Advanced Evolution and a Very Special Ceremony- Part 1

September 1st, 2022

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


We have a few notes to cover which will help in understanding some of the behind-the-scenes aspect of the channeling session. Starting with Tia who is our first speaker, at this point in the sessions, only Klarra had been born to Karra and Alex had been born to Kiri and Mark. Tia was currently pregnant with the triplets and was planning on going on pregnancy leave soon. Tia had been training me in astral projection and gave me some advice on going solid. I had been working on going out of my solar plexus which is just one of the chakras and she explains you can leave from various places on your body. Another note from her time talking is that when she discussed having two, she means her ability to nurse her upcoming triplets. The last note is about the pilot's party discussed. Mark and I had both been allowed to fly craft from the base so we were invited to what was a very exclusive party. That brings on Omal who, when he said he found some jokes, he needs he found them by rummaging in Mark's mind. He and Tia had had me go longer and longer distances on my training for astral travel. Stanford that is mentioned was one of my targets that I used for my remote viewing practice. When we talk about an Eindecker, it's a German aircraft from World War I Mark flew in the computer games we played together. The notes from the next speaker after Omal are for Karra who had me help her with a patient of hers in my astral form. In the channeling session I say it was instinctive how I helped heal the person but I'm pretty sure Karra was feeding me instructions telepathically that I assumed were mine. The final note from our time speaking was the crystal I mentioned with the pyrite, is a small handheld scalpel-shaped crystal with a little bit of pyrite at the bottom. The last note from side one is for when Kiri ends things and that is that Alex we are talking about was just an infant at the time. On side two, the sound distortion are bit more on this side than on side one so some of the words may not be exact. The first notes from the side though are from a return channeling of Omal because everyone else had left for a ceremony and so when we talk about him backpacking, it's that there are certain things in the ceremony that he does in an official capacity such as bringing in two jugs of water. This side is less than 20 minutes long and so each speaker doesn't spend much time but the next speaker on the side is Korton and the only note from his time talking is that the ceremony calls for the two jugs of water Omal brought in are to be poured around the couple afterwards. Korton would be officiating and so he would be the one to give the notice to start pouring the water. Our last guest speaker of the night is Luna who specializes in earth history so she was the best person to ask about information on Atlantis. She does so quite well. The final note from the channeling session is that Omal wraps things up with a last-minute advice for me prior to the ceremony which is for me to go solid.


Side one has three main speakers with Tia leading things off by going over some astral travel adjustments to help maintain focus. My problem was needing to come back to my body to adjust it for some reason before leaving it again. In this session, she gives me some tips on how to make those adjustments automatic so I would not have to interrupt the astral travel trip. She provided a programing tip to use before leaving to solve that issue. Omal and I go over a number of things but what stands out is his answer to my question of where would mankind's evolution be had there not been an interference with humanity's genetic code back in the days of Atlantis. What we find out is that our timeline in evolution would be closer to that of the first Pharaoh of Egypt and just now learning how to write. With that kind of conclusion, the benefits of merging the DNA of the Sirians who colonized Atlantis with the Neanderthals that were dominant at the time would have to be considered beneficial to our development. Finally, Kara takes up most of the rest of the side as we break down a healing she had me do on the base with a patient of hers. The gentleman was a workman who was making adjustments on one of the doors and accidentally activated the mechanism that closed it on his arm. I was in my astral form so working on energy flows in a body was something I could do since I wasn't solid. I instinctively helped align the person's energy to allow it to flow better. When I asked her why she let me do some of the healing, she said it was women's intuition. Kiri comes back to finish out the side and thank me for some extra energy I sent her when she happen to be in need at that particular moment. 

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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 01/20/1998. Side one includes:


 1.)(0:00)- A pregnant Tia gives us an update on how it's going as well as providing some handy advice on how to have the body run on automatic response mode while astral traveling to avoid the need to return. 

2.)(13:43)- Omal and I share some jokes that are all his. We also hear from him where humanity would be right now had not there been some genetic modifications done by the Atlanteans to the Neanderthals.

3.)(28:04)-  This is the night where Karra and I are to be bonded and so we are both pretty excited. We are able to go over her trusting of my healing of a patient of hers on the base while in my astral form.

4.)(38:31)-  Kiri talks about the outfit she is to wear to the ceremony where she will be bonded to Mark with us. She lets me know that the child of Mark and herself will be with her during the bonding.


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