A Call To Carrie and Hunting Holograms- Part 1

November 1st, 2018

Greetings in love and light as one. 


   November's podcast of a channeling session from 1996 introduces a new guest to hear the members of Hades Base who was visiting from Australia named Nicole. She has been mentioned before in previous sessions but we finally hear her on tape as she adds her contributions to the questions asked. This could almost be called a follow-up to last month's podcast except that this channeling session took place over eight months prior to that one. Last month we had called our friend Carrie who had moved away from Lake Tahoe but caught after she had gone to sleep. We again catch after she had retired for the night but this time she forces herself awake and all of side one is our conversation with her. She had an upcoming marriage soon and so a lot of the conversation covers that subject through her chat with Kiri, Tia, and Karra. On side two we were joined by our friend John and we hear more on why Tia wasn't the ring mistress for the night's session and why we would have a replacement for the next few weeks. To wrap up this summary, she is also the speaker who tells us all about her honing her hunting skills by tracking and killing with her bare hands holograms of one of the animals she used to hunt on her homeworld.

   With Kiri taking on the role of ring mistress, she is the first to speak to Carrie as we ring her up right away. With the impending wedding, Kiri and Carrie go over dresses picked out already and the ones Kiri had been getting ideas about to show Carrie. Next, the bride-to-be asks for and gets an update of what was happening on the base before Karra comes on to answer questions Carrie had for our resident healer. First to be gone over was a blood pressure rise Karra had received reports on that Carrie would need to address, especially if a planned pregnancy was to take place after the wedding. We also see some Carrie's incredible resolve as she declares herself able to heal a recent infection without the aid of doctors. That's all the time Karra had to allow everyone to speak to her so she makes way for Tia to chat with her sister mind. Tia uses her time to go over the bad dreams Carrie had been having which Tia was able to wipe from Carrie's memory by slipping into Carrie's dream state. She had also been using those moments to help Carrie with her astral traveling. Finally, they discuss the difficulty Carrie had been having adjusting to a life away from California. Kiri's talk with Carrie had been cut short by her sister so Kiri returns to talk about what would take place when Mark and myself went to her wedding and how a channeling session could be arranged like in the old days. Kiri next completes her discussion about the dress designs she had in mind for the wedding as well as various miscellaneous subjects before they have to usher back in Tia and Karra to say goodbye since the long distance call was racking up some minutes. After they hang up there's not much more time on the side than to note that Kiri's name in Sirian would be too tough to say using Mark's body.


For full transcripts of this session and more information about Hades Base and the 6th dimension, please visit our website: 


The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 02/21/96. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- We call Carrie and Kiri discusses with her the plans for her wedding as well as gets caught up with what's been going on lately around the base. 

2.)(7:55)- Karra also talks about the upcoming wedding but more from a healers point of view as Carrie is a former patient of hers.

3.)(13:08)- Tia lets Carrie know she's been coming down and taking away her bad dreams and helping with her astral travel while she sleeps. Carrie also reflects on her transition away from the West Coast.
4.)(18:33)- Kiri reminds Carrie she's being shielded by Hades Base around her personal dwelling plus they go over plans for when everyone was to come to her wedding.
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