Greenhouse Designs and A Meta-concert Dissertation- Part 1

October 30th, 2022

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


November is here and the channeling session for the month focuses on three main areas, astral travel, greenhouse design, and meta-concert lessons. Here are some notes from the session that are more of a hind the scenes notes that came up during our transcription. Tia gets us going with a discussion on her favorite topic of astral travel and how some have the skill in abundance and some less so. We should point out that the reason the topic came up was about a question on Mark's astral travel ability and my inability to come close to his level. As a Grand Master in the skill, he was able to spend more time on the base than he was down here on earth. The next note is about Tia mentioning the boats, she's talking about some scale RC models of sailing boats Mark and I would race against each other. The next note is about the book mentioned in the session called 2150 from Thea Alexander and concerns a man who moved forward in time from 1975 to 2150 in his astral form and tries to find ways to stay in that future time. That then is the end of Tia's time talking so we move on to Kiri who would use up the rest of the side to help with plans for a greenhouse that Mark and I were considering building. What can barely be heard is that while she is talking, Kiri is using Mark's body to sketch out the plans being discussed.. The problem we had to plant for was the multiple feet of snow that could be deposited on a structure's roof within just a few hours at 6500 feet. Side two starts off with Karra and the behind the scene notes for her time talking are that Kiri hung around within the channeling field so that both sisters would be using Mark's body for this section. Karra would do the talking and Kiri would move the body as needed. When we talk about healing Carrie in the session, she was someone suffering from a cancerous tumor that was eventually cured through a base meta-concert. Before that though, we were trying different things including herbology as a natural option. Karra doesn't stay long to give Omal time for the planned dissertation on meta-concerts. With that, Omal uses the rest of the tape to cover a very important subject. The most important note not covered in the summary would be that the oaths that are mentioned concern the protection of the young. The two people mentioned in the aggressive meta-concert were fulfilling an oath that for them was unbreakable. Those using such means to an end take on the karma good or bad. The sound on side two isn't as good as on side one so a transcript may come in handy.


As we take it deeper look at the channeling session for November, the speakers on it are the four main speakers we normally hear. In this case, Tia and Kiri took care of the first half while Karra and Omal used up the second. Tia gets us into an astral travel discussion about the ability of Mark to go solid and my hopes to join him in that ability. What Tia does is explain how Mark is a natural talent while mine has to be developed. She reminds me of the effects Mark's dimension jumping is having on his body. In 1995, we still didn't know that the base was on sixth dimension as they just kept letting us use the fifth dimension for reference. She does point out that another issue with dimension jumping is having to leave friends in one dimension to go back to friends in another. Similar in a way to a book we reference about the story of a person who found themselves in the same situation. Tia wraps up our discussion by confirming the shortcut I have been using did work and explain why it worked as well. In short, the key is visualization. She then makes way for Kiri to take over and help with some sketching she had been doing in preparation for her time channeling. What she had been sketching and continue to sketch as we talked was designs for a greenhouse that Mark and I have been preparing to build. She has an engineer's mind which lends itself to the task of coming up with the most cost-effective design that will also stand up to the elements. She takes all elements into consideration in her designs and all were eventually implemented into a greenhouse we built. It makes for a great do-it-yourself greenhouse lesson.


For full transcripts of this session and more information about Hades Base and the 6th dimension, please visit our website: 

The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 04/18/1995. Side one includes:


1.)(0:00)- Tia discuss the types of astral travel by noting some of the females on the base who channel for our group are more naturally skilled than others. She also validates some improvements I had been using. 


2.)(22:12)- Kiri and I go over some designs she had worked up for a greenhouse Mark and I had been planning with her help. Her engineering expertise comes up with a structure both solid and functional.

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