Collective Consciousness As A God- Part 2

June 1st, 2022

Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


Side two gets going from where side one left off but with Karra on a whole different subject of the children of Mark and myself and Tia, Kiri, and herself before moving on to a recent past life regression I had done on Tia through Mark's body. The life was nothing that had been expected and left her confused as to why that was the one she had to relive. We discuss the pain in Mark's leg he had been experiencing and how we could get him into a healing on the base where it would do him the most good if assisted by me down here. It would be at the end of the session we would find out that Karra had already put the plan into action. Kiri's name came up which caused her to toss water at Karra's just as she emerged from the channeling field that seems to have come back and hit her as well as Tia. The subject we get into is long-distance coercion and how such a thing could be learned. She explains the difference between coercion and persuasion as well as gives a demonstration of raw coercion using only her energy after she disengages from Mark's energy. In fact, we hear that her big sis Karra has given her the okay to coerce me at full intensity at some point in the near future. That brings on Luna who was only in these earlier sessions and is a earth historian. That's why she's able to explain that the great flood described in the Bible was part of a axis shift of the earth at that time. The last person to speak his Tia who lets us know she has six weeks left of nausea during her pregnancy of the triplets of Mark and herself. She updates us on her increasing power of PK that with practice has allowed her to lift up to four times of inert matter. Because of that, she's been helping when the cargo ships come in. We finish things up by setting up an astral travel rendezvous on higher dimensional Sirius where she would help increase my astral travel distance while next launching into a Douglas Adams routine about that hoopy sass Ford Prefect.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 03/24/1994. Side two includes: 


1.)(0:00)-  Karra looks to the future in how the children of Mark and myself may be important in the scheme of things and how a past life regression I did on Tia through Mark was causing her confusion.


2.)(8:02)- Kiri provides some tips on how to coerce long distance and the difference between coercion and persuasion. She has has some other for how to coerce someone whose mind is made up.

3.)(17:40)- Luna answers a question on when the last pole shift took place and the last she say is in our records located in our bible. That would indicate it was the reason for the great flood of Noah's time.  

4.)(21:22)- Tia has some updates on her pregnancy and how her cubs learn as she does PK to know how to do it ahead of time. She also sets up astral travel training for me where we will meet on Sirius to start.  

Collective Consciousness As A God- Part 1

June 1st, 2022

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


June's channeling session comes with a few notes to explain some things that came up but may not have been on the tape before moving onto the main summary. First off, we are honored by the presence of some of the main leadership of Ashtar command in the form of Ashtar himself along with the head of communications, Korton who starts things off by going over some recent research I been doing on a higher dimensional group of individuals working with some third dimensional individuals to both open a vortex over sunken Atlantis and build a pyramid to connect up to it in southern Colorado. The bulk of the conversations on the first half the tape are in regards to how likely it was to be constructed and what the effects would be if they were successful. The real world problems that could occur were their main concern due to possibly ignoring the multidimensional laws of physics. What supposedly was being built was an inter-dimensional defense shield and portal. Next to speak is Ashtar who explains he is worried about a higher dimensional being taking a direct hand in mankind's development. He contrasts the differences in how the Command is against telling us what to do as opposed to the group being discussed. Korton follows up Ashtar again and a name comes up of Raya who was a friend of mine from Sedona helping with the surveillance of the group's activities in Colorado. Another note from his time speaking was that Karra would eventually have twins as he predicted. Omal's extra notes are only about Karra and Tia needing to be careful while the main speakers were on because they were pregnant and the energies in the room were intense. Then of course is the reminder that he is the commander of the base even though it doesn't seem that way sometimes. Karra ends the side with only a single note and that was that Carrie's planned healing down here was one of many such sessions. Side two has Karra returning and the note not spoken was where she discusses an apology I need to make to Tia. It is for a past life regression I did on her through Mark's body and  during it, she discovered things in her past that made her rethink her history from a life she didn't expect. Kiri's next with a lesson on coercion and there's a stipulation that it is used to help people in need. It should never be used for personal gain as the karma is increased negatively. Luna joins the girls and the only note from her channeling is that the disaster she discusses in Earth's history was where the pole shifted and an inhabited earth was flooded as recorded in the Bible. Finally Tia closes out the session and the person she speaks of who had never been pregnant before is the other female Durondedunn scientist on the base. Finally we hear that Karra has planned an ambush of Mark to get him healed before he left the base to come back to the third dimension.


