Beginning Quantum Healing and Bunny Starts College- Part 1

September 1st, 2020

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


   September brings another timely entry into the archives of a channeling session from 1997 that coincides with 2020 though mostly in the fact that millions of young adults are starting college. Bunny too was headed to Sirius to enter her first year at the university which gives us a chance to learn more about how colleges do things on different worlds and dimensions. That's all on side two while on side one we get lessons on politics, communication, and quantum healing from Tia, Korton, and Karra. Korton stepping in for Omal was usually a rare thing in the archives but this was the second channeling session in a row he had joined us with the first posted back in April of 2016 called "Tia's Story to the Event Horizon". He would only be able to stay for the first half due to a Council meeting and would hand off the role of the censor to Karra who takes over for the second side. Unlike last month's podcast where side two got a little frisky, Karra is able to maintain control over the behavior even with Bunny as one of the speakers. Maybe it was the new life she was entering as a college freshman back on Sirius that kept the conversation for the whole channeling session lively and informative. In other archive news, frequent listeners of the podcasts may have noticed some positive changes in the sound quality of past channeling sessions. We have enlisted the aid of a second sound engineer to work on past versions to bring up the quality of the recordings with some outstanding results so far. We are halfway done and hope to have the entire sound files replaced with superior versions with far less if any background noise. Once completed by year's end we will do the same with the Center for Ascension to give those visiting that site better excerpts from the more informative parts of the channeling sessions. Now, back to the podcast summary. 


   Tia gets into the session with her usual report on the monitoring she and her team had been doing of the political situation following the election the previous year. She doesn't have time to cover the stock market fluctuations so we get the current happenings on the base instead. Even on a different planet in a higher dimension, it could be that she is covering the latest happenings in a company newsletter. We do get back on Earth again with her description of signs to look for prior to a major social change that seems eerily similar to the trends being seen economically, morally, and criminally. Yet another reminder of how ascension requires lessons to experience. As a break from the normal schedule of speakers, we have the privilege of Korton continuing a dissertation on communication which is always special coming from Ashtar Command's head of communication. The theme could be considered centered on the ability to communicate with anyone comfortably. A good example that comes up is a recent one-time visit from the Surf Monk, a university student from Sirius visiting the base who began our conversation in a surf lingo I could easily understand. It made little sense to those participating in the channeling session yet opened up a window to the many similarities we find on this planet to those living on Sirius. Korton takes the opportunity to correct my tendency to shorten the names of important individuals with the emphasis that their full titles be given out of respect. He explains a communicator can only earn the respect of others by showing the respect expected by those same people. He steps aside to let Karra prep for the coming healing as Bunny would require a headset to have better control over Mark's body. For much of the remainder of the side, she covers quantum healing or healing on a cellular level. Keeping things eerie, she brings up a virus as an example which also works on a cellular level. She points out that it can work almost immediately on injuries though helping the body stay younger can take a longer period of time. I can say from personal experience that her dissertation is worth taking seriously for anyone getting on in their years that feel helpless over the aging process. This is a case where our editorial for this month ties in with her dissertation and the belief in parallel universes which is one of the keys to quantum healing. Everything is just about in place so Korton gets us to what's left before the tape turns over and the real fun begins.


For full transcripts of this session and more information about Hades Base and the 6th dimension, please visit our website: 


The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 09/09/97. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Tia gives an Earth update as well as an update about the events happening on Hades Base. We discuss the signs of social upheaval that would not seem out of place in the news media of today. 


2.)(12:57)- Korton joins as Omal's replacement and has an excellent follow-up to a communication dissertation that would be handy to anyone speaking to a wide range of individuals.


3.)(28:28)- Karra gives a dissertation on quantum healing which is actually a method of self-healing that has a history of having a physical effect on the body. An important tool in a pandemic.

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