Awakening the 144,000- Part 2

January 1st, 2017

Greetings once more in love and light as one. 


Karra continues on the topic she had begun on side two before moving on to the subject of Kiri's injury incurred at the Tri-Base ski races. We get a healer's overview of what happened while watching her sister race on a leg already traumatized. She leaves us with some helpful suggestions on how to grow consciously. We get to celebrate with Kiri next as she nurses a leg back to health and regales us with her perspective on her race result where the pain was worth the price. We get to hear next what it is like to be a female channeling through a male body and the extra plumbing that she had to get used to at first before moving on to how surprisingly astute she was politically. As part of a new web site being planned, she demonstrated that to our satisfaction by correctly predicting the outcome of the presidential election which was still up in the air as to who would win it at the time. She takes a break at this point to let Alana channel who had just shown up with her girlfriend. In the ensuing conversation, Alana reveals some of the genetics being practiced among the population of sixth dimensional Sirius to achieve super operancy as well as the genetics being explored among the dolphins on the base. She finishes with the story of a male Sirian dolphin with an unusual sense of humor. Kiri comes back after that to finish up the channeling session with a lesson on the Sirian political system and how the President's bondmate is also the vice president as well. Along with that we get more insight to what the president of a planet does during his term on a day-to-day basis.     


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 03/12/96. Side two includes: 


1.)(0:00)- We find out from Karra the details of Kiri's ski injury at the races and let's us in on some ways to a higher consciousness.


2.)(3:29)- Kiri shows off her political astuteness by correctly predicting Bill Clinton's win later that year for the presidency and we hear first hand what it's like being a female channeling through a man's body.


3.)(9:31)- Alana and I discuss the genetics involved with how close Karra, her and Kiri come to being super operants. We also hear about an amorous male dolphin from Sirius who decided to prank Alana and her girlfriend.


4.)(16:45)- Kiri explains to us how she and the bondmate of the President of Sirius were able to catch up on old times while also getting a look into the affairs of state of a planet's President and his wife.

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