Speed Healing and Postscript to Atlantis- Part 2

September 1st, 2019

Greetings again in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  Side two takes with a question on coercion coming up and we learn about the coercers on Sirius such as Kiri. He explains their training to become who they are as those with such a skill a held to a higher standard than those without and must be very disciplined in how they use the skill. We hear of the problems when coercers go bad and lose all emotion which prompts Omal to remind Skip of someone from his past that was such a person. Finally we get to the end of his time speaking but, before leaving, he adds his comments onto a discussion Mark and I had over our disagreement in Atlantis brought up in last month's podcast. In hindsight, Omal is able to give a third-party judgment to the outcome of our role in the decisions we made. That brings back Karra who asks for questions to fill time between speakers. The subject is Ashtar Command and the way medical research is handled which she does know the answer to as well the procedure that would take place were we to ask a question she didn't have access to the answer. All this was when her boss on the base was still Kornas and it is a nice look behind the curtain so to speak of how healing questions are handled. Tia leaves the monitors she had been watching to trade places with Karra by stepping in the pyramid at Mark, Kiri and Tia's apartment where the channeling was taking place. A new computer had been bought to replace an Amiga so that Tia and Kiri could have live online channeling sessions. Our discussions on upgrading the Amiga to give us a second computer on the web led to Tia giving us a description of her computer on the base. Her descriptions of her interactions with her computer showed it was the kind of computer out of our science fiction. Any number of movies have depicted a computer that can think for itself but this would be best be demonstrated by the independent robots of the movie "Interstellar". We finish out the session in a follow-up to the new website to be created which would be used to report on the events only on planetary news as opposed to the interplanetary kind.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 05/05/96. Side two includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Omal explains how coercers on Sirius are very disciplined individuals due to the responsibility that comes with that talent. He then brings closure to a question on Atlantis and gives his opinion on the roles Mark and I had during our past lives there brought up last month.


2.)(10:02)- Karra provides an answer as to how research and development happen in Ashtar Command. Before switching speakers, a question about gene splicing brings up a painful reminder of a past life in Atlantis.


3.)(14:29)- Tia ends the night by giving us details of her seemingly self-aware computer she uses on the base and the argument she engaged in unimaginable here. It refused to work until she ended her temper tantrum.

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