Back when these channeling sessions were taking place, we could always tell we were in for a heavy session if it was Korton who got things started. That's whose voice is heard as we get going and the heaviness starts right away. A book I had started to research initiated some concerns from the Command due to it documenting a group of higher dimensional beings helping some folks here on earth open a portal over Atlantis that would then connect to a pyramid being built in southern Colorado to some very demanding specifications. It was the plan to stabilize the earth axis as well as create an interdimensional portal or Temple that had them worried. We go over the various design flaws he was seeing as I described the construction details he already knew and pointed out everything being done was from a third dimensional standpoint, not a higher dimensional one. He steps aside temporarily to let our main guest speaker pick up the subject from there. Ashtar is the perfect person to speak on this matter and he echoes the concerns of Korton. What he objects to most is the third dimensional individuals helping these higher dimensional beings who were telling them what to do, being directly manipulated to take actions that could have negative consequences. What he finishes on his his opinion that the Dalai Lama would be very welcome on a higher dimension because he is not a pacifist. He does not preach do not cause harm because struggle is necessary for the lessons it brings. Next is Omal who provides his take on the matter and give us some advice on a surveillance assignment to keep an eye on things in southern Colorado. He also has some words of caution about the possibility of Mark regaining his mental powers from his past lives and thus I should be careful with any past life regressions. We end the side with Karra who just has enough time to confirm she's pregnant with our eventual twins after some anxious times we had had hoping for it to be true.

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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 03/24/1994. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Korton gives his opinion on a higher dimensional race of individuals helping a channeler down here open a portal to Atlantis. They plan to do so through a pyramid being built in southern Colorado. 


2.)(20:06)- Ashtar joins this channeling session to follow Korton about the group assisting with the pyramid building. He does reveal some flaws in the design of the pyramid that are pretty significant. 


3.)(31:55)- Korton explains who Kuthumi is and that he is a recently ascended being and also that Mark's re-awkening his mental powers from a past life in Atlantis would be bad thing to be avoided. 


4.)(39:45)- Omal has some constructive advice from a master on some lingerie I had tried manifesting for Karra. Except for a few areas of improvement, he found my example to pass his high standards. 

5.)(50:27)- Karra has some good news to for the short time left on this side of the tape. She is pregnant and, to top things off, she may be having twins which would be confirmed only later. 

Two-Person Meta-Concert Program and Atlantis Or Bust- Part 2

May 1st, 2022

Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


Side two begins with Korton and I discussing pyramids and their hidden potential still to be discovered. Mark and I had constructed a pyramid around the futon Mark body was lying on for the session and we had added a number of special features to test that potential. What we learn is that each pyramid is like a virtual computer that can be accessed once aligned properly and its password determined from when it was built. First we cover the Sumerians Ziggurats as being poor copies of the original and then to the future and another poor copy that had been tried by the Japanese and failed within sight of the original. As a visual aid, Korton has me clear my mind to help him try to discern the password of the computer around the futon as we had no idea such a thing was even needed when it was created. He retrieves a password from my mind close enough to get the pyramid humming which shocked Korton and myself enough to halt any further experimentation for now. It also gave us the groundwork to start thinking about accessing other pyramids we know about and even the great pyramid itself. He provides some valuable suggestions in case we ever grew confident enough to attempt such a feat. He wraps up a promising to review the energies of a new guest we were hoping to join our group. Kiri then jumps on as ring mistress to talk a little about her dad and the difference of migrating to him on this planet instead of when I meet him on Sirius. She gets us to Tia who lets us know she had been greeting some new additions to the base who were on their way there for stationing. Karra would take on that duty when she became ambassador later on but for now it was Tia helping with apartment assignments. She isn't on long before Omal joins us to wrap up the channeling session. Both Mark and myself understood that working with Ashtar Command came with some monitoring even when there wasn't a channeling session. That was how Omal was aware I had been severely out of sorts with Karra on Sirius without her in my head while there. I had gotten so used to her presence that the lack of it was causing me to be irritable and out of sorts. His advice during the session to think of how Karra would handle something has been my credo ever since. We discover a lot about the original of the Greek gods and a lot about the motivations that drove the colonist of Sirius to set out for earth to their eventual home on Atlantis. The topic changes to spiritual influences and how the message of 12 disciples turned into hundreds of religions 2000 years later. His point being that belief can start small but grow with time. We end things with his ideas for how I could approach people from a more open perspective. A great session that filled a lot of holes in our knowledge that we had only parts of in the archive.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 09/14/1994. Side two includes: 


1.)(0:00)-  Korton explains how pyramids have passwords that allow the user to access its higher functions. We are able to get enough of a password to a pyramid around Mark's body to get it humming.


2.)(17:20)- Tia gives me a personal message from Karra who is on Sirius and that the new recreation area built has received two feet of snow. We planned a how-to astral travel tape that would be for beginners.

3.)(21:25)- Omal wraps up the channeling session helping me deal with Karra not being in my head while on Sirius. We discuss the colonization of Sirius and why Sananda came down here as Jesus Christ.

