The Pyramid Under the Sea- Part 2

July 1st, 2019

Greetings again in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  Kiri returns to her topic as side two begins by reminding us how the type of coercion used isn't important but that the proper use of it is all that matters. Then it's her sister's turn to speak and Karra this time agrees to help understand the ceremonies and rituals that are a part of many healings, even in a hospital. For our purposes, she uses the term ritual as a way to bring the person's consciousness up to the level of the healer or at least meet halfway when healing spiritually. What ceremony or ritual is used depends on the belief system of the person and as an example, she uses a sweat lodge as a way to do that if the person was Native American. She takes it to the next step of what to do once that level is reached which includes helping the subject to do the healing themselves. We finish out the time with Karra by helping with advice for a friend of a guest who had discovered a special ability. That growth was being threatened through a mood which had grown dark and it's a lighter atmosphere she suggests to bring more light into her life. Omal gets to the session at that point so Karra puts him for the short time he can attend. We use that time wisely as we ask questions concerning both the crystal pyramid supposedly left over from Atlantis followed by a debate on the truth of the Bermuda Triangle. He easily blows through the hoax that had led people to believe an Atlantean crystal sphere had been found in the conflicting details related in what had been reported. That area where it had been reported fell within the Bermuda Triangle and while he was limited in what he could reveal what had occurred there did subscribe to the theory that pilot error was responsible to even ships that had been reported missing. He has to get back to the matter he had left leaving Kiri to get us to the end of the side. From her, we get an engineer's view at the causes of the phenomenon of the Triangle and deduces it has something to do with an electrical, magnetic vortex of some kind. A unique theory is put forth regarding the Bermuda Triangle being one half of a connection to Tibet on the other side of the world. Curious if true and it would explain a lot. Who's to say if a solution to the mystery surrounding the history of missing ships and plans were due to such a simple explanation. We run out of tape just as she completes handing out an assignment heard on a couple previous channeling sessions about coming up with a colonization plan involving 10,000 colonists. It's a bit anti-climatic from the revelations already discussed but would turn out to be a great mind bender of organizational skills.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 06/23/99. Side two includes: 


1.)(02:09)- Karra is back to fill in some time so she gets into a dissertation on ritualized healing where you are bringing the subject up or down in energy levels to let the subject do the healing themselves.


2.)(17:25)- Omal correctly deduces why a report of a crystal sphere found during 1970 in an underwater pyramid made of crystal by a recreational diver is a hoax.


3.)(30:42)- Kiri looks at the Bermuda Triangle from an engineer's perspective which brings up a theory that may explain it. This is also the first time she assigns us a project we've followed-up on before.

The Pyramid Under the Sea- Part 1

July 1st, 2019

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  July brings us a channeling session from the members of Ashtar Command on Hades Base that once again puts a premium on giving us as much higher dimensional knowledge as possible within the space of ninety minutes. To that end, Karra works with us on vitamins and supplements, Treebeard sticks to devas and plants, Kiri reviews our coercion practice before we get into a discussion on Obi-Wan Kenobi. The great thing about that is we've only covered side one but it's side two where things get really interesting. Karra returns with a more serious class on the ritual of healing, blows holes in a possible hoax from the seventies, Kiri speculates with us on the connection between the Bermuda Triangle and Tibet finishing up with an assignment to colonize the earth we've presented in several podcasts prior to this one. We'd like to thank Omal after the fact for breaking away from his duties as base commander to come and channel for our group. His knowledge and experience made this another excellent learning experience. Now on to the session details.


