Starting Off the News and Chakra Alignment- Part 1

February 1st, 2022

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


It is said with great power comes great responsibility. We say, with great knowledge also comes great responsibility. With the channeling session being posted for February, we get both and that's just from Karra's topic when she speaks on side two. Here are some notes that will explain some things not covered on the tape starting with a guest joining me in asking questions. Her name is Linda and she was a friend I had known from my time in Sedona. She was supposed to come out to the West Coast when I did but turned her car around as we were leaving and stayed until this taping. She was to stay with us for a few weeks before moving on to coast. The next note is that when she explains about the channeling sessions being moved, it is from the official channeling rooms to a copper pyramid set up in the backyard of Mark, Tia and Kiri's apartment who were also having Teene as a roommate for a while. When we go over the situation in Iraq, the first Gulf War had recently ended with the second coming in 2003. The note from Ashtar's time talking is that we had a simple webpage and were looking to expand the teaching to a newsletter for those unable to access the internet which was still mostly on dial-up. It would also go to a friend who was with the Sedona Journal of Emergence. Omal's notes are that this was the fourth time that Korton and Omal were meeting Linda with the first three when both channeled through Roger Pinion, the channel who was holding sessions during our time in Arizona. He also brings up Mark's time as my brother in Atlantis when we tried to kill each other over opposing viewpoints. We agreed this was us resolving our karmic past. Korton is the first speaker on side two and his notes from it are that the monitor he mentions is a sixth dimensional one we couldn't see placed in the room focused on Mark's body in our own copper pyramid. They could see us but we could not see them. Also, Korton has a hobby of collecting old computers, his office on the Base has a number on display. Kiri is the next speaker and followers of the archives will recall the engineering project she had assigned to three of us down here and the trip she made to Sirius with Leonedies and Alex to see her grandmother in the monastery high in the mountains. Karra's note is that she teaches an advanced form of a negative feedback loop that comes with a warning label. It can work too well so we warn anyone interested in trying it to start slowly. Finally, Tia brings up one of the architects of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Followers of the archives will have already learned Mark was part of that team and Tia's teasing is just her being proud of her man.



   Tia gets this very special night started by explaining a change about to take place with our channeling sessions where there are to be moved out of the official channeling rooms with all the monitoring equipment and change over to the pyramid in the back garden of Mark, Kiri and Tia's apartment with Teene helping out in her usual role as technician with the help of a portable channeling unit. We next review the situation in Iraq which had dominated the recent headlines. Saddam Hussein's army was still in bad shape after the first Gulf War but he was still flexing his muscles militarily by threatening to invade Kuwait. Tia's position as data analysis for the Ashtar Command on the base put her in the perfect position to correctly assess the situation. It would be another eight years before that invasion would take place proving her analysis was right on the mark. A friend of mine was moving from Sedona to the Bay Area but was staying with us first for a few weeks to renew old friendships. During our friendship back in Sedona, Linda had attended several channeling sessions where a gentleman named Roger Pinion channeled both Omal and Korton to a group of around twenty people gathered to ask questions and gain some knowledge. She explains why the Grey's visit our planet and a bit about her ancestry to cats. She wraps up with some advice about a spiritual entity that had been bothering Linda. Next into the channeling field was none other than Ashtar himself honoring us with some time out of his busy schedule. A project had been conceived of putting the Hades Base News essentially in a newsletter that could be sent to those wanting the information but lacking a connection to the Internet all the time. Ashtar's approval had been being sought to start the project and he was here now to go over the details. He gives us some ground rules such as not including the infamous session from the pyramid in the backyard called "Girls Night Out" which got far too wild for us to add to the archives. He does agree that since the more lighthearted side of Ashtar Command does need to be represented to those researching the Command. Moving on to the next speaker, Omal now enters the channeling field and he immediately reconnects with Linda from when they had last spoken together in Sedona. A number of subjects are covered such as Merlin energy, the Illuminati, and why Mark is unable to heal as a normal human body would due to being out of his body during the times accelerated healing would normally take place. Finishing up the side is our second honored guest speaker Korton who barely begins speaking from the heart when the tape comes to an end.

For full transcripts of this session and more information about Hades Base and the 6th dimension, please visit our website: 


The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 08/29/1995. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Tia meets Linda from Sedona for the first time and we cover her analysis of the moves Saddam Hussein was making towards Kuwait. We cover as well the motivation of the Greys to abduct humans. 


2.)18:47)- Ashtar gives the go ahead for the Hades Base News to be in publication form for those wanting monthly updates on world and base events. He approves of a less militaristic face of the Command. 


3.)(25:24)- Omal renews his friendship with our guest Linda who had last spoke to him through a completely different channel in Sedona. He also explains how Mark's time on the base affects his healing.

4.)(44:41)- Korton begins a conversation and demonstration of speaking from the heart when the tape cuts out a little over a minute after he begins to channel.

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