Carrie In Person and Stealing Nostradamus- Part 1

March 1st, 2022

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


The channeling session for March is notable in that we have only our main four speakers and a very special guest in the form of our good friend Carrie. In all other channeling sessions in the archives where Carrie has been a part of the group asking questions, it has always been through a phone call and not in person. This is recorded prior to her leaving Lake Tahoe when she was still living and working here before moving back east. Also attending was her boyfriend at the time who is now her husband, Mike. Before moving on to the full summary of the session, here are a few outstanding notes that clear up those things heard without visual references. Now when this was recorded, Mark and I threw around a lot of different ideas to see what might work. Our plans to use Mark's son Alex to help with a project of ours was not a good one. It should also be noted that Carrie and I were practically brother and sister in our interactions which can be heard throughout the tape. Lastly, the toy I am referring to is a laptop I had the time. The notes from Karra's time talking is that car has always been on her bout Carrie's smoking, a real pet peeve of hers. This was also prior to Carrie's healing via a meta-concert from the base organized by Omal. Speaking of Omal, the notes from his discussion was that the gas leak discussed was a famous incident in Bhopal. The name mentioned of Virgil Armstrong is of a Army intelligence officer who was part of the first capture of a UFO. The final note is that what isn't said by Omal is that Sananda's time on earth as Jesus was all part of an assist on our ascension path. The only note from Tia's time talking is that it's been well documented in the archives that Carrie was being helped in her astral travel by Tia who could also dive into Carrie's dreams at night. Now, onto the full summary.


  March is a time of joy as Spring begins to turn things green and the snows of winter here in Tahoe begin to recede. In honor of all that joy we have a channeling session from May 1995 that includes our most joyful of guest, Carrie Chen not yet left back east and so we had the pleasure of her company at a number of sessions prior to her leaving. Now the sound is not ideal and our engineers did the best they could but some of the words being said had to be guessed. Something else that stands out is Kiri as ring mistress with Tia Sommer on the base being searched for by the staff. Another guest on hand is she Carrie's boyfriend Mike whose initial channeling session was the current one taking place. Mark and I had come up with an idea to have his and Kiri's son Alex help with some manifestation in the place hard to get to down here through an astral travel trip Mark would make happen. Kiri was able to make the argument that this was a completely bad idea. She reminds me of my other bad idea in her opinion to show our kids on the base "Mary Poppins". Her reaction has always been that it corrupted their poor minds. Our conversation turns to Nostradamus and the predictions he came up with and whether one of them predicted the end of the world. With the search party still going to place to place looking for Tia, Kiri's sister Karra comes on as the next speaker to take us over to the second side. We have to preface this next part with Karra's pet peeve with Carrie has always been about her smoking. With Mike also being a smoker, Karra is able to make some suggestions related to that habit at the end of her time speaking. Before that, Karra focuses on an ongoing concern with Carrie's health. We know already that she had a cancer developing being that had been misdiagnosed and another doctor visit had been scheduled. While it would threaten her ability to have children, a meta-concert organized by Omal healed her and she went on to have a daughter years later. At this time in her life though, clues were happening that was starting to point to the real problem. Karra used the opportunity to give those of us in the room and healing lesson on a cat who was having a problem. To do so, she teamed up with her sister to initiate the healing. Kiri's ability to manipulate Mark's body was crucial in making the cat stay in one place long enough for the healing to commence. Afterwards, we reflect on a crystal healing arrangement that Carrie had been a part of and I wasn't. The key component mentioned is a healing Crystal inside of a Tibetan singing bowl which should be explained for anyone wanting to replicate the arrangement. Now, for those who remember in a recent channeling session where the question was asked how come the sky is blue? This is a channeling session where Karra provides the answer. In that same session, a device I was creating with Karra's help was discussed that involved two crystals at either end of a copper to connected with a copper wire. That is the Psionic device discussed as we get closer to the end of side one. What gets us there is Karra's advice to Carrie and Mike on how to stop smoking. While the tape may end, Kara spends a more minutes on the second side finishing up suggestion any smoker might find helpful in quitting.

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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 05/19/1995. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Kiri is the session's ring mistress so it's a lot of fun as we discuss manifestation, Mary Poppins and the end of the world as predicted by Nostradamus. We also find she can't coerce from Mars to Earth.


2.)13:22)- Karra gives our guests a friendly reminder of the dangers of smoking and advice on how they could be gradually stopped. She provides as well a healing demonstration on one of the house cats.

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