  Karra is acting ring mistress as the session begins until her sister can take over so she grabs the nearest subject at hand which is nutrition in this case. She has some great advice on maintaining a varied diet without a lot of carbohydrates while also pointing out the benefits of herbs and bananas. We learn a lot from her about vitamins and supplements which she said will only provide the amount needed by the body and wash away the rest. She relinquishes the channeling couch to Treebeard who has been invited to discuss his favorite subjects devas and the plant world. At first, Treebeard answers questions on the perceptions of devas and trees and confirms for us what Omal had already revealed in a previous session that devas were one of the seven races who were part of the Sirian colonization of Atlantis. He demonstrates how masterful he is at probing the mind as he wraps up that he lays out the layers of the questioner's mind down practically to the subconscious. It's like watching open mind surgery. Kiri gets back to take over as ring mistress and it's reports on the coercion practice she assigned which is the first thing to come up. She immediately identifies where improvements can be made with advice to simplify greatly the thoughts being directed in mental coercion in a cyber cafe I co-owned. For those without that skill, she even has an answer for that by the use of vocal coercion. We get to the end of side one deep into a discussion on the coercion demonstrated in the original "Star Wars" movie where Obi-Wan Kenobi controls the mind of the Imperial trooper.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 06/23/99. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Karra gets some formal announcements out of the way before her recommendations on nutrition and how a varied diet mixed with supplements where needed is important.


2.)(10:00)- Treebeard discusses devas and the plant world and their perception of us before moving on to describing the inner workings of the human mind as he views our layers of thought.


3.)(27:16)- Kiri gets a status report on a coercion project she had assigned and then goes over the famous scene in "Star Wars" where an Imperial trooper allows some wanted droids through a checkpoint.

The Girl From Down Under- Part 2

June 1st, 2019

Greetings again in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  Omal returns back to the topic as side two starts by addressing the challenges students have with today's educational system and stresses the need for self-education. That segues into a suggestion that our guest with her eloquence and strong feelings for her country should take an active role in the way the government is run. His suggestion is that she becomes a member of the Australian Parliament so her voice may be heard. Should that happen, he finishes up with a reminder to be true to herself no matter the outcome. Karra changes place with Omal and it's her that our guest has been wanting to speak to about her sister who had recovered from a bad accident but still had some lingering neck pain. In talking to our guest, Karra notes she also has a pain in her shoulder and recruits my help to relieve it with Kiri's control of Mark's body but Kiri declines. So it would be myself aided by Karra that would work on our guest at the end of the session who would massage her shoulder. The subject returns to our guest's sister and any advice Karra was able to provide. Ideas like neck braces and MRI's are tossed around but it is the survivor's guilt our guest feels in her heart for her sister that leads to a revelation from Karra. During a time while serving with the Sirian Defense Force with her bond mate on a 3rd dimensional world she had the tragic experience of seeing him killed by a laser prior to herself having a shot from a laser go through her arm. She ends while an observation that while we are a loving race, we tend to hurt the ones we love. Karra then makes way for her sister and Kiri would take us almost the end of the tape. Kiri finds a kindred spirit in our Australian guest as someone who likes to party as much as Kiri. Kiri invites her to the local bar on the base should she manage to astral travel up there. Her making the ski team opens up a line of conversation on the line of swimwear Kiri designs. After working out some personal suit requests, a company is formed verbally to sell her designs in Australia. We next work out the compensation in terms of wine that Kiri would normally barter to figure out a conversion figure for the ideas proposed. The possibilities are endless as a position in the government could be helped in that goal by a successful business venture. We end on the high note that at least she wouldn't need to hire an accountant.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 01/16/96. Side two includes: 


1.)(00:00)- Omal encourages people to become more self-educated and then encourages a guest visiting from Australia to become active in governmental politics so that her concerns about her country can be heard.


2.)(12:20)- Karra helps our guest with some advice regarding her sister who still had issues after falling from a building. It leads to Karra reminding our guest of when she was shot with a laser through the arm.


3.)(21:31)- Kiri announces the good news that she had made it onto the ski team and then offers to design a few swimsuits for our guest. That leads to the proposal of a company selling Kiri's swimsuit designs in Australia.

