Korton Revisits Atlantis and Sirian Star Signs- Part 2

October 5th, 2017

Greetings once more in love and light as one. 


  On side two Karra and I go back and forth through time comparing how the healing techniques from Atlantis and the present evolved. She wraps up using the healing of Carrie as an example of how the two techniques have merged. Before Tia brings on Leah as the guest speaker there is an interesting discussion between her and the cat still being taught some patience. Someone else seems to have taught the cat some bad words instead as it cussed out our ring mistress throughout the session. Leah takes her place in the channeling field to give us a background on her family of Sirius, the Tenuvial family of which we had never really explored up until now. Knowing a bit of the history of Kiri and Karra's family, she explained how her family also had an origin story shared among the 3.000 family members who all have a part to play. At least she is able to give us a clue that points to their love of the sea. She shares some of the festivals and fish that play a part including one that is over six feet long and climbs rocks. Leah relates how she tried to catch one at 14 but came away with broken fingers instead. I mentioned I could relate as I am a Pisces and that got us into a discussion on the astrological signs of Sirius. This unexpected turn would carry on through the speakers of side two as we learned the sign of her sign and Huna's also. Speaking of Bunny, she takes her sister's place and explains while her part in the telling of the family story is five hours long, it is because she is also a daughter of the head of the family Tenuvial. Luckily as a younger daughter we get to hear about her life as a student and star of extremely racy hologram discs that have made her a bit of a celebrity. It is the holo she had just recently completed while on the base we hear the most about even though it was still only in the editing stage. My assertion her holos were only about sex with no story gave us a storyline worthy of an adult video award. Finally Kiri comes on to end out what little tape was left by giving us her and Karra's star signs and my fascination doubled when I learned the sign of my twin soul. with little time left to go into the technical side of the Atlantean breakup, we spent the rest of the session ruminating on how the channelings had been shaped over the years by the changing landscape of speakers and topics to where now it had found its current structure. It was agreed it was all geared toward growth.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 09/02/97 Side two includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Karra compares a trip to a doctor whose office is cold and clinical to one with a more relaxed atmosphere and the results that can be achieved in each.


2.)(8:04)- Leah gives us some of her family history on Sirius that involves an origin story where a part is told by each member and we also learn about some of the astrological signs of Sirius..


3.)(23:20)- Huna/Bunny explains her minor role in the family tree but also her major role in an extremely romantic holo she had just filmed and was in the process of editing.


4.)(37:17)- we're running short on time so we only get to hear Kiri give us her and Karra's sign with a teaser we're left with about a dissertation on the technical influences the exodus from Atlantis on the world that was to come.

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