Pink Pyramids and the 120 Skiers- Part 1

January 1st, 2020

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


   This month the channeling session comes with some challenges to the sound again as we were still not using the excellent equipment we would be later. Our sound technician did all he could to bring the sound to the best level he could but it is still not as clear as we would like. Compounding the sound issue is that our guest at the time wasn't sitting close enough to the microphone to be picked up very clearly. It's an unfortunate set of events and will possibly be remastered again when the technology improves. Another note about this month's podcast is that the session was apparently taped over another session that could barely be heard. So the last bit of side two is Kiri for about the five minutes the technician was able to raise up to the level of the newer session. An overview of the subjects covered would include both Tia and Kiri discussing the upcoming Tri-Base ski races being held this year on the base, Omal discussing the Arcturians and a project involving the Four Corners area and some pink pyramids plus Karra helping a returning guest with some questions he had about his health. We can report that next month's channeling session was recorded in 2001 and is crystal clear.


  On a night where Mark was starting to come down with something, Tia is the ring mistress who notices that just as we get started. As it would turn out it would not cause a shortened session so we get things going with an update on the schedule of events for the ski races being held the following week on the base. We find that the teams from the Sirius and Centauri bases would be arriving on consecutive days to prepare for the preliminary races. In a humorous mood, Tia jokes around about bringing us up to see the races and participate in some of the sporting events there. It's a funny thought and one we certainly wished could happen. That's all we have time for now as she brings on Omal who would take up the rest of the tape covering some fascinating subjects. First, he is asked his opinion on a book making a prediction of a catastrophic event that would be happening at the turn of the millennium which Omal effectively debunks. As well as a report received on the HAARP project in Alaska, Omal dispels the doom and gloom that was supposed to happen with that being active. We finally get to a subject he doesn't dispute, the Arturians and their presence in the Four Corners area of Colorado. While that race had come up in previous sessions, this is the first one posted where he goes into depth about their race. All this stemmed from a move being made to that area by our guest and what he could expect. As it turns out, Omal was knowledgeable on the area and he also gives us a comprehensive discourse on the Zuni and Hopi tribes that followed one another in evolution that had been in the area for thousands of years. As for the Arcturians, we knew of a group in that area who had planned to build some pyramids built out of pink marble but as we know now, that project never got off the ground. He does go into some detail about the Zuni and Hopi religions about the meaning of the kivas in that area where they held their spiritual ceremonies. He explains that it is part of their origin story of how their races came into being that involves an ascent from the underworlds as they escaped from a series of floods. It's a great story but one that runs out at the end of side one and has to be picked up on side two.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 02/25/97. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Tia gives us a schedule of events for the Tri-Base ski races being held the next week and teases us with a trip up to the base to watch. She gives us an alert that Mark has a temperature going up rapidly.


2.)(12:34)- Omal spends the first part of his time debunking alarmist theories like HAARP project effects and then explains who the Arcturians are and their connection to some pink Pyramids in Colorado.

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