The Girl From Down Under- Part 1

June 1st, 2019

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  The inner self, separate and apart from the physical self which reflects what the world sees. Such was the case until I met Karra and discovered a part of me living on another planet in a dimension I can only visit in astral form. The inner self became a shared space and it was outside of myself I went to for inspiration from that point. In looking for a topic for this month’s editorial it was this symbiotic relationship which came to mind and what also came to mind was the impermanence of the human body. Eighty plus years if I'm lucky is a paltry amount compared to the thousand that Karra may be lucky to experience so I’ve been reevaluating the entire concept of the inner self. Really a temporary vehicle to house a consciousness would be a better way to put it and the self inside may be better thought of as a self outside ourselves. Like the donning of a pair of VR goggles, waking up each morning to start the day could be considered a similar action where the immortal spirit takes over the operation of the physical body remotely. A theory like that requires some scientific and even some non-scientific evidence to support it and here is what I’ve come up with so far.


  After Tia hums a bit of "Fantasia" she gets the session started with our visiting Australian guest by opening the floor up to questions. A description of Tia's job on the base Nostradamus gets us into a discussion on possible end times and the times prior to those. The threat of global decline is enough for Tia to suggest some actions to get her involved in causes committed to reversing that trend. What follows is the progression of that decline defined by countries starting to experience the initial stages. We get the viewpoint of our Australian guest who has her perspective on the economic influence America has on her country. She lets on she's an accountant in her country so she and Tia get along famously. The welfare system of Australia and the United States comes up as well as how that same system almost destroyed Tia's home planet of Durondedunn. Economics take up some of the time just prior to our call to Skip who was going through a bit of angst over this stage of his life where age puts the pressure of life's accomplishments becomes a bigger incentive. So it is that Tia makes the snap decision to organize a BBQ for the channel session group here on Earth before remembering that the climate-controlled base she lived in lacked the snowy decks we had in Tahoe at the time. She ends her time channeling clearing up some confusion over Kiri on the base and Carrie our occasional guest who we'd call during several times wed meet to channel. At that point, Omal comes on and we delve back into what Tia had been discussing. We chat about the size of government how many people it takes to run a country. He then reminds us that 200 years ago how few people were in government compared to today yet the country ran smoothly with fewer people. He gets us to the end of the side with more of his history lesson by acknowledging that the pioneers of early America were actually very literate in a lot of cases. It was productive people looking for new frontiers for their productivity.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 01/16/96. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Tia considers the predictions of Nostradamus which opens the floor up to answers on the future of humanity. We also give Skip a call so he can join the session to have a question answered.


2.)(32:43)- Omal uses the answer about the financial economic health of Mexico to address the size of world governments. It gives him a chance as well to give a lesson on the high literacy rate of the American pioneers.

Presenting, Our Galactic Neighbors- Part 2

May 1st, 2019

Greetings again in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


 Omal completes his discussion on morals then pivots back to Tia's topic where we use "Star Trek" as an example of some of the non-bipedal races of beings including "Q" who he compares to Ashtar. That brings on Karra next who has a very serious subject to discuss which is health problems in relation to the negative actions a person may choose such as addictions. She does mention addictions that can be good but she focuses this talk on two that are bad which are drinking and smoking. For drinking, she suggests some methods for dealing with the addiction which would be tough to implement on anyone not receptive to stopping. As for smoking, she actually points out some of the good it does Mark as he is a smoker. She notes that nicotine by itself isn't what is so harmful with smoking which gets us into ideas of eliminating all but the nicotine for those it could help. Karra's healer personality comes out as she looks at the chemical process that goes on when each of the addictions like food are satisfied and the endorphins released into the system. In a sense, it is self-medication that has to be replaced by something and that something is self-love. In this way, she compliments Omal's earlier on the subject and gives us a fuller understanding of the importance of loving oneself as well as others. She brings up the fact that out of addictions, not even heroin competes when it comes to the failure rate of first-time smokers who try to quit. She gives up the channeling space so that Omal can go over what was discussed. About the only things he has to comment on was that he had his suspicions someone in his office was leaking to her his topic for the night to enhance his. That leads him to suspect that a lesson in spiritual healing may be in the offering soon. He returns the session back to Tia close it out by first reading a letter from Lyka who is out in the field on some far-off third dimensional planet helping with its ascension process. Unfortunately, it is a letter that has a somber ending as she recounts those of her comrades keeping the oaths they made but losing their lives in the process. She gets us up to-to-date on Kiri's trip to the monastery to visit her grandmother we heard Kiri herself relate in a channeling session posted in July of 2014 from a channeling session that took place three days after this session. She ends things by contemplating bringing in Treebeard who was then still known then as the Man With the Can. It wouldn't be long before she mad that happen.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 08/09/97. Side two includes: 