Two-Person Meta-Concert Program and Atlantis Or Bust- Part 1

May 1st, 2022

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  Now this channeling session for the month of May needs a little bit of explaining prior to getting into the summary to go over a few notes about each speaker's topics. The ants on the base that Kiri mentions and the ones down here are from an experiment we were doing between both colonies. Omal comes on next to a sound quality that is improving and the wizard rig he mentions is another experiment we were trying on the base to help Mark travel further in his astral body. The highlight of the session is Omal's design of a program where only two people needed for a meta-concert and a live demonstration of the technique. Following up the meta-concert demonstration is Kiri and Karra's father who had come to the base to see his grandchildren. Where he mentions being newly ascended, this is his first time Tanaka had been on the sixth dimension even though it's been over three hundred years since that happened. When he mentions Nazreal and Klarra, they were children of Karra before I met her. When he says he looks forward to meeting his grandsons, it was because Karra was pregnant with our twins, David and Michael. Alexander he mentions is Kiri and Mark's son. Lastly, he tells us the full name of Karra's other daughter, Alana to Kiri's amazement of his ability to translate the name from Sirian to English. On side two, Korton and I focus on the power of pyramids beyond what was known by the world. The goal of a current experiment Mark and I were in the midle of down here was determining if pyramids could be a possible power source. The humming we achieved trying to hack the pyramid over Mark's body was an example all of our efforts getting close. Omal gets us to the end of the tape and at the time when this session was recorded, Karra was on Sirius and I was being closely monitored for how I handled her absence. As my mentor, he had good advice for the troubles I was having without her familiar presence in my mind. From there, we cover the information gleaned from apast life regression I did on Mark when we had both lived in Atlantis as brothers. A final note about the channeling session is that they had still not corrected our misunderstanding that they were on the fifth dimension and not the sixth as we would discover later.


  The channeling session from the members of Ashtar Command on Hades Base for the month of May is another special addition to the archives. It revolves around three main subjects starting with a two-person meta-concert program designed by Omal for use as we really got enough friends over for a full five person version. This was after Kiri got the session started with some tips for how to work on coercing ants. She had a colony and would practice on her ants to help us train with ours. Now Omal had come up with the simplified version of a meta-concert and explains how it works in detail along with how it could be expanded as more people are added. This is a perfect follow-up for the information on meta-concerts already in the archives because he enlists Kiri to help demonstrate how the technique works. With her squeezed into the channeling field on the base and her head just under his chin, they go through the process step by step to generate heat in our room down here on earth. After they finish we go over other additions that could be implemented such as crystals to use to supply some extra energy if needed. We can hear on the tape that the room down here got nice and toasty thanks to their efforts. We also discuss ways to use a meta-concert to contact someone far away telepathically using the combined energies to boost the signal. The description and demonstration are enough that we can move on to the surprise guest speaker. Tanaka is the father of Kiri and Karra who at the time was also a senator on Sirius. His short visit was to see his grandchildren and touch base with his daughters. It's during the visit that he reveals he was once the father of both Mark and I when we were brothers in Atlantis. While most know this, Maxxus and Naxxus were two brothers who were part of the colonists from third dimensional Sirius making a new life on Atlantis. It seemed only right that he would be the father of both of our current bond mates. Speaking of Kiri, she returns to get us to the end of the side and is amazed at how her father was able to provide Karra's daughter's full name in English from the Sirian. It also makes us wonder where Tia got her name.

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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 09/14/1994. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Kiri suggests using thought forms when using coercion but cannot establish eye contact. Another suggestion she has is regarding the experiment we had started regarding ants on two dimensions. 


2.)(2:33)- Omal has a two-person meta-concert designed especially for us and gives us a live demonstration using Kiri as the second person. It works in warming our room here on Earth from Mars. 


3.)(28:01)-  Kiri and Karra's father, Tanaka channels for the first time in 150 years. He reveals he was once the father of Mark and I when we were brothers in Atlantis. We also learn from him Alana's full name. 

Advanced Farsighting and Revelations From Atlantis- Part 2

April 1st, 2022

Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


Omal's stays on topic as we dive into section two of our lesson on farsighted. Some of the lesson includes preparation for later on when he would make use of Mark's body for an astronomy lesson at a later date. What we do learn is that farsighted during the day is much harder than when doing it at night. He explains it is due to the solar interference during the day and that the body's tendency to be dormant night increases the challenge. He reminds us though that the planet's major religions often hold their services when the sun is down. In these early years were a few friends of ours who took their study of what was being taught as seriouly as Mark and myself. Linnell was one such person. She will be heard asking questions in a future session and taking part in teh excercises we discuss in this tape. We have other speakers neding to speak so Karra comes on to encourage my efforts in going solid. We would have children together after this session nce I found energy boosts at the right time to make it happen. There is no set topics between us so we go back and forth over a variety of subjects. I let her know that the tour I was given was quite nice which brings up the topic of Kiri carried out walls in Mark, Tia and her apartment to make a few needed enlargements. It's assumed Omal gave them the go-ahead. One healing subject that comes up is on a book I recently purchased on nutritional healing. While the coffee enemas recommended in the book are mentioned, it isn't a path to wellness I chose to follow. She does make a bit of a joke though when talking about the two of us having very slim figures. Even though I may be invisible when turned sideways as she says, it's her boobs that keep her from disappearing from sight. As we returned to my efforts going solid astrally, she explains how my efforts will be aided by a special room on the base design to provide the critical source of energy at the right time to make the implosion to start all the bodies systems such as the heart and breathing to go active. Mark we find out had just perfected the technique through a series of trial and errors where he would become solid before popping out again. We get to the end of where Karra and I had nothing left to discuss so Tia comes on to finish up this session prior to the session that had been recorded over. After a long pause, we find Korton in an excellent discussion with a friend of mine from Sindona and myself over the subject of Atlantis. Mark and I had been brothers back then and I had just given Mark a past life regression the night before where he returned to that life for us to learn from. What we learned is that he and I fought over a plan I had to raise a military army using genetically enhanced indigenous humans of the planet. Mark had a similar idea's plan was to enhance our Sirian race who had colonized Atlantis. History plays out Korton says by my dying in early death due to the fight between myself and Mark though the permit with the indigenous race continues to this very day. Korton admonishes me for a race so aggressive but reminds me that it was essential for evolution and survival. He does give us an idea though of what our race's capability would be now had things turned out differently. Mark's energy level at that point was too low to continue and so we had to cut the session short. We do get the bonus of hearing Mark as he comes out of his body for short minute or two. Getting that on tape never gets old.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 02/10/1993. Side two includes: 


1.)(2:40)-  Omal continues on answering questions on farsighting by explaining why the best results happen at night. Solar interference plays a major role until you leave the planet's atmosphere.


2.)(11:29)- Karra is on me about going solid and gives me the good news that they have a room designed for providing the energy boost that would do the trick. She also demonstrates a way for staying young.

3.)(28:42)- Korton reviews a regression I had done on Mark the night before where we had both been brothers in Atlantis. We theorize on the ten foot high crystal discussed and how it could be a doorway.

Advanced Farsighting and Revelations From Atlantis- Part 1

April 1st, 2022

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


   This channeling session held in February of 1993 was actually a combination of two channelking sessions. This was a rare occurrence that happened and we can only assume the information recorded over was not meant for the public as it dealt with lifetimes in Atlantis that they tried to keep us from knowing a lot about. What did come through was 15 minutes of revelations on a past life regression I had done on Mark where we had been brothers who had bitterly fought. What is recorded is enough of Atlantis to be some fairly important revelations. Here though are the outstanding notes of the session to cover what isn't said. To start with, Tia give a class on stellar navigation needed when traveling in the galaxy with your astral body. Most of the focus is on going solid when astral traveling which is a major achievement made easier when doing it on a much less dense dimension of the sixth. You can get lost in space without a direction and plan in place. The interview mentioned was about Mark asking about a ground control position with the flight crew on the base which he would eventually get. Completing her astral traveling class, Tia doesn't say this but the distance from Beetlejuice to earth is 724 ly. Finally, the door she refers to our drawers of memories that she can look through in Mark's brain. Omal would do the same when he was borrowing Mark's body. Next, Kiri has a short time speaking and what she does talk about is a hard time she has income well due to being pregnant with Mark's child. That was pretty much it before Omal came on to finish this side of the tape. The tour he mentions is one he and Karra took me on of the base layout. While he jokes he's not a good tour guide, he did a great job. The base's weather Oma/reports on is an artificial one that rarely changes except up on Wookie Mountain. The shielding mentioned is psychic shielding using the bodies energy. Finishing up side one, Omal takes a deep dive into Mark's drawers of memories which Mark would fill with penguins from this point on. That gets us over to side two where Omal answers my questions on hostile entities. At some point in the future I would have a meeting arranged with one of the grays to reach an understanding between our two races. Linnnell who is mentioned is an early friend of ours who attended sessions and was quite an active student of what the members of Ashtar Command taught. Karra follows up Omal from there and Nazreal who is mentioned is her adult son who is also part of the search and rescue team of the pilots. Rounding up the notes for this session, Karra is talking about Mark when she talks about the one individual that is completely serious until happiness gets in the way. That brings us to our new session where it's only Korton and myself talking about a regression I did on Mark where we return to a life where we had both been brothers in Atlantis. The experiment discussed is one where I tried to genetically create soldiers out of the indigenous race on the planet. He explained it added aggression into the human genome which is still affecting humans today. He reminds us it's essential for our evolution for us to advance as a race. The last notice session is that Cindy is a friend of mine I worked with who is visiting from Sedona and would stay with us for a few weeks before moving on. And now, onto the more detailed summary.


