Many Paths, Many Pitfalls, One Goal- Part 2

December 1st, 2019

Greetings again in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


So on the new session from some unknown date but now we had a pair of guests asking questions in the form of our roommate at the time John and another friend named Amber. This side two had been part of a different side one so we continue with a discussion related to survival preparations for times of unrest in the future. We get into some ideas of how to prepare along with a reminder that the food in a forest setting can be plentiful if you know where to look which brings up the Donner Party who seemed to lack that knowledge. We move on after going over a suggestion that a library be created as part of our preparations. Omal is our next speaker who continues the conversation on survival by suggesting some excellent ideas we had not yet considered. Powering things during times of no electricity presents one of the largest challenges but through several options on using the resources available to make surviving hard times more bearable. It is advanced camping taken to the next level when considering how much back to nature a person might find themselves depending on the situation. We run out of questions except for the medical skills needed for the situation being discussed. Tia comes on to finish things up in a perky mood so we get joking a bit with some seriousness thrown in such as the role the various militias will have through the three scenarios. Also, how the stress of a world in a state of disorder a growth in spirituality could occur. That is the mystery we hopefully won't have to have answered and the planet becomes more enlightened without all the issues that come with survival.


For full transcripts of this session and more information about Hades Base and the 6th dimension, please visit our website: 


The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 08/24/99. Side two includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Kiri has some suggestions on a storage area for survival preparations and how, with all the food found growing naturally, the Donner party did not take full advantage of the available resources.


2.)(9:37)- Omal works with us on exploring alternative power sources that would help keep the lights on when there isn't power available such as wind, solar and heat.


3.)(23:46)- Tia spends the little bit left on the tape so we look at the role of militias in the possible scenarios that could happen should there be a breakdown of society.

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