1.)(00:00)- Omal finishes his discussion on higher moral consciousness by referencing "Star Trek" and commenting on Tia's discussion about the other races in the galaxy like comparing Ashtar to "Q".


2.)(5:32)- Karra presents a very constructive dissertation on addictions and how to deal with them as a healer. She focuses on two, drinking and smoking, as examples of addictions needing the most help.


3.)(33:20)- Omal pops back in to go over what Karra said has some suspicions someone is leaking his dissertations to Karra ahead of time as this is the second time the two had complimented each other.


4.)(36:37)- Tia reads a letter from Lyka who is on some third dimensional planet as an Oath Keeper as well as gives us an update on Kiri who is currently on Sirius visiting her grandmother at the monastery.

Presenting, Our Galactic Neighbors- Part 1

May 1st, 2019

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  While anyone visiting this website will already have an understanding that we are not alone in this universe, the podcast for May gives an idea of just how not alone we are. Before we get to that though we will go over a new astral travel technique and spiritual growth's rate correlated to their economic condition. It's after all that Tia and I discuss the many races in just our galaxy and Tia is able to name off eleven of them. This conversation was started by the perceptions of alien species in our popular entertainment. Omal gives us a great dissertation on self-love and morals which also corresponds to the lessons given in the Ten Commandments. It was an excellent first side but side two was the continuation of a theme started on self-love Karra expand in for dealing with addictions. The two covered the most by Karra are smoking and alcoholism. They were covered in such detail we only have a bit of time for Tia to read a letter from Lyka and give an update on Kiri's trip to Sirius to visit her grandmother.


  Our start is a little unusual for a channeling session as Tia starts things off with a method of astral traveling that has a more ritual theme around it. That would give the method with a far more serious tone than the previous techniques she has shared before. She next puts the focus on what to watch for in the economy to see a trend leading to a downturn. We veer a little from that as she makes a point that consciousness growth is often dependent on a person's social standing. How well a person is doing sometimes correlates to the growth taking place. That is due to having less of a worry on where the next meal was coming from. On a related question about off-world species in the media, she expands the topic out to a treatise on the many alien races not covered by the media. Beyond the 11 she mentions, she goes on to talk the many non-humanoid races that are sharing the galaxy with us. It's amazing to know we have been given the help with have with so many other possibilities that could have been our reality. She ends her time channeling by getting slightly irked over the role Art Bell had in promoting a ship around a comet the Heaven's Gate cult committed suicide over in an attempt to board it. Being third dimensional, she has a less forgiving take on the event than others would have discussing it which was totally understandable at the time. She changes places with Omal who presents anyone looking at growing consciously, a dissertation that would be a helpful addition to anyone's learning in that he supplies another of his keys to ascension. This key is on self-love which opens a door to a love of all things that brings on a higher moral consciousness. He uses several of the Ten Commandments as a moral basis that covers most of the moral dilemmas a lightworker may face. Omal ends the side reviewing the words of Sananda to love thy neighbors as thyself. That, he points out, is something that helps all the other laws fall into place.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 08/09/97. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Tia starts with an astral travel technique of a more formal kind and ends with a conversation about the many races of the galaxy including some most have never heard of before.


2.)(31:16)- Omal basically defines what it is to be a lightworker and how it starts is with self-love moving on to a high moral standard from the love of others and all things. 


Marriage, Money and the Man with the Can- Part 2

April 1st, 2019

Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one. 

