The Other Taal and the Families of Sirius- Part 2

August 1st, 2022

Greetings once more in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


On side two, Leonedies helps us with a possible channel to assist with the Conference who is able to bring through Ashtar Athena. As he knows the actual Ashtar Athena, he is in a good position to provide teh best advice. One hangup we were experiencing was finding a channel for the Zeta Reticuli since they spoke as a single entity. He assures us that finding someone won't be as hard as it sounds. The bladder of an infant is very small so he is off and his mom comes on again to get us transitioned over to her sister. Karra starts off reminding us that Leonedies is an eight dimensional entity who has chosen a life as sixth dimensional to experience it again and accomplish some purposes he had set himself. Karra draws on her healing knowledge to assist a guest in determining why she is dealing with acne and split ends. Knowing our guest has had challenges with addictive substances in the past, she had done some research into how they were processed. Did she get an eye-opening education. So she is prepared for this conversation and we learn a lot about which cause aggressiveness during their use and which don't. Her studies included alcohol and she is able to detail the issues experienced who are allergic to any form of alcohol including rubbing alcohol. A statement about squalid living conditions in some parts of the world leads to Karra explaining why Sirius does not have a population problem. With only twenty million max on a whole planet, it would be a paradise compared to the millions packed in to a single city on our planet. What she explains is that Sirians have no need for huge populations and the resources to maintain huge numbers of people. Their pursuits are for mental development and not procreation. We end it there to allow Kiri time to speak and she has a lot to say in regards to her earlier topic on the sexual mores Sirius. We had already heard her reference the scandal she caused with Taal's daughter at a diplomatic function she had brought in previous channeling sessions. We get to hear her give a dissertation on her favorite subjects, sex and making love. The two are very different as she points out by describing how they differ. She reminds us that due to rejuvenation techniques, a seventeen-year-old may actually be three hundred which we find is the case with the technician monitoring the sound and holograms. She also reminds us of the unpleasant toxic masculinity displayed by Johnny who has played  large role in the archives as questioner. We can confirm as a lot of that misogyny that came up in sessions had to be edited out. But that is how life works and we can only realize that without his presence, the sessions would not have had his questions or input. Both were crucial in their timing and it's obvious in hindsight why he was such a large part of the channeling sessions. That was the end of the tape and another great session hoes into the archives. 


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 07/07/1998. Side two includes: 


 1.)(0:00)-  Leonedies returns to help us with a channel for Ashtar Athena and the Conference. He confirms for us the the Zeta Reticuli will be able to work through a channel despite speaking with one mind.


2.)(6:29)-  Karra helps a guest with the reasons that acne and split ends were happening. She also reveals she has been studying the effects of drugs and alcohol and lets us know which make you aggressive.

3.)(26:32)- Kiri expands on the subject she started before on the relationships on a higher dimension with the emphasis on how making love and sex are two different things. One is spiritual and one is not.

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