   Tia gets the session started by going right into a lesson plan she had laid out with the particular point she wanted to focus on, stellar navigation. There had already been two previous lessons on farsighting and we were now going into lesson number three. This was the more advanced information that would be well out of the realms from most astral travelers being as it involves distances of light-years. When navigating outside of the atmosphere things look a lot different and so it's handy to have some points of reference to get to where you are planning to go. She explains how traveling in that type of environment involves linear travel and so she stresses the import of picking easily viewable landmarks in space. What she also wanted us to learn was what to avoid when astral traveling through the galaxy. She brings up for navigational problems to go around which include super red giants, neutron stars, quasars and pulsars. This is a wonderful class you would find in the curriculum of university. Even non-astral travelers will find her knowledge of the various constellations fascinating. Before leaving she mentions trying to find an analogy within the drawers of Mark's mind. This would be the last time they would be so easily accessible as after Omal did and even deeper dive, Mark began to fill them with penguins that would pop out instead of memories. Next comes along an incredibly pregnant Kiri who was in her final trimester and mostly expressed how uncomfortable it was trying to lay down with a stomach that kept getting in the way. She has to cut her time short but leaves with a demonstration that she's still kept her sense of humor. Omal follows her next to end this side of the tape and right away asks how I liked the tour he gave along with Karra to show me around the base. He obviously had some experience as it was a very excellent tour I still remember. We next began to go into the topic of the night which is one of three areas of advanced astral projection that needed to be covered before beginning experiments for myself. Two of them will be covered tonight which was stellar navigation by Tia and now we were getting into the process of how to go solid in your astral body. The last section which would be emergencies procedures would be taught by Korton at a later date. Mark and myself had already gone through and broken down his experiments in going solid to where Omal now wanted to add to anything we had missed. It turns out that Omal knows the process far better than we do and breaks it down into its various components we would be able to use as a guide for future experiments. Mark had already experimented numerous times trying to go solid on the base as Omal reminds me and they had studied his tests to be able to now give us this detailed view. In answering a question on how Mark knew that his experiments might not bring on disaster, Omal searches his brain for that prior knowledge. Hearing him rummage around in Mark's brain is just an amazing demonstration of his ability to view the stored knowledge of someone's mind. He completes his dissertation on going solid with a step-by-step outline Mark and myself could study afterwards. We wrap up the side by reviewing my astral travel trip to the base and how I could hear him telepathically narrating as we moved through the various sections. We would return to farsighting on the next side.

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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 02/10/1993. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Tia gives a class on stellar navigation and why knowledge of it is important when astral traveling off planet. She uses Betelgeuse as an example navigational aid though reaching it is too far. 


2.)(22:38)- A very pregnant Kiri, who was in her third trimester of her child with Mark. drops in to say hi and describes joys of having a child. Actually she tells us about the uncomfortable way her body feels. 


3.)(25:51)-  Omal asks how I liked a tour he and Karra took me on to familiarize myself to the base layout. He then expands on Tia's lessons on going solid by giving a dissertation on that very topic.