  Before he took on the nickname Treebeard, we had been calling him the Man with the Can. Treebeard is one of the base gardeners and the main thing he came to be identified with initially for us was his ever-present watering can we'd see on our visits. It had a built-in fifth dimensional gravity generator and so he was able to keep gallons of water in a can he used to water his plants. In this session from a couple later than the session on side one, he was working with the Baron as co-ringmasters. He takes that responsibility seriously and he gives us what is one of his longest times on tape yet. You can hear all eight hundred of his years of life much like the character in "The Lord of the Rings" he personifies when he speaks. His theme for his dissertation is communication and the need for patience in formulating the most appropriate answer to a question that is asked. An example he uses is a previous question asked of him on the growth cycles of plants. He describes the differences in such a general question requiring a general answer and the more specified answer to a more specific question. As far as the Conference is concerned, it was a progression from one to the other that is to be expected. He takes the short answer to a simple question as a teaching aid to show how such an answer really is a waste of time, inane drivel being one of his pet peeves. One suggestion he offers for the Conference is how to listen to the replies of those channeling to determine whether the connection to the race being channeling includes input from the host. An important lesson he provided was an important factor involved in living in a telepathic society. The need to be specific in both questions and answers is increased as well as how youths telepathically speak compared to their elders. A surprise that he ends with is his relation to two of our other guest speakers Leah and Bunny. He tops that with his revelation that he is able to probe minds, something followers of this webpage know of quite well. He does so with a mind-reading demonstration in how to learn who his relatives were. The Baron makes the transition to Omal who completes what is left of the tape by going over a subject Karra and himself had been discussing. The topic was attention deficit disorder which was comprised of three different sub-groups. The 80% diagnosed who do not have it, the 18% of highly intelligent people who retain much of the information that jumps back and forth over and the 2% who are of low intelligence diagnosed with ADD. Back then it wasn't as well understood as it is now but science still seems to have not caught up when hearing what he has to say.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this side being taped on 10/20/98. Side two includes: 


1.)(00:00)- Treebeard lays down some important communication building blocks in starting out the intergalactic Conference. He also gives us a better idea of how telepaths share information mentally.


2.)(39:56)- Omal gives a dissertation on a subject he and Karra had been working on of attention deficit disorder. He notes the three types he'd identified and the positive factor it was with a former guest.


Marriage, Money and the Man with the Can- Part 1

April 1st, 2019

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  Like a fresh, spring breeze, April's podcast starts off with a call to Carrie, a joyful soul who always brings a smile with her arrival. This session took place a month before the podcast posted in November called "A Call To Carrie and Hunting Holograms". The entire first side is all of the ninety minutes with half cut out for personal conversations that were not ready for prime time. Instead, we have added a different session that was to have been posted but was found to have too much radio interference even after mastering the audio on the second side as the second side for this session. The sound differences are apparent as the sessions proceed but the information is as always from higher dimensional entities and thus worth hearing. That is brought out on side two as Treebeard takes up almost the entire side discussion communication for the upcoming Conference. At over eight centuries old, his experience shows through like a glacier meeting the sea. His knowledge is vast while he schools us on how to the discussions to come with examples he uses as learning tools. That his own English skills are not as fluid as the other speakers make the point that lots of preparation will be needed from when the talks start from those of us down here. Side one is a lot about Carrie's upcoming marriage and so a happy counterpoint to Treebeard's heavy topics. After we hang up on the phone call with Carrie we take a look at the possible currency collapse predicted for the future and how best to get through it. While we never had to experience that lesson in this reality, a downturn in the economy over the next eighteen months is predicted so her discussion is a timely bonus to the information provided in another pair of excellent channeling sessions.


