How To Stop A Hostile Alien Invasion- Part 1

May 1st, 2021

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


Hollywood has given us scenes of the aftermath of space battles in a number of movies and TV shows but the channeling session for May will need those as a visual aid when Omal describes areas of space beyond our planet should any hostile alien force ever try to invade our planet in an attempt to take it over. Coming from a base commander of Ashtar Command in charge of the base monitoring and protecting the earth, that is as much of a guarantee that there can be. What else can be said in this initial summary about this channeling session is that an alien invasion is only part of a great deal of information we learned from the higher dimensional members of Hades base. Prior to Omal's revelations, Tia had helped our Australian guest with her astral travel questions and those she had about past lives. She also covers soul mates and parallel lifetimes so it was already an information channeling session. Side two brings us news on how the preparations were going with an upcoming wedding of Kiri and Karra's father to his soul mate. We then get an excellent discussion on the process of rejuvenation and how one can be born onto this planet after spending many lifetimes on another first. Kiri wraps up the session by giving us a lesson in the Sirian system of measurement and how it differs from ours. As we're getting near the end, we get to joke with Kiri about how her father now looks younger than her now that he's been through his first rejuvenation. This was a channeling session that gave us a lot in just an hour. Now, onto a more detailed summary.


Tia gets things off to a quick start of answering questions and so our guest from Australia has some good questions that bring up even better answers. We start with past lives and the effects they have on a person's life path for however long the encounter may last. We then move onto a related field of soul mates where Tia is happy to explain how the triple soul relationship of her, Kiri, and Mark are so complete with each other. I know that feeling well through my connection with my twin soul, Karra. We finish things up, for the most part, discussing parallel lives when everything is possible. Tia is able to help our guest with her stress with some suggestions before handing off to Omal who would get us to side two. This is one of those times where science fiction doesn't hold a candle to reality and what the state of our planet is in relation to those other third dimensional races in our galaxy that may have an interest in the Earth and its people and resources. We are well-protected. Before Ashtar Command saves humanity, we go over some topics not quite as groundbreaking. First, our guest asks about the amount of brainpower used which gives us the answer to how our ascension may work out. We learn how much the Sirians used prior to their ascension and how much they use now. It explains how the speakers are able to answer most of the questions asked during these sessions. We cover the politics of the day next as the coming election would have a large effect on how the country progressed in many ways. What gets the conversation to outer space is a question about the types of movies and other media concerning aliens would be as the good guys or make them world-destroying terrors. Asking about the real-life possibility of an alien invasion reveals that any that was attempted would be soundly defeated by the massed resources Ashtar Command could bring to bear. Omal provides a sneak peek at what would be waiting for anyone foolish enough to take on the command with how the threat would be met. One takeaway from his explanation is that the reason for their very stiff defense is an oath Sirius gave to our planet a very long time ago. Ashtar Command's oath to Sirius bounds them to protect us from any hostile forces that would interfere with our spiritual development. Another takeaway is that they are powerless from stopping us from destroying the planet all on our own.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 02/06/1996. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Tia helps our guest from Australia through her questions about soul mates and past lives as we explore those connections together. A way out stress is offered to our guest through acceptance of the cause. 


2.)(19:15)- Omal gives up some idea of our potential brainpower as we move up in dimensions. He also explains how any hostile alien force would be handled just in case some race was foolish enough to try.


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