The Other Taal and the Families of Sirius- Part 1

August 1st, 2022

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


For the channeling session for August, we are departing from the legacy series this month. This one is from 1998 and thus is one of the clearest sounding recordings we've posted recently. Kiri starts things off by informing us that Tia wasn't on the base and she had requested that one of her assistants take over in her stead. The gentleman chosen got the assignment due to his research into the subject being discussed. We find out his name is Taal, just like the Wing Commander but this Taal is Sirian and not one of the pilots. His English skills are comparable to the Wing Commander's. He reveals these approximately 500 years old and new Kiri and Karra's father as well as them when they were very young. Much of what he goes over is the Defcon status which is what the base was using to determine the status quo of the planet much as NORAD would. Kiri comes back on and we learn that only Oath Keepers like Lyka eat meat among the Sirians. She also begins to explain relationships on a higher dimension and would be expanding on the subject significantly when she would speak at the end of the tape. Omal takes questions and one that had been going around recently in the news was on the Tailwind incident which involved a government cover-up about Sarin gas used by the US during the Vietnam War. Also, we get to hear about the odds of a comet hitting our planet due to a movie that had come out called "Armageddon". Mark and Kiri's son Leonedies finishes up the side with an address he'd like passed on to the other races taking part in the intergalactic conference being organized. He may be only three years old, but he's a super operant and supremely intelligent. The note on the person that we discuss in Northern California on side two is that she is a channel for Ashtar Athena who has spoken once in a channeling session of ours. Now we were looking at enlisting her help to see if her participation might be included. Side two notes include as well Karra coming on to help out our female guest with a woman to woman chat. Karra had been doing some research on drugs and alcohol and had some great information to pass on to our guest about those subjects as they had been a problem until recently. This is the first time we would hear about the population of Sirius being about 15 to 20 million. An amazingly small number of people for an entire planet. To expand on that subject, Kiri now explains the sexual side of being higher dimensional. She goes into depth about the difference between sex and making love. The short version is that one is spiritual and one is not.


August gives us an opportunity to leave the legacy series of channeling sessions and go back to a session from 1998 and with it, the clarity we saw with the better recording equipment of the later years. It also introduces us to a new speaker we don't have an image to add to his profile as he only spoke the one time. He is an assistant to Tia enlisted to take her place while she is away from the base. He covers topics of a similar nature starting with the wildfires that were taking place in Florida. What we discover in our discussion with him is that is over five hundred years old and a skier on the base team. Skiing is the thread that connects him to the Tanaka family as he recalls times when he knew Kiri and Karra's dad before having daughters was even considered.He recalls as well seeing both girls as they were just learning how to ski. From him we change speakers over to Omal who is familiar with the topic brought up which was called the Tailwind incident which happened during the Vietnam War. It had made news so Omal helps debunk the latest rumors. We move on to a movie recently released called "Armageddon" and his knowledge of spacial dynamics allows him to spell out what would happen with a comet of a similar size. It is a sad state the world is left in with survivors facing a grim future. With odds of a thousand to one, that is odds that can help a person sleep at night. We end with his explanation to a question about keywords where he reminds us that both he and Korton are using them already and to look to their past conversations to spot them. We end the side with Kiri and Mark's infant son who is more university professor than a three-year-old child. While not a regular speaker, when he did join it was to help with the organization of the intergalactic Conference being organized that would bring together all the races involved with our planet and people. In this appearance, he lays out a challenge to the other races to demonstrate their willingness to participate in the talks.

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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 07/07/1998. Side one includes:


1.)(3:18)- Taal, an assistant of Tia's, come on to take her place is discussing the status of the Earth. We also discover that he is old enough to have known both Kiri and Karra as well as their dad as youngsters. 

2.)(5:37)-  Kiri explains why only Oath Keepers eat meat and how the relationships between those of a higher dimension are not restricted to the taboos of same sex relationships found on this dimension.

3.)(25:15)-  Omal discusses a current Government scandal from the Vietnam era that threatened to advance the Defcon level the base had in place. The movie "Armageddon" lets Omal give us the odds.

4.)(41:58)-  Three-year-old Leonedies comes on to add some impetus to the intergalactic Conference being planned in the form of a challenge to the other races that were expected to participate through channels.

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