  Tia is ring mistress for the first side with the call to Carrie happening right off the bat. Her wedding is coming up and plans are being made. Those plans are not at the forefront of Carrie's mind as much as the itching she was experiencing from some indeterminate reason. Besides that, issues with the guest list were causing her elevated stress levels and then she heard from me during this session I had other commitments the week prior to her wedding suddenly thrust upon me. We do get from Tia that with a Durondedunn wedding, everyone is naked which as Carrie points out wouldn't go over well in the Midwest. Shortly thereafter Kiri reminds Tia she wants some time with Carrie so they trade places. Kiri and Carrie go way back from some of our earlier channeling sessions when she lived in Tahoe so distances make little difference in their friendship. We discover from Carrie that she had made arrangements for the pastor of the Orlando Magic to officiate the wedding from a meeting Mike and herself had with him at an event they were all attending. Kiri brings up the dress she'll be wearing after the wedding as Carrie hadn't made plans for one yet. Kiri commits to drawing up a dress though we know from the later session getting the use of Mark's body to draw the design would be tricky. Kiri lets me wrap our call with Carrie up from there with my offer to help with Carrie's personal shields. Karra hadn't arrived yet as scheduled so Tia takes over after the call disconnects to transfer the channeling field's use to Omal. Our guest visiting from Australia learns that getting a personal opinion out of Omal doesn't come easy. The facts he provides instead cover all the bases in answering the question as it normally does. He finishes answering questions and it's Tia turn to get through a lot of information regarding currency problems such as hyperinflation as things that could be faced in the future if the systems in place to prevent them were to fail. We end things with Tia on a news item about the confiscation of MRE's taking place and how our Australian guest had a frequency close to Mark's which let her perceive his real moods or his ability to sense her. Karra uses what little time is left on the tape to discuss a genetic essay that had been done on me by Kornas during one of my astral travel trips to the base.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this side being taped on 01/23/96. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Tia goes over wedding plans with Carrie during our call to her after first trying to figure out what has been causing her to itch like crazy. We also learn how they do weddings on Durondedunn.


2.)(8:12)- Kiri finds out more details about Carrie's wedding and makes plans to draw up a design of a dress for after the wedding using Mark's body.


3.)(17:21)- Omal is asked from our guest visiting from Australia about the making a life-changing decision to which he provides both sides of the question so she can make an informed decision.


4.)(26:25)- Tia looks at the currency in times of economic hyperinflation through history and into the future. She also confirms she can read a bit of a guest's mind due to the closeness in vibrations to Mark's.


5.)(36:16)- Karra has gotten back my genetic essay from Kornas so we go over what I would do better without but it's a small list as she understands a human's quality of life often needs some vices.

Flight Simulator Rehabilitation Then Off to the Races- Part 2

March 1st, 2019

Greetings again in love, light, and wisdom as one. 

  Karra had a few moments on side one where we got into people from the website commenting which leads on side two into a conversation on the vicarious nature of how the channeling sessions may only have one person asking questions but are attended in spirit once it gets online. A guest shows up unexpectedly so Karra takes her leave and lets her daughter replace her in the channeling field. With her delivery date only days away, Alana describes what's taking place with her pregnancy and the constant communication going on with the fetus as the anticipation for freedom came closer. Readers of the News will remember that this was supposed to be the child of Mark and Karra but circumstances intervened and Alana ended up pregnant instead. As a result, it had to be explained to the child that she would essentially have two mothers with Alana's girlfriend taking on the other parental role. She ends things with a comparison between her joining with a woman as opposed to a man. That leaves Kiri to get us close to the end of the tape but we first hear about a line of bikinis she sells on the Southern continents of Sirius that features a three-piece top and a two-piece bottom. Next, the subject turns to Leah who is missing Lyka who's back on Sirius for field exercises. Because of that topic, we get to hear about the portable hologram room they have that can be set up in the apartment for late night work. It's the kind of tech anyone down here would enjoy and then it's off to the races we go. From her, we get a preview of what is expected when she gets to where the races are being held on Centauri and the preparations she's been making before her heats. One problem facing the event was an almost five-foot dump of snow that had the potential to force the races to be moved to Sirius. We learn Lyka's doing biathlon training under the guise of Arctic warfare training with her platoon and ends her time speaking with an invitation to Lyka's birthday party when she would soon be turning twenty-one. That leaves just a short amount of tape for Tia to give us a quick update on the state of our world from her observations and as usual she hits the nail on the head. She is concerned about the level of caring that had diminished in our society over the decades and twenty years later and the world seems more self-absorbed than ever.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 03/05/98. Side two includes: 


1.)(00:00)- Karra returns to remind me that while in many of the channeling it may only be me asking questions. In reality, it is also the guests who sometimes ask questions also because they are there in spirit.


