A Sirius Look At Religion- Part 1

September 28th, 2019

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  Normally tapes from the year 1999 were very clear because by then we often we were using an improved setup with two mics but not always. Sometimes we would go remote and record off-site which led to less then quality sound recordings. Try as he might, our sound editor was only able to clear it up to the level heard which is far better than the original. We apologize for the quality and hope the information presented makes up for the lack of clarity. The main theme of the first side centered on religion as both Kiri and Omal spoke about some of the more well-known television evangelists and the religion they used to benefit themselves in some cases. It is also a chance to hear a bit of the religion of Kiri's and some of the things she has her belief based around. It's a startling dichotomy between the dimensions but one educational for where we're headed eventually. Leonedies stays longer than normal to give a warning about a different religion, a religion of technology and the head-long race to artificial intelligence supremacy without taking into account the potential for a consciousness developing from what was being created twenty years ago. We get from Karra an inside look at what being an ambassador involves when dignitaries are not scheduled and the lives of those on the base finding their assignment not what they had been expecting. Tia has lots to say about global warming though most is in debunking the theory which in 1999 was still being debated heavily here on Earth. It's possible she didn't foresee the current administration and their agreement with her findings.


  Kiri is covering the ring mistress duties for this session and gets things started with a talk on coercion and how to spot when someone is being coerced. She gives us some pointers to look out for before the talk transitions to religious coercion where we go over some evangelical preachers and how they are able to hold a crowd in the way they do. She compares it to the confidence she holds in her own skills as the key to their success. What she does share with us is her form of religion that would be closer to that of a higher dimensional Druid if there was to be something comparable to here. Because of that, she expresses her confusion over religions where love is the theme but killing is acceptable if they are your enemies. She leaves to perhaps ponder that but Omal comes on to continue the same topic which was already fascinating. Starting with the spiritual development to a higher plane of consciousness we get back on the topic of religion. His point he makes is that no one should be converted to a belief because everyone has their own belief system. Even if that system is the same as ten million other people, no two are alike due to no two people thinking alike. We go over another common thread of most religions is their origins, in this case, the Jewish religion which spawned a number of major religions followed by a large percentage of the planet's inhabitants. It's our evolution as a species we end with as he quizzes us on the development of a computer. That a device designed for the purpose of combat had the end result be the world of today shows that all things bad do not produce some good. Leonedies comes on next and spends a longer time talking than normal on a subject Monka had brought up with him. The subject was AI and the concept Leonedies wanted to get across was of the possibility that an internet made up of millions of computers could become the basis for a new life form. This is a timely topic as quantum computing is soon to become more common and computer systems operate beyond their creator's intelligence. This was from seeing the beginnings of this life form here on our planet in 1999 during his research on the topic. This was cliff hanger as we changed sides to learn his thoughts on the matter.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 08/17/99. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Kiri gets into a discussion where the religions of the Earth are analyzed and put up next to a little of what Kiri and her grandmother believe. As expected, there can be no comparison.


2.)(19:35)- Omal defines religion down to a simple equation of finding harmony so that you are balanced. Once balanced, the peaceful aura surrounding you attracts others of a like mind. Comes with conditions.


3.)(36:51)- Leonedies reveals that his research has identified among the millions of computers on the net back in 1999 that he was seeing the creation of a life form was dormant for the time being.


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