Marriage, Money and the Man with the Can- Part 1

April 1st, 2019

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  Like a fresh, spring breeze, April's podcast starts off with a call to Carrie, a joyful soul who always brings a smile with her arrival. This session took place a month before the podcast posted in November called "A Call To Carrie and Hunting Holograms". The entire first side is all of the ninety minutes with half cut out for personal conversations that were not ready for prime time. Instead, we have added a different session that was to have been posted but was found to have too much radio interference even after mastering the audio on the second side as the second side for this session. The sound differences are apparent as the sessions proceed but the information is as always from higher dimensional entities and thus worth hearing. That is brought out on side two as Treebeard takes up almost the entire side discussion communication for the upcoming Conference. At over eight centuries old, his experience shows through like a glacier meeting the sea. His knowledge is vast while he schools us on how to the discussions to come with examples he uses as learning tools. That his own English skills are not as fluid as the other speakers make the point that lots of preparation will be needed from when the talks start from those of us down here. Side one is a lot about Carrie's upcoming marriage and so a happy counterpoint to Treebeard's heavy topics. After we hang up on the phone call with Carrie we take a look at the possible currency collapse predicted for the future and how best to get through it. While we never had to experience that lesson in this reality, a downturn in the economy over the next eighteen months is predicted so her discussion is a timely bonus to the information provided in another pair of excellent channeling sessions.


  Tia is ring mistress for the first side with the call to Carrie happening right off the bat. Her wedding is coming up and plans are being made. Those plans are not at the forefront of Carrie's mind as much as the itching she was experiencing from some indeterminate reason. Besides that, issues with the guest list were causing her elevated stress levels and then she heard from me during this session I had other commitments the week prior to her wedding suddenly thrust upon me. We do get from Tia that with a Durondedunn wedding, everyone is naked which as Carrie points out wouldn't go over well in the Midwest. Shortly thereafter Kiri reminds Tia she wants some time with Carrie so they trade places. Kiri and Carrie go way back from some of our earlier channeling sessions when she lived in Tahoe so distances make little difference in their friendship. We discover from Carrie that she had made arrangements for the pastor of the Orlando Magic to officiate the wedding from a meeting Mike and herself had with him at an event they were all attending. Kiri brings up the dress she'll be wearing after the wedding as Carrie hadn't made plans for one yet. Kiri commits to drawing up a dress though we know from the later session getting the use of Mark's body to draw the design would be tricky. Kiri lets me wrap our call with Carrie up from there with my offer to help with Carrie's personal shields. Karra hadn't arrived yet as scheduled so Tia takes over after the call disconnects to transfer the channeling field's use to Omal. Our guest visiting from Australia learns that getting a personal opinion out of Omal doesn't come easy. The facts he provides instead cover all the bases in answering the question as it normally does. He finishes answering questions and it's Tia turn to get through a lot of information regarding currency problems such as hyperinflation as things that could be faced in the future if the systems in place to prevent them were to fail. We end things with Tia on a news item about the confiscation of MRE's taking place and how our Australian guest had a frequency close to Mark's which let her perceive his real moods or his ability to sense her. Karra uses what little time is left on the tape to discuss a genetic essay that had been done on me by Kornas during one of my astral travel trips to the base.


For full transcripts of this session and more information about Hades Base and the 6th dimension, please visit our website: 


The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this side being taped on 01/23/96. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Tia goes over wedding plans with Carrie during our call to her after first trying to figure out what has been causing her to itch like crazy. We also learn how they do weddings on Durondedunn.


2.)(8:12)- Kiri finds out more details about Carrie's wedding and makes plans to draw up a design of a dress for after the wedding using Mark's body.


3.)(17:21)- Omal is asked from our guest visiting from Australia about the making a life-changing decision to which he provides both sides of the question so she can make an informed decision.


4.)(26:25)- Tia looks at the currency in times of economic hyperinflation through history and into the future. She also confirms she can read a bit of a guest's mind due to the closeness in vibrations to Mark's.


5.)(36:16)- Karra has gotten back my genetic essay from Kornas so we go over what I would do better without but it's a small list as she understands a human's quality of life often needs some vices.

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