2.)(3:59)- Alana is expected to give birth in a week so we hear about the communication between mother and child as the time gets closer. She has even explained that her mother has a girlfriend instead of a boyfriend.


3.)(3:59)- Kiri discusses the ski races on Centauri and how they'll possibly need to be moved to Sirius due to a storm while also hearing about the portable hologram room at their apartment they can set up if needed.


4.)(34:14)- Tia goes over things she seen in her analyst role on our planet and she expresses concern over the trading curbs but in place in the stock market. She also says the me generation was actually now.

Flight Simulator Rehabilitation Then Off to the Races- Part 1

March 1st, 2019

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


   Well, it's off to Centauri base this month as the annual Tri-base ski races had rotated to that base this year and you can tell there's an excitement in the air throughout the channeling session as some of the speakers were preparing for the trip. It's not all fun and games as the first couple of speakers stick with serious topics like the Conference and mental probing. Then it's our resident wing commander talking about the family ski trip the races would be for them ending side one. Side two starts with two others not making the trip to Centauri base in Karra and Alana though if everyone was going there would be no one left for the following week's channeling session. Each has great information to share with a reminder from Karra it's not just a solo act when it's only me asking questions in the session instead of a large group of people. Alana, on the other hand, is talking on a more intimate level while discussing the child growing within her during her pregnancy and the conversations the two of them were having. Rounding out the rest of the side is Kiri and Tia with Kiri giving us a more complete idea of her trip to the races while Tia kept to her expertise, the state of the world down here. Looking at the session as a whole, it's an excellent combination of speakers and topics that keep the session informative without losing the listener's attention.


   Tia comes on and quickly ushers in Leonedies who has some ideas on how to promote the Conference between the various groups having interactions with the Earth. The focus of our discussion was how to contact the various channels to participate in the Conference as that had posed a problem up until now. Only four, he is the ascended equivalent to Korton or Ashtar and is able to bring a gravitas that belies his age. Next is Omal and a serious issue had come up. Mark's interactions with Bunny had increased his ability to mentally probe under shields due to her constant use of the skill and so he was being tested on the base to determine the extent of his ability. Too much and it would prevent him from performing his ground control duties he had taken on for the ships on the base. Our conversation takes in all the pros and cons he would face though the opportunity for growth it brought was worth any of the negative factors that may come into play. Wing Commander Taal dropped by so Omal makes way so we can hear the latest on his bond mate Katrina's rehabilitation from a battle where she was injured. She had just regained her flight status to patrol a safe area which was all due to her work she had been doing with the Baron while he was still alive. To get her ready, she had been working through the problem of needing a kill over watching her six and her times in the simulator had prepared her for the patrols. Our hearing about the simulator details made this quite an educational opportunity to learn their pilots train much like ours minus the symbiotic connection with their ship. He also reveals their son would be getting his implant soon, crucial for any future pilot but before that the family would be flying the ski team and guests to the Tri-base ski races on Centauri base.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 03/05/98. Side one includes: 


1.)(1:07)- Leonides has some ideas on how to spread the word that the Conference is forming and how to get channelers for the other races who interact with Earth to join.


2.)(9:52)- Omal brings up Mark's recent increase in his mental probing capability. He lets us know Mark is scheduled to go through some painful testing to determine the strength of his capability.


3.)(21:39)- Wing Commander Taal gives us a lesson in what it is like to pilot one of the base ships and explains how Katrina is going through rehabilitation with the Baron after a battle where she was wounded.


4.)(41:52)- Karra only is on for a few moments but begins the subject of our webpage and something in the guestbook at the time needing a reply for someone highly enthused about the channeling taking place.


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