Beginning Quantum Healing and Bunny Starts College- Part 2

September 1st, 2020

Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


   A few notes about side two worth noting is that a couple guys on CB radios are a slight distraction for some of the side due to having their signals bled through quietly in the background as they discuss various radio setups. Another note was that I had an exhaustive schedule back then that I had to work which me the perfect subject for Bunny to get some hands-on experience in healing. Since she was about to have that as her major when she began college on Sirius, this was the perfect opportunity to get a head start. As a coercer, she has the ability to soothe a patient so it was a combination of Karra's experience and Bunny's persuasiveness that powered the healing. As the healing progresses you can hear Karra clap her hands together occasionally. This was a method she's explained before about charging the hands with energy to either pull or push energy into my body. Bunny's relaxing coercion and Karra's efforts do the job so I'm ready for the rest of the speakers beginning with Bunny herself. This wasn't a typical channeling session and, as a result, we get to learn about higher education on higher dimensions throughout the side from the remaining speakers. Bunny though has other priorities in mind first such as a new entertainment side project she wants to work on before school starts. Because it's college, I try to get some comparisons between school systems which leads to her learning about the Greek system from me and how our majors and minors are their primary and secondary studies. Bunny's done for the night leading to Tia giving us her best Yoda impression before handing the speaking position to Kiri. That's where we get a better idea of college life by hearing some of Kiri's time there. A tradition they have means first-year students such as Bunny have to introduce themselves to the whole university with their goals they plan to accomplish while attending. As she finishes we learn her eight years gaining our equivalent of a doctorate which only included just two years of regular college instead of four. That leaves Leah to come on and add her time at the university where her six years of special study in robotics and molecular engineering was about to start. One thing her engineering background was unprepared for was Mark's pager going off. That became her focus as we can hear her exploring its functions. We end the channeling session chatting about why her sister Bunny needs any college at all since she was already a star. As expected, stardom on a higher dimension does not carry the compelling drive it can down here. In this case, a star isn't born but Sirius has a new apprentice healer.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 09/09/97. Side two includes: 


1.)(0:20)- Karra does some demonstration healing with the help of Bunny who is about to head off to college to study healing. The subject of the demonstration was myself and it's my headache being fixed.


2.)(11:26)- Bunny is on to speak before she heads off to start her first year at the university. From her we get an idea of how telepathy will help with making friends as the Greek system is a foreign concept.


3.)(21:54)- We learn about Kiri's logo for her clothing line and some of her time when she had gone to the university. It wasn't only coercing that she excelled in while school but earned also an engineering degree.


4.)(30:29)- Leah herself is headed back to start work on her degree in robotics and molecular engineering when she returns to Sirius to continue her studies. She also explains why her sister is giving up stardom.

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