Collective Consciousness As A God- Part 1

June 1st, 2022

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


June's channeling session comes with a few notes to explain some things that came up but may not have been on the tape before moving onto the main summary. First off, we are honored by the presence of some of the main leadership of Ashtar command in the form of Ashtar himself along with the head of communications, Korton who starts things off by going over some recent research I been doing on a higher dimensional group of individuals working with some third dimensional individuals to both open a vortex over sunken Atlantis and build a pyramid to connect up to it in southern Colorado. The bulk of the conversations on the first half the tape are in regards to how likely it was to be constructed and what the effects would be if they were successful. The real world problems that could occur were their main concern due to possibly ignoring the multidimensional laws of physics. What supposedly was being built was an inter-dimensional defense shield and portal. Next to speak is Ashtar who explains he is worried about a higher dimensional being taking a direct hand in mankind's development. He contrasts the differences in how the Command is against telling us what to do as opposed to the group being discussed. Korton follows up Ashtar again and a name comes up of Raya who was a friend of mine from Sedona helping with the surveillance of the group's activities in Colorado. Another note from his time speaking was that Karra would eventually have twins as he predicted. Omal's extra notes are only about Karra and Tia needing to be careful while the main speakers were on because they were pregnant and the energies in the room were intense. Then of course is the reminder that he is the commander of the base even though it doesn't seem that way sometimes. Karra ends the side with only a single note and that was that Carrie's planned healing down here was one of many such sessions. Side two has Karra returning and the note not spoken was where she discusses an apology I need to make to Tia. It is for a past life regression I did on her through Mark's body and  during it, she discovered things in her past that made her rethink her history from a life she didn't expect. Kiri's next with a lesson on coercion and there's a stipulation that it is used to help people in need. It should never be used for personal gain as the karma is increased negatively. Luna joins the girls and the only note from her channeling is that the disaster she discusses in Earth's history was where the pole shifted and an inhabited earth was flooded as recorded in the Bible. Finally Tia closes out the session and the person she speaks of who had never been pregnant before is the other female Durondedunn scientist on the base. Finally we hear that Karra has planned an ambush of Mark to get him healed before he left the base to come back to the third dimension.


Back when these channeling sessions were taking place, we could always tell we were in for a heavy session if it was Korton who got things started. That's whose voice is heard as we get going and the heaviness starts right away. A book I had started to research initiated some concerns from the Command due to it documenting a group of higher dimensional beings helping some folks here on earth open a portal over Atlantis that would then connect to a pyramid being built in southern Colorado to some very demanding specifications. It was the plan to stabilize the earth axis as well as create an interdimensional portal or Temple that had them worried. We go over the various design flaws he was seeing as I described the construction details he already knew and pointed out everything being done was from a third dimensional standpoint, not a higher dimensional one. He steps aside temporarily to let our main guest speaker pick up the subject from there. Ashtar is the perfect person to speak on this matter and he echoes the concerns of Korton. What he objects to most is the third dimensional individuals helping these higher dimensional beings who were telling them what to do, being directly manipulated to take actions that could have negative consequences. What he finishes on his his opinion that the Dalai Lama would be very welcome on a higher dimension because he is not a pacifist. He does not preach do not cause harm because struggle is necessary for the lessons it brings. Next is Omal who provides his take on the matter and give us some advice on a surveillance assignment to keep an eye on things in southern Colorado. He also has some words of caution about the possibility of Mark regaining his mental powers from his past lives and thus I should be careful with any past life regressions. We end the side with Karra who just has enough time to confirm she's pregnant with our eventual twins after some anxious times we had had hoping for it to be true.

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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 03/24/1994. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Korton gives his opinion on a higher dimensional race of individuals helping a channeler down here open a portal to Atlantis. They plan to do so through a pyramid being built in southern Colorado. 


2.)(20:06)- Ashtar joins this channeling session to follow Korton about the group assisting with the pyramid building. He does reveal some flaws in the design of the pyramid that are pretty significant. 


3.)(31:55)- Korton explains who Kuthumi is and that he is a recently ascended being and also that Mark's re-awkening his mental powers from a past life in Atlantis would be bad thing to be avoided. 


4.)(39:45)- Omal has some constructive advice from a master on some lingerie I had tried manifesting for Karra. Except for a few areas of improvement, he found my example to pass his high standards. 

5.)(50:27)- Karra has some good news to for the short time left on this side of the tape. She is pregnant and, to top things off, she may be having twins which would be confirmed only later. 

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