able to help our guest with her stress with some suggestions before handing off to Omal who would get us to side two. This is one of those times where science fiction doesn't hold a candle to reality and what the state of our planet is in relation to those other third dimensional races in our galaxy that may have an interest in the Earth and its people and resources. We are well-protected. Before Ashtar Command saves humanity, we go over some topics not quite as groundbreaking. First, our guest asks about the amount of brainpower used which gives us the answer to how our ascension may work out. We learn how much the Sirians used prior to their ascension and how much they use now. It explains how the speakers are able to answer most of the questions asked during these sessions. We cover the politics of the day next as the coming election would have a large effect on how the country progressed in many ways. What gets the conversation to outer space is a question about the types of movies and other media concerning aliens would be as the good guys or make them world-destroying terrors. Asking about the real-life possibility of an alien invasion reveals that any that was attempted would be soundly defeated by the massed resources Ashtar Command could bring to bear. Omal provides a sneak peek at what would be waiting for anyone foolish enough to take on the command with how the threat would be met. One takeaway from his explanation is that the reason for their very stiff defense is an oath Sirius gave to our planet a very long time ago. Ashtar Command's oath to Sirius bounds them to protect us from any hostile forces that would interfere with our spiritual development. Another takeaway is that they are powerless from stopping us from destroying the planet all on our own.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 02/06/1996. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Tia helps our guest from Australia through her questions about soul mates and past lives as we explore those connections together. A way out stress is offered to our guest through acceptance of the cause. 


2.)(19:15)- Omal gives up some idea of our potential brainpower as we move up in dimensions. He also explains how any hostile alien force would be handled just in case some race was foolish enough to try.


Tia’s Tirade and the Flavor of Life- Part 2

April 1st, 2021

Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


   Wing Commander Taal gets the second side off to an excellent start with his addition to the webpage. His contribution is on his being able to live in harmony with the hostility he has to face every mission. He explains to us a special flavor that the threat of imminent death gives to everything in his life. It is his love of all things he experiences and knowing it may be the last time he is able to experience them is something that few people on this planet may know as fully. Karra is next to speak and reinforces some training in maintaining a clean everything when healing. She also has something those with a delicate disposition may wish to skip. She explains in the first of a series of lessons on exotic healing a process involving gangrene a way to heal it without cutting off the leg. It is interesting in the way she poses it to the patient in terms they may find acceptable. Kiri comes on after her sister and finds her topic of the night vetoed by Omal. She instead gives us some great ideas on how to encrypt conversations back when such technology was rare. One thing we do learn from her is a bit about comparisons between her computer and my laptop is that mine is ancient history. She does make a promise to help redesign it when terabyte hard drives get a bit cheaper. If only that were possible. The last of the speakers is Leah who gives us an update on her sister Bunny who had just started at Sirius State College. Her stardom from the films she had been in made her sought after by fans so much she had to resort to using a disguise. We finish up the session hearing about a hole she accidentally put through her finger using a laser driver. Another great channeling session from the members of Ashtar Command on Hades Base.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 10/21/1997. Side two includes: 


1.)(0:00)- In responding to a request for an addition to the webpage, Taal gives us a deeply emotional dissertation about the flavor of life. That special love for life when that same life may die at any second.


2.)(11:26)- Karra makes sure I've absorbed her recent dissertation on cleanliness and gives us a quick healing lesson on how one can heal a wound where gangrene has set in but amputation isn't the answer.


3.)(23:48)- Kiri Kiri discusses the possible ways to hold an encrypted conversation over a cell phone before describing the computer she uses. She also includes a promise to design an update to mine one day. 


4.)(0:00)- Leah Leah tells us how Bunny is doing at Sirius State College where they mob her for being a star. She also explains how she managed to drill a small hole through her finger with a laser driver.

Tia’s Tirade and the Flavor of Life- Part 1

April 1st, 2021

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


April's channeling session brings a new record with it, twelve speakers within the first two minutes. It is due to a recent Renaissance fair where a fencing tournament was held between the various guilds. I was part of a guild and was able to come away with the win after defeating the other challengers. The base monitored the event for replay later which gave them the ability to view my aura throughout the matches. Those speaking that night were joined by the children of Mark and me to wish me congratulations on the win. The other highlights of side one was Tia going on a tirade over the environmental damage humans do to the planet. If what she was seeing in the 90s made her that upset, today's condition of our world hasn't improved much since then. Omal is inspired by Tia to give an excellent dissertation on teamwork that provides ideas anyone would find useful in taking on the Earth's problems. Wing Commander Taal gets us through to side two with the news he would be ending his tour on the base five years from that day. At least on side two, we get an incredible addition for the webpage with his take on maintaining his peace of mind in a war zone. It's a poignant look at the life of a pilot and something few others could also feel without the threat of death always being a distinct possibility with every mission. Karra covers cleanliness and confidence in healing while her sister goes over cell phones and kids. One bonus? She promises to design some serious tech for us someday. Finally, Leah fills us in on her sister's first days at Sirius State College and how she learned the hard way the lasers they use can put holes in a person if they are not careful. Now, on to a more detailed summary.


Tia and many of those who have spoken previously in channeling sessions congratulates me on a win in a fencing tournament so we get the very unusual moment of a lot of people speaking in a very short time. Following that, Tia paints a picture of a white house in a state of crisis about a telephone call made by Al Gore we know now would turn out to be a non-issue in the end. It is what she gets into next that really sets her off. Malaysia's deforestation and California fires have got her so upset that we see an emotional reaction that she rarely expresses so vehemently. Being third dimensional, her reaction is one we can relate well to and it is inspiring that someone over eight light-years away can care so deeply about someone else's planet. Omal comes on after Tia to explains her passionate outburst which gets us a change of topics in his planned dissertation. Taking on our world's problems, he provides an answer for those wanting to make difference in working together as teams to get their voices heard. It's a valuable lesson for a startup company or anyone wanting some organizational advice. Wing Commander Taal is our first guest speaker and he explains that it's been rough trying to keep up with the newly arrived pilot we know as the Baron. He also shares some bad news that his tour of duty would be coming to an end in five years from then. The tape ends for the side but not his talking which gets really deep on the next side.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 10/21/1997. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Tia and the entire gang on the base congratulate me on winning a fencing tournament and then goes on a tirade after getting emotionally upset over the callous destruction of the environment she sees. 


2.)(24:20)- Omal explains Tia's passion over a world she doesn't live on before changing his topic to provide a simple solution for all the world's environmental problems. The answer? It's all about teamwork. 


3.)(40:02)- Wing Commander Taal comes on to say how hard it has been keeping up with the Baron who is now part of the squadron and lets us know his tour on the base is scheduled to end in five years.

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