21rst Century Atlantis and the 100,000- Part 2

February 1st, 2021

Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


Side two gets going with an immediate hand off to Omal as Kiri departs the channeling field. Yet to be heard in the archives is Omal breaking into song but this wasn't just any session, Omal was just keeping the mood light before we got into the serious topics to discuss. One of those topics was picking up from where Ashtar and Korton left off with a future ascended human race on an higher dimensional Earth. Now is when we learn the initial number of humans on that new world would be 100,000 and it would be those who would be the original gene pool from which a new race would begin. From thousands of years into the future from hundreds of thousands of years back in the past we see the plan laid out with all the necessary pieces added one by one. Omal reminds me of my part of the plan as a geneticist in Atlantis that forms a connection to our present day when once again all five of those of us from back then can come together to take part in its next phase. Kiri, Karra, Tia, Mark and I are a soul group that time seems to keep pulling us back together no matter the dimensional difference which is something Karra would confirm when she spoke next. Before that would happen, Omal defines Sananda consciousness or Christ consciousness and what elements are in play. It's a daunting list but ascension would be the next step from achieving that state it would seem. Back in Sedona Arizona Omal and Korton used to channel through another person names Roger Pinion when I met them. We discuss the crutch of alcohol Roger needed for Omal to come through which would make it more of a conscious channeling than a total trance channeler like Mark. We're forever in Roger's debt for bringing us together to continue our part of the plan. We finish with a look at what factor or factors would bring about a collapse of society as we know it and thankfully it is still going strong despite the challenges it faces at this point of history. Karra takes Omal's place and after confirming that Kiri is definitely Karra's sister by the same parents, we get a chance to joke around a bit as she borrows some of Mark's knowledge of the Celtic language to riff some of it as we discuss the movie Highlander. In regards to the soul group she and I were in with Kiri, Tia and Mark, she explains that there has been a lot of roles all of us had played in our various incarnations, exchanging different family members to each other over the hundreds of thousands of years we kept meeting. Having it all laid out by someone is takes a bit to absorb even though it is a similar story of all incarnated beings. As she discuses next how unloving thoughts are like an open wound, one can't help to wonder at the negative emotions over an election creating a permanent scarring of the soul. We get done with her time by her challenging me twenty-five years ago to learn what I had to so that I could be who I am today, a happy student of the ascension process fulfilling my part of the plan in the best way possible. Finally, Alana is our last guest speaker who comes by and we discover a shocking fact about dolphins that came out of left field. Dolphins forgive a lot, pretty much all of the time. That just leaves Kiri to wrap up the few minutes of tape left let us know she her new summer designs were out. This was a channeling session that would be hard to match for revelations about what life is all about in two dimensions.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 07/05/1995. Side two includes: 


1.)(0:33)- Omal sings a little bit before explaining how Sananda's actual second coming would be on the newly ascended Earth. He also reveals that the number of people on that Earth would be 100,000.


2.)(20:09)- Karra explains the different Sirian pronunciation of the family name which gets us joking about the movie "Highlander" as their family is "of the hills". She ends by giving me a challenge to be a sponge.


3.)(28:47)- Alana lets us in on a secret about dolphins that, while they may be higher conscious beings of love, they are very intelligent and can sometimes act like a human if provoked.

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