The Earth First, the World Second- Part 2

January 1st, 2018

Greetings once more in love and light as one. 



  Side two is where Omal quickly ends up his topic so that Lyka could take her place to open up about the value of an oath. As an oath keeper of the Sirian Defense Force, certain commitments are required and it is those commitments we learn more about in our quest for knowledge on how it works with other world's efforts to ascend. At this session she was pregnant and restricted as what she could do so she was happy to discuss the how important oaths are and how they have lost much of their commitment when made on third dimainsional earth. Next we turn to her studies at school and learn that some of her studies have been of some our most famous generals and wars. She even gives us a retelling of a battle Rames the Second had where his bravery won the battle over the opposing force. We end things appropriately with the Battle of Little Bighorn and her quick summation of what went wrong and what went right. Karra is the last speaker for the night and uses the remaining recording space to present what could best be called a class on raising a child from an infant. How to help it learn almost all of the psychic skills so the child becomes comfortable with their use is the main subject covered though she breaks it up by starting with her field, healing. She then suggests meditation with the child for learning skills like manifestation and astral travel but then having them try some of the exercises she offers to increase their skills as they get older. She next goes over telepathy but she holds off on PK or coercion as not a good time yet for those but does lay out a future list of ages where the information will be separated into. We end things discussing the belief factor as being the hardest thing to impart to students and she reminds us of some of those who have come to channeling sessions but never came away with the belief in the actual physical changes taking place sometimes in the channeling room down here.



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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 04/20/99. Side one includes: 


1.)(3:20)- Lyka explains the major significance she considers about the oath she took requiring 300 years of service and we hear about her studies on earth history such as the Battles of Kadesh and Little Big Horn.



2.)(18:50)- Karra gives an excellent dissertation on raising children and how to train them in the psychic gifts from the age of an infant and up.

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