Race Memory Recall- Part 2

November 1st, 2017

Greetings once more in love and light as one. 


  Alana starts in on reviewing the trip to Cancun immediately once the tape is recording again and we go over the experience of swimming with the dolphins in the wild. Karra had recorded the session after plugging into my mind through the connection we share as twin souls so we could relive it later when I went up to the base in my astral form. As a result, Alana got to relive it as I saw and felt it. She was therefore able to explain how I received dolphin speech and why in her state of pregnancy she couldn't go in the water with them as part of her work. That gives us an opportunity to discuss her work and what it is she is trying to do with the dolphins. We end things discussing our two children though I was the only father to our daughter but as bondmates I still had a responsibility to him. Karra replaces her daughter as the conversation had wound down and starts in with a joke based on our mental connection. With knowing Tia would need some extra time Karra only had time to answer a couple of my questions which included helping with strengthening my focus when taking trips to the base in my astral form. We also discussed her daughter and the pregnancy she was going through which led to a spontaneous dissertation on the special connection mothers on both the 6th and 3rd dimensions have with their children on a sub-conscious level. She uses the link she has with her son Nazreal and Miranda as an example where she knew what was taking place at crucial times in their lives. To give Tia time to speak she ends it there though the time she spent channeling was time well spent. Tia changes places with Karra and fills us in on the mini-crash of the stock market two days earlier called "Red Monday", a day where some major drops took place in the markets around the world. She gives us the details of what took place and the aftermath that followed. The base had adopted the defcon system of the military on earth as a way to denote crucial changes that could bring on social chaos. We were currently at defcon three but the stock market changes had brought on the possibility of changing it to two. She is able to confirm some of the previous predictions that had led up to the market activity but it was there I had mind lockup and ran out of questions though I can think of some good ones now I should have asked. We get to the end of the tape after changing topics to her children, the Cubs, and how they had pampered their mom when they realized how tired she was from her hectic day watching the markets. We also talked about happiness and whether having an abundance of money would equal an abundant amount of happiness. Just for fun we compare Bill Gates to Karra. While we can't tell if Bill Gates has found true happiness with his billions of dollars but we're able to agree that Karra has found true happiness despite her wealth so we end the session on that happy note.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 10/29/97 Side two includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Alana and I discuss a vacation I had taken where during a swim I had with some wild dolphins, Karra had recorded the experience through my mind which allowed Alana to relive it as well.


2.)(11:22)- Karra and I brainstorm ways of sharpening my focus when in my astral form on the base which leads to a dissertation on the on the link mothers on all dimensions have with their children.


3.)(16:48)- Tia gives us the aftermath of the historic mini-crash that had taken place two days earlier through markets around the globe. Conversely, this also provides for an opportunity for her happiness retrospective.


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