Carrie In Person and Stealing Nostradamus- Part Two

March 1st, 2022

Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  As we switch over to side two, Karra wraps up her lesson on stopping smoking. She'd been studying up on how to quit nicotine as it isn't a problem on the higher dimensions. That brings up Omal was a nice main speaker due to his seniority among those answering questions. We start off with disasters around the world and how we hear about them more than in the past. Something as catastrophic as the Cameroon disaster where CO2 seeped out of the lake and killed nearly 2000 people in 1986. I mistakenly call it chlorine gas instead of CO2. We stay on the topic of disasters as we discussed the predictions of people like Edgar Casey and Nostradamus. Omal give us a wake-up call by laying out all the various ways our society could end. He agrees with me though when I point out that much of the Armageddon we hear about could just be merely a change of lifestyles. That can often prove a devastating blow to one's reality as much as those living in Ukraine at the moment. Moving on, the conversation turns to Virgil Armstrong. We had entered into correspondence with him regarding our connection to Ashtar Command and Omal is able to confirm something that Virgil told us of when Korton and Monka manifested themselves into his room as definitive proof of their existence to him. To clear up my question regarding how Korton could join Monka there, Omal reminds us that he could with help from someone as advanced as Monka. He also reminds us that it was a very rare exception being granted after all the outcomes and possibilities had been weighed. As to why he was granted this special privilege, he had been part of the original group who studied UFOs and was aware of many of the deals made with the governments of the world with various alien races. Our guest Carrie found that my revelations of Sananda having an incarnation as Jesus Christ a little hard to comprehend. This brings up the question of what dimension he inhabits. Omal makes a statement that he is both ninth dimensional as well as above ninth dimension at the same time. That contradiction was made more confusing when Omal explained that there was a part of Sananda that hadn't lived in that dimension yet but was there already. Statements that provide some clues to our own reality possibly. We wrap up Omal's time talking with our guest asking if a birth regression would be of help to her due to the unusual nature of her birth. Omal admits it may be something that could have benefits for her. That brings on Tia to get us to the end of the side so the conversation immediately turns to astral projection which is something that Carrie had been training with Tia so that she could meet her on the base. The tape gets less clear here so some of wording isn't as easy to understand as the rest of the tape. What is heard is Carrie going through some self-reflection on her life to that point and how her past conflicts with those she once called friends made her a stronger person. We wrap up the session with Carrie coming to the realization that someone who she had a particularly intense conflict with may have been someone who needed Carrie as a teacher at the time of their troubles. Tia as always has great advice as to how to resolve the broken friendship. Yet another session full of laughter, answers and insight. 


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 05/19/1995. Side two includes: 


1.)(2:40)-  Omal discusses disasters as we explore why we hear so much more of them now than in the past. He then confirms to our guest that Sananda was Jesus Christ before going over birth regressions.


2.)(23:17)- Tia gets us to the end of the session by continuing with Carrie's training on astral travel which was being done one-on-one through her dreams. We finish with Carrie's self reflection on her past to now.

Carrie In Person and Stealing Nostradamus- Part 1

March 1st, 2022

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


The channeling session for March is notable in that we have only our main four speakers and a very special guest in the form of our good friend Carrie. In all other channeling sessions in the archives where Carrie has been a part of the group asking questions, it has always been through a phone call and not in person. This is recorded prior to her leaving Lake Tahoe when she was still living and working here before moving back east. Also attending was her boyfriend at the time who is now her husband, Mike. Before moving on to the full summary of the session, here are a few outstanding notes that clear up those things heard without visual references. Now when this was recorded, Mark and I threw around a lot of different ideas to see what might work. Our plans to use Mark's son Alex to help with a project of ours was not a good one. It should also be noted that Carrie and I were practically brother and sister in our interactions which can be heard throughout the tape. Lastly, the toy I am referring to is a laptop I had the time. The notes from Karra's time talking is that car has always been on her bout Carrie's smoking, a real pet peeve of hers. This was also prior to Carrie's healing via a meta-concert from the base organized by Omal. Speaking of Omal, the notes from his discussion was that the gas leak discussed was a famous incident in Bhopal. The name mentioned of Virgil Armstrong is of a Army intelligence officer who was part of the first capture of a UFO. The final note is that what isn't said by Omal is that Sananda's time on earth as Jesus was all part of an assist on our ascension path. The only note from Tia's time talking is that it's been well documented in the archives that Carrie was being helped in her astral travel by Tia who could also dive into Carrie's dreams at night. Now, onto the full summary.


  March is a time of joy as Spring begins to turn things green and the snows of winter here in Tahoe begin to recede. In honor of all that joy we have a channeling session from May 1995 that includes our most joyful of guest, Carrie Chen not yet left back east and so we had the pleasure of her company at a number of sessions prior to her leaving. Now the sound is not ideal and our engineers did the best they could but some of the words being said had to be guessed. Something else that stands out is Kiri as ring mistress with Tia Sommer on the base being searched for by the staff. Another guest on hand is she Carrie's boyfriend Mike whose initial channeling session was the current one taking place. Mark and I had come up with an idea to have his and Kiri's son Alex help with some manifestation in the place hard to get to down here through an astral travel trip Mark would make happen. Kiri was able to make the argument that this was a completely bad idea. She reminds me of my other bad idea in her opinion to show our kids on the base "Mary Poppins". Her reaction has always been that it corrupted their poor minds. Our conversation turns to Nostradamus and the predictions he came up with and whether one of them predicted the end of the world. With the search party still going to place to place looking for Tia, Kiri's sister Karra comes on as the next speaker to take us over to the second side. We have to preface this next part with Karra's pet peeve with Carrie has always been about her smoking. With Mike also being a smoker, Karra is able to make some suggestions related to that habit at the end of her time speaking. Before that, Karra focuses on an ongoing concern with Carrie's health. We know already that she had a cancer developing being that had been misdiagnosed and another doctor visit had been scheduled. While it would threaten her ability to have children, a meta-concert organized by Omal healed her and she went on to have a daughter years later. At this time in her life though, clues were happening that was starting to point to the real problem. Karra used the opportunity to give those of us in the room and healing lesson on a cat who was having a problem. To do so, she teamed up with her sister to initiate the healing. Kiri's ability to manipulate Mark's body was crucial in making the cat stay in one place long enough for the healing to commence. Afterwards, we reflect on a crystal healing arrangement that Carrie had been a part of and I wasn't. The key component mentioned is a healing Crystal inside of a Tibetan singing bowl which should be explained for anyone wanting to replicate the arrangement. Now, for those who remember in a recent channeling session where the question was asked how come the sky is blue? This is a channeling session where Karra provides the answer. In that same session, a device I was creating with Karra's help was discussed that involved two crystals at either end of a copper to connected with a copper wire. That is the Psionic device discussed as we get closer to the end of side one. What gets us there is Karra's advice to Carrie and Mike on how to stop smoking. While the tape may end, Kara spends a more minutes on the second side finishing up suggestion any smoker might find helpful in quitting.

