Problems of the World and Its Group Consciousness- Part 1

October 1st, 2022

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 

As we get into the channeling session for the month of October, we don't have very many notes to go over apart from what will be posted on our main summary below. What we do have is that this is one of the unusual sessions where they let Tia use most of the first half to go over the stock market and world events. Those who are new to our site, we'd like to explain that Tia is the head of one of the data collection units that monitor earth to help the base predict future events. We get the asset of her research during her times channeling. Another note we should add is that Tia and I often got into discussions that covered both sides of the political aisle. While she has a more conservative view on governments, mine is more liberal and lead to lively back and forth that take place during her time talking in this session. Something else that is noteworthy is the coincidental timeliness of the subjects where the stock market is experiencing similar changes as she describes and confidential documents being found where they shouldn't have been. Next we have Omal who uses what little time is left on the side to go over some of the areas Tia covered so that they can be tied together. That is how side two starts with Omal showing how all of them are related in ways that point to a direction our society is heading. Our next honored speaker is Ashtar himself who has come on to help at the request from Mark about a defense mechanism that can be triggered to protect against negative thoughts from outside of our group. What he describes is a bit mysterious but we move on after that to the development of the group consciousness of the planet. His message is to continue to develop our knowledge and mental skills. Karra takes over as speaker from there to help me grasp better what Ashtar was discussing. All the heavy information I got takes it to a point where she wished to lighten the mood. So she skipped giving her planned dissertation and what we get into instead is a fascinating discussion on the role a medic in the Sirian Defense Force.  She was a member once and goes over what medics have to do when confronted by patients needing help amidst an invasion by a superior number of opponents. We finally wrap this up with Kiri who comes on to work with me on some changes to the web page she'd like to see. We learn through our discussion about the months on Sirius that determines a person's birth month. Hers was on the month of the cold moons which we worked out to be somewhere near December. We even get to find out Tia's birth month.

On our latest channeling session through Mark Crocker, we have Ashtar himself honoring us with a visit. Tia begins things with a dissertation and discussion that covers a lot of ground and most of the first side of the tape. We had planned to go over the webpage and making improvements on it though it is Kiri who adds her input about it at the end. Tia on the other hand, has been monitoring the stock market of 1997 along with anything newsworthy to share her thoughts on with our group. This was at a time where were reminded from her announcement that the stock market had hit 8000 points compared to the 7000 it had been back in November. While she was amazed at the quick rise during those months, it has gained 20,000 points beyond that in the intervening years. She moves on to politics and how scandals are affecting both parties. This was a time of Vince Foster, Monica Lewinsky, the Lincoln Bedroom, and Whitewater so there was a lot for her to cover. On the international front, she covers a big gold selloff by the Australians, the rioting in Northern Ireland putting pressure on a new prime minister, and how all of this is connected. With about four minutes left, Omal takes over from where Tia left off and covers many of the subjects from his point of view. He quickly summarizes a number of the points she brought up and looks at the connection but clean them all from his overall bigger picture. With the tape ending, it was on the side two to hear his conclusions.

For full transcripts of this session and more information about Hades Base and the 6th dimension, please visit our website: 

The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 06/08/1997. Side one includes:

1.)(0:00)- Tia spends most of the side going over fluctuations in the stock market, scandals being investigated in the government and issues taking place across the planet that are part of her research. 

2.)(30:42)- Omal only has a few minutes and uses them to again highlight the global events taking place around the world. He puts then all in context that he will bring all together when he finishes on side two.

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