Advanced Farsighting and Revelations From Atlantis- Part 1

April 1st, 2022

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


   This channeling session held in February of 1993 was actually a combination of two channelking sessions. This was a rare occurrence that happened and we can only assume the information recorded over was not meant for the public as it dealt with lifetimes in Atlantis that they tried to keep us from knowing a lot about. What did come through was 15 minutes of revelations on a past life regression I had done on Mark where we had been brothers who had bitterly fought. What is recorded is enough of Atlantis to be some fairly important revelations. Here though are the outstanding notes of the session to cover what isn't said. To start with, Tia give a class on stellar navigation needed when traveling in the galaxy with your astral body. Most of the focus is on going solid when astral traveling which is a major achievement made easier when doing it on a much less dense dimension of the sixth. You can get lost in space without a direction and plan in place. The interview mentioned was about Mark asking about a ground control position with the flight crew on the base which he would eventually get. Completing her astral traveling class, Tia doesn't say this but the distance from Beetlejuice to earth is 724 ly. Finally, the door she refers to our drawers of memories that she can look through in Mark's brain. Omal would do the same when he was borrowing Mark's body. Next, Kiri has a short time speaking and what she does talk about is a hard time she has income well due to being pregnant with Mark's child. That was pretty much it before Omal came on to finish this side of the tape. The tour he mentions is one he and Karra took me on of the base layout. While he jokes he's not a good tour guide, he did a great job. The base's weather Oma/reports on is an artificial one that rarely changes except up on Wookie Mountain. The shielding mentioned is psychic shielding using the bodies energy. Finishing up side one, Omal takes a deep dive into Mark's drawers of memories which Mark would fill with penguins from this point on. That gets us over to side two where Omal answers my questions on hostile entities. At some point in the future I would have a meeting arranged with one of the grays to reach an understanding between our two races. Linnnell who is mentioned is an early friend of ours who attended sessions and was quite an active student of what the members of Ashtar Command taught. Karra follows up Omal from there and Nazreal who is mentioned is her adult son who is also part of the search and rescue team of the pilots. Rounding up the notes for this session, Karra is talking about Mark when she talks about the one individual that is completely serious until happiness gets in the way. That brings us to our new session where it's only Korton and myself talking about a regression I did on Mark where we return to a life where we had both been brothers in Atlantis. The experiment discussed is one where I tried to genetically create soldiers out of the indigenous race on the planet. He explained it added aggression into the human genome which is still affecting humans today. He reminds us it's essential for our evolution for us to advance as a race. The last notice session is that Cindy is a friend of mine I worked with who is visiting from Sedona and would stay with us for a few weeks before moving on. And now, onto the more detailed summary.


   Tia gets the session started by going right into a lesson plan she had laid out with the particular point she wanted to focus on, stellar navigation. There had already been two previous lessons on farsighting and we were now going into lesson number three. This was the more advanced information that would be well out of the realms from most astral travelers being as it involves distances of light-years. When navigating outside of the atmosphere things look a lot different and so it's handy to have some points of reference to get to where you are planning to go. She explains how traveling in that type of environment involves linear travel and so she stresses the import of picking easily viewable landmarks in space. What she also wanted us to learn was what to avoid when astral traveling through the galaxy. She brings up for navigational problems to go around which include super red giants, neutron stars, quasars and pulsars. This is a wonderful class you would find in the curriculum of university. Even non-astral travelers will find her knowledge of the various constellations fascinating. Before leaving she mentions trying to find an analogy within the drawers of Mark's mind. This would be the last time they would be so easily accessible as after Omal did and even deeper dive, Mark began to fill them with penguins that would pop out instead of memories. Next comes along an incredibly pregnant Kiri who was in her final trimester and mostly expressed how uncomfortable it was trying to lay down with a stomach that kept getting in the way. She has to cut her time short but leaves with a demonstration that she's still kept her sense of humor. Omal follows her next to end this side of the tape and right away asks how I liked the tour he gave along with Karra to show me around the base. He obviously had some experience as it was a very excellent tour I still remember. We next began to go into the topic of the night which is one of three areas of advanced astral projection that needed to be covered before beginning experiments for myself. Two of them will be covered tonight which was stellar navigation by Tia and now we were getting into the process of how to go solid in your astral body. The last section which would be emergencies procedures would be taught by Korton at a later date. Mark and myself had already gone through and broken down his experiments in going solid to where Omal now wanted to add to anything we had missed. It turns out that Omal knows the process far better than we do and breaks it down into its various components we would be able to use as a guide for future experiments. Mark had already experimented numerous times trying to go solid on the base as Omal reminds me and they had studied his tests to be able to now give us this detailed view. In answering a question on how Mark knew that his experiments might not bring on disaster, Omal searches his brain for that prior knowledge. Hearing him rummage around in Mark's brain is just an amazing demonstration of his ability to view the stored knowledge of someone's mind. He completes his dissertation on going solid with a step-by-step outline Mark and myself could study afterwards. We wrap up the side by reviewing my astral travel trip to the base and how I could hear him telepathically narrating as we moved through the various sections. We would return to farsighting on the next side.

For full transcripts of this session and more information about Hades Base and the 6th dimension, please visit our website: 


The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 02/10/1993. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Tia gives a class on stellar navigation and why knowledge of it is important when astral traveling off planet. She uses Betelgeuse as an example navigational aid though reaching it is too far. 


2.)(22:38)- A very pregnant Kiri, who was in her third trimester of her child with Mark. drops in to say hi and describes joys of having a child. Actually she tells us about the uncomfortable way her body feels. 


3.)(25:51)-  Omal asks how I liked a tour he and Karra took me on to familiarize myself to the base layout. He then expands on Tia's lessons on going solid by giving a dissertation on that very topic.

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