The True Guardians Of the Galaxy- Part 2

June 1st, 2017

Greetings once more in love and light as one. 


On side two the topic changes to photonic energy and its ability to be used to heal faster than regular energy. She demonstrates this fact on one of the cats who had injured its eye by directing photonic energy into the eye from a knowledge gained through the recall of her past lives granted by her sixth dimensional status. We are treated to the effects a real-life healing taking place far quicker than when just normal earth energy is involved. After Karra wraps up, Tia transitions between speakers by explaining that due to her feline ancestry, her ability to jump from standing straight up was about twelve feet. Following that fun fact we hear from a real guardian of the galaxy in the form of Lyka who is part of an elite force of soldiers who get called upon by the Galactic Federation to assist 3rd dimensional sister worlds and worlds where the progression of consciousness is under threat of regression. From Lyka we get one of the best descriptions of the life of an oath keeper in the Sirian defense force. It's a fascinating life lived with the possibility of death always in the cards but hear about the perks as well she can look forward to at the end of her service in some 300 to 600 years. We switch gears from there to her downhill skiing she had been practicing for the upcoming Tri-Base Ski races. We hear about the ski suit being planned to wear or lack thereof and about the PK field she's incorporating into her training and the fascination she had developed over Picabo Street. Kiri is the last speaker of the night and as she is Lