Introductions Part 1

August 1st, 2013

Greetings in love and light, 

This month is all about introductions as a new guest is introduced to the speakers while Omal reflects on earth's international changes. We also hear from Kiri on the when's and why's of coercion . On the rest of this half of the session, Leonedies presents an introduction to the participants of the intergalactic conference at the time to welcome the various channels who were to represent the various races involved in the conference. 
  For full transcripts of this session and more information about Hades Base and the 6th dimension, please visit our website: The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2000 with this one being taped 5/19/1999. Part one includes: 
  1.) Tia summarizes the key market changes with the Dow and the war in Kosovo at the time 
  2.) Kiri introduces herself and what she does on the base. She also explains the morals of coercion and why to use it. 
  3.) Omal introduces himself to Laura and answers questions about the new Israeli leader but not about China's ambitions. 
  4.) Leonedies prepares for the upcoming intergalactic conference and gives us an introduction to send to the representatives of the various races.
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