Moral Standards and Gene Therapy- Part 1

November 1st, 2019

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  Welcome back to another channeling session from the members of Ashtar Command on Hades Base. For the month of November, we have an excellent collection of lessons which includes a rare visit from Korton who stopped by to talk shop. An initial summary of the recording is that side A revolves around moral standards from the point of view of both Tia and Omal. Some concern those declining on this planet while comparisons are made regarding the moral standards of Hades Base. Side B, on the other hand, is notable for a request from Karra that comes as a bit of a surprise. Also coming as a surprise is the lack of topics Kiri finds herself able to explore as those she had ready to go were axed by Omal. If nothing else, her efforts to find replacements to discuss provide a humorous interchange. The best quality of the channeling session was the sound. Having to go remote last month and next month, the excellent clarity of the recording is a nice change. We wish all of the sessions could have been recording in a studio with top of the line equipment but, back in the day when these were recorded, we made do with jobs that were more fun than profitable. Luckily at least we can afford to have a sound engineer get the sound quality as good as it can be from the raw cassettes we had created.


  Tia is on in her normal ring mistress duty for the evening and launches into the notes she had ready to start with initially. First up was the state of the stock market but only in a tangential way. The topic is actually about the effect of actions of a government tied up in a controversy. Her main conversation starter was a recent affair between two members of the military and the discrepancy of punishments she felt centered on a breakdown in the moral standards used in determining the punishments that were handed out. Easily outweighed by the current news cycle of far worse transgressions, when this occurred in the 90s it made for major headlines. It was this affair that would take up the bulk of Tia's time channeling and also Omal's as it taught us that their words then have been true today which makes hearing them address the moral standards of a society can help in the growth of consciousness from those looking for one. Tia's point is that of two officers involved in separate incidents, their punishments needed a different outcome but that is all she has time for prior to handing over to Omal. Omal goes into his thoughts on both of Tia's topics and his words in 1997 ring in 2019 where he warns about the common use of foul language being a sign to look for to tell of when society might collapse. Examples of his warning coming to fruition are becoming more obvious which makes this an important lesson for those looking to help reverse the trend. He brings up a personal example of how adultery should take place by using one of his staff who is in an understanding situation who two different men. Hard not to admire a more enlightened view of relationships and the children that may come from them. He finishes by declining a request for a historical timeline on how Ashtar Command came to be for understandable security reasons. In his place though is Korton who would have had a hand in that decision and what he comes on to talk about is communication. We get to the end of the side with his pointing out the importance of writing and editing free of emotional imbalances due to his receiving an editorial that was to be released and then it's very much cleaned up revision. The tape ends but he picks up on the other side how thought free of anxiety can still express information that can lead to spiritual growth.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 06/03/97. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Tia has a lot to say on the lack of morals shown in a pair of cases concerning the military and how the punishments handed out were stiff enough in her opinion.


2.)(10:45)- Omal carries on with the subject of morals as we compare the 60s to now in the moral standards of both. Then we compare the base to the 60s and their far better morals to both then and now.


3.)(36:59)- Korton gives his take on a communication written in a state of high anxiety that I had gone through with editing it to make it able to be posted online. Because of that, he stresses to edit everything.

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