21rst Century Atlantis and the 100,000- Part one

February 1st, 2021

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  The channeling session chosen for February is a special one for anybody who has studied the history of Atlantis. I have spent much of my adult life fascinated by the subject and soaking up everything both fictional and non-fictional to ask questions to those who channeled at our sessions. This was one where the answers brought up a lot of information that triggered a number of memories for me and perhaps for others as well of a life back then. In it, Korton reveals the reason why Atlantis was colonized with all its hope and promise while giving us some understanding of why that dream died. Lessons learned, now it is all about the future and living the Atlantean dream in the 21rst century. On Hades Base, that dream is already taking place and the quest of the Sirians on the base to bring about more children operant in all five psychic skills is the main topic of side one. Conversations with Ashtar and Korton involve a discussion on genetics where a plan to create a paradise on Earth that Korton brings up is imprinted in our DNA. That plan is unfolding before our very eyes and to know where the plan will possibly lead, side two provides the answer as Omal explains the hundred thousand individuals that will make up the original gene pool of an ascended Earth. While Omal has explained previously that it would take 144,000 individuals in a grand meta-concert to affect the planetary consciousness, there would be 100,000 who would be the inhabitants of an ascended Earth that would carry on the new race. Next, Karra challenges me back when this took place in 1995 to soak up information of anything and everything. I followed her edict for the next twenty years to where we eventually ended up releasing these channeling sessions covering a multitude of subjects. Alana is the last guest speaker and we find out from her a secret about dolphins few would know unless they spoke their language. That is just the highlights of a channeling session that truly stands out for having almost too much information to take in at one time. The only downside is a background radio bleeding through that had to be taken out as much as possible. So, like last month, it isn't as clear as we would like and hope the clarity of knowledge is worth the lack of clarity in sound. Now, onto a more in-depth summary.


  The session starts out like any normal channeling session as Tia assists us with a problem we were having with some of the cats in the neighborhood. One choose our basement to have her kittens and so she spoke to one of our alpha males to pass the word around that the mother cat needed protecting. We would hear the cat she spoke to fulfilling her request later in the recording. It's at that point the tone of the session changes as Ashtar takes things in a much more serious direction. He helps us understand better the dark crystal of Sedona we had discussed with Korton previously in our October podcast. It is a far more evil influence than we had heard about then. He had also stopped by the apartment of Kiri, Tia, and Mark the night before to speak to Leonedies. The conversation the two of them had was very much about the evolution of two different races on two different dimensions. They discussed engendering a Guardian race for the future once mankind had ascended to act as teachers and guides. Korton follows Ashtar with a dissertation that could be called Atlantis 101. It was this session that revealed a plan put in place before Atlantis was even colonized that has the possibility of coming to fruition if everything works out as planned. He ends his time with confirmation all things in creation have an inner music. Tuning into the music is a link to whatever it is that is your focus, even yourself. Kiri finishes up the side with a Sirus-shattering revelation that she is the keeper of the archives of Sirius, or as she has referred to it later sessions, the librarian of Sirius. It is an honorary title that would let her present the Chronicles of Sirius we posted in our first year of podcasts. After that we switch topics to a visit planned by her future mother-in-law who would be coming to Hades Base in preparation to her marriage to Kiri and Karra's father, the president of Sirius. For the rest of the side we discuss the Guardian race Ashtar brought up since it is so personal to us as it involves the children of her, Karra, Tia, Mark, and me. She also covers the history of Sirius when it comes to their efforts to achieve super operants. For thousands of years, Sirius had laws that focused on how many metal abilities a person had in their efforts to increase the number throughout the population. The tape ends with her finishing up her history lesson.


For full transcripts of this session and more information about Hades Base and the 6th dimension, please visit our website: 


The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 07/05/1995. Side one includes: 


1.)(1:14)- Tia has a conversation with one of the house cats to encourage his help in protecting a mother cat that had recently given birth. We learn a lot about the lives of cats and their need to procreate.


2.)(6:08)- Ashtar adds in more details regarding the Dark Crystal of Sedona brought up in the channeling session from August. He also asks how Mark and I would feel being the grandparents of a guardian race.  


3.)(11:56)- Korton presents an Atlantean timeline from before its colonization to its destruction to its future if all goes as planned. He next confirms everything, no matter what, has its own inner music.


4.) (19:30)- Kiri reveals that she is the keeper of the archives of Sirius which is an honorary position but it gave us access to the Chronicles of Sirius. She stays on theme as well as we discuss genetics and breeding.

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