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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 05/19/1995. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Kiri is the session's ring mistress so it's a lot of fun as we discuss manifestation, Mary Poppins and the end of the world as predicted by Nostradamus. We also find she can't coerce from Mars to Earth.


2.)13:22)- Karra gives our guests a friendly reminder of the dangers of smoking and advice on how they could be gradually stopped. She provides as well a healing demonstration on one of the house cats.

Starting Off the News and Chakra Alignment- Part 2

February 1st, 2022

Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


   Side two sees Korton finishing where he left explaining how to speak from the heart and the process he lays out is something a lot of people would find helpful in many aspects of their lives. In speaking from the heart, he points out the eyes are basically the gateway to the heart and a smile directed into someone's eye starts the process. He next moves on to providing some advice to add onto what Ashtar had suggested for the newsletter being planned. He reminds me that it will need to be kept concise, more to what the Center For Ascension has become in essence. That gets to the end of what was planned to be discussed so Kiri joins the sessions as the next speaker. She come on in her usual boisterous mood and gives us some extra time for an engineering project she had assigned Mark, Skip and myself. Followers of the archives will have heard of Kiri's egg challenge. The goal of which was to get an egg a hundred feet in a vehicle constructed out of balsa and rubber bands. She then goes on to explain what it is like to raise a six month old super operant who debates the theories of Einstein and Hawkin. It is certainly an issue hard to relate to but an important one for the information Leonedies has added to the archives. Karra follows up her sister and is able to relate to a fellow healer with our guest Linda who is also a healer who brings up the question of how to align a person's chakras. Karra explains how one needs to imagine the chakras in question and see them rotating at the same speed or as close as possible. Our guest for example was given the suggestion of seventeen revolutions per minute. That transitions us next on to the topic of negative feedback loops and a way to balance the energy that is spinning through the chakras. What Karra provides is an advancement to the loop so that it stabilizes in a way that provides the perfect balance. What can happen at the end of a loop is an enlargement of the energy pathways that can lead to an increase of mental talents. She does include the warning that overuse can lead to possibly cauterizing the area being worked and prevent any further enlargement. Our guest provides a real world example with a past experience where she had experimented with kundalini and recalled the feel and smell as it took place. That then gets us to Tia who jumps on to finish up the channeling session. Over the rest of the time left she fills our guest in on the base such as the lack of a government and the fact that the salmon in Lake Dolphin have a ladder next to the waterfall they use to spawn when it's time. Our guest runs into some restrictions that prevents Tia from answering all of her questions though Mark's role in the building of the Great Pyramid is mentioned. Overall, it was a session for the books and definitely one worthy of the archives.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 08/29/1995. Side two includes: 


1.)(0:00)-  Korton now is able to complete his lesson on speaking from the heart. As the head of communication for Ashtar Command, he's always able to give a dissertation such as this one in no time.


2.)(7:08)- Kiri and I discuss an engineering project she assigned us but can't help with and tall about her super operative son, Leonedies. He was just over six months and disproving Einstein and Hawkin.


3.)(17:06)- Karra comes on and answers a question on chakra alignment. That leads to a stable version of a negative feedback loop or, in other words, a quick but risky way to increase energy pathways.


4.)(30:55)- Tia gives us a riddle to answer before describing the base and its lack of a Government. We find out from her that the salmon in Dolphin Lake have a ladder to climb up next to the waterfall.

