Surfing the Waveforms- Part 2

October 1st, 2016

Greetings again in love and light as one,

After finishing up due to prior commitments, Omal makes way for Karra who was advised to relax by her doctor and so we can see the effects munching on one of the blue flowers can have on a person. She is professional enough though to draw upon her skill at nursing to help expand on how reflexology can be used as a stand in for a local anesthetic in extreme cases when that is all you have available. The opposite use of the pressure points on the body is brought up with how they can be manipulated through martial arts to harm if not done gently as is done with healing. She explain how reflexology works by affecting both the nerve and blood flows before wrapping up with a quick status on the conference and some of the races to be invited to participate. It's Lyka's turn next and we get some first hand knowledge of some of the survival tips used by the Sirian Defense Force. The storage of food for hard times is the topic and she tells us about ocean beef or beef that has been stored in brine. We go over other items of food suitable for preservation before she hands off to Tia who gets us up to date with the goings on in Russia. From her we can guess where Omal was going as this was the day Vladamir Putin was installed as the acting prime minister by Boris Yeltsin, a very crucial event to be reviewed for its future implications we can see the results of today. She gives us her take on things and how Russia was poised between a couple of different paths it could go down. As usual, the unique perspective of her duties of data analysis gave her the ability to observe things objectively. She end the session dramatically as she is getting reports of pitched battles taking place during the War of Dagestan.

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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 08/10/99. Side two includes:

1.)(3:11)- Karra whose relaxed channeling style is due a blue flower adds to what Treebeard gave us on reflexology but with a healer's outlook.

2.)(15:36)- A very pregnant Lyka gives us good tips on food storage and relates a survival food source she's had to eat as part of the Sirian Defense Force, meat stored in brine they call ocean beef.
3.)(24:44)- Tia comes on to channel after a busy day monitoring events in Russia such as the installation of Vladimir Putin as Prime Minister this day as well as a breakout in fighting during the war of Dagestan.
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