The Pyramid Under the Sea- Part 2

July 1st, 2019

Greetings again in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


  Kiri returns to her topic as side two begins by reminding us how the type of coercion used isn't important but that the proper use of it is all that matters. Then it's her sister's turn to speak and Karra this time agrees to help understand the ceremonies and rituals that are a part of many healings, even in a hospital. For our purposes, she uses the term ritual as a way to bring the person's consciousness up to the level of the healer or at least meet halfway when healing spiritually. What ceremony or ritual is used depends on the belief system of the person and as an example, she uses a sweat lodge as a way to do that if the person was Native American. She takes it to the next step of what to do once that level is reached which includes helping the subject to do the healing themselves. We finish out the time with Karra by helping with advice for a friend of a guest who had discovered a special ability. That growth was being threatened through a mood which had grown dark and it's a lighter atmosphere she suggests to bring more light into her life. Omal gets to the session at that point so Karra puts him for the short time he can attend. We use that time wisely as we ask questions concerning both the crystal pyramid supposedly left over from Atlantis followed by a debate on the truth of the Bermuda Triangle. He easily blows through the hoax that had led people to believe an Atlantean crystal sphere had been found in the conflicting details related in what had been reported. That area where it had been reported fell within the Bermuda Triangle and while he was limited in what he could reveal what had occurred there did subscribe to the theory that pilot error was responsible to even ships that had been reported missing. He has to get back to the matter he had left leaving Kiri to get us to the end of the side. From her, we get an engineer's view at the causes of the phenomenon of the Triangle and deduces it has something to do with an electrical, magnetic vortex of some kind. A unique theory is put forth regarding the Bermuda Triangle being one half of a connection to Tibet on the other side of the world. Curious if true and it would explain a lot. Who's to say if a solution to the mystery surrounding the history of missing ships and plans were due to such a simple explanation. We run out of tape just as she completes handing out an assignment heard on a couple previous channeling sessions about coming up with a colonization plan involving 10,000 colonists. It's a bit anti-climatic from the revelations already discussed but would turn out to be a great mind bender of organizational skills.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 06/23/99. Side two includes: 


1.)(02:09)- Karra is back to fill in some time so she gets into a dissertation on ritualized healing where you are bringing the subject up or down in energy levels to let the subject do the healing themselves.


2.)(17:25)- Omal correctly deduces why a report of a crystal sphere found during 1970 in an underwater pyramid made of crystal by a recreational diver is a hoax.


3.)(30:42)- Kiri looks at the Bermuda Triangle from an engineer's perspective which brings up a theory that may explain it. This is also the first time she assigns us a project we've followed-up on before.

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