Starting Off the News and Chakra Alignment- Part 1

February 1st, 2022

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


It is said with great power comes great responsibility. We say, with great knowledge also comes great responsibility. With the channeling session being posted for February, we get both and that's just from Karra's topic when she speaks on side two. Here are some notes that will explain some things not covered on the tape starting with a guest joining me in asking questions. Her name is Linda and she was a friend I had known from my time in Sedona. She was supposed to come out to the West Coast when I did but turned her car around as we were leaving and stayed until this taping. She was to stay with us for a few weeks before moving on to coast. The next note is that when she explains about the channeling sessions being moved, it is from the official channeling rooms to a copper pyramid set up in the backyard of Mark, Tia and Kiri's apartment who were also having Teene as a roommate for a while. When we go over the situation in Iraq, the first Gulf War had recently ended with the second coming in 2003. The note from Ashtar's time talking is that we had a simple webpage and were looking to expand the teaching to a newsletter for those unable to access the internet which was still mostly on dial-up. It would also go to a friend who was with the Sedona Journal of Emergence. Omal's notes are that this was the fourth time that Korton and Omal were meeting Linda with the first three when both channeled through Roger Pinion, the channel who was holding sessions during our time in Arizona. He also brings up Mark's time as my brother in Atlantis when we tried to kill each other over opposing viewpoints. We agreed this was us resolving our karmic past. Korton is the first speaker on side two and his notes from it are that the monitor he mentions is a sixth dimensional one we couldn't see placed in the room focused on Mark's body in our own copper pyramid. They could see us but we could not see them. Also, Korton has a hobby of collecting old computers, his office on the Base has a number on display. Kiri is the next speaker and followers of the archives will recall the engineering project she had assigned to three of us down here and the trip she made to Sirius with Leonedies and Alex to see her grandmother in the monastery high in the mountains. Karra's note is that she teaches an advanced form of a negative feedback loop that comes with a warning label. It can work too well so we warn anyone interested in trying it to start slowly. Finally, Tia brings up one of the architects of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Followers of the archives will have already learned Mark was part of that team and Tia's teasing is just her being proud of her man.



   Tia gets this very special night started by explaining a change about to take place with our channeling sessions where there are to be moved out of the official channeling rooms with all the monitoring equipment and change over to the pyramid in the back garden of Mark, Kiri and Tia's apartment with Teene helping out in her usual role as technician with the help of a portable channeling unit. We next review the situation in Iraq which had dominated the recent headlines. Saddam Hussein's army was still in bad shape after the first Gulf War but he was still flexing his muscles militarily by threatening to invade Kuwait. Tia's position as data analysis for the Ashtar Command on the base put her in the perfect position to correctly assess the situation. It would be another eight years before that invasion would take place proving her analysis was right on the mark. A friend of mine was moving from Sedona to the Bay Area but was staying with us first for a few weeks to renew old friendships. During our friendship back in Sedona, Linda had attended several channeling sessions where a gentleman named Roger Pinion channeled both Omal and Korton to a group of around twenty people gathered to ask questions and gain some knowledge. She explains why the Grey's visit our planet and a bit about her ancestry to cats. She wraps up with some advice about a spiritual entity that had been bothering Linda. Next into the channeling field was none other than Ashtar himself honoring us with some time out of his busy schedule. A project had been conceived of putting the Hades Base News essentially in a newsletter that could be sent to those wanting the information but lacking a connection to the Internet all the time. Ashtar's approval had been being sought to start the project and he was here now to go over the details. He gives us some ground rules such as not including the infamous session from the pyramid in the backyard called "Girls Night Out" which got far too wild for us to add to the archives. He does agree that since the more lighthearted side of Ashtar Command does need to be represented to those researching the Command. Moving on to the next speaker, Omal now enters the channeling field and he immediately reconnects with Linda from when they had last spoken together in Sedona. A number of subjects are covered such as Merlin energy, the Illuminati, and why Mark is unable to heal as a normal human body would due to being out of his body during the times accelerated healing would normally take place. Finishing up the side is our second honored guest speaker Korton who barely begins speaking from the heart when the tape comes to an end.

For full transcripts of this session and more information about Hades Base and the 6th dimension, please visit our website: 


The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 08/29/1995. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Tia meets Linda from Sedona for the first time and we cover her analysis of the moves Saddam Hussein was making towards Kuwait. We cover as well the motivation of the Greys to abduct humans. 


2.)18:47)- Ashtar gives the go ahead for the Hades Base News to be in publication form for those wanting monthly updates on world and base events. He approves of a less militaristic face of the Command. 


3.)(25:24)- Omal renews his friendship with our guest Linda who had last spoke to him through a completely different channel in Sedona. He also explains how Mark's time on the base affects his healing.

4.)(44:41)- Korton begins a conversation and demonstration of speaking from the heart when the tape cuts out a little over a minute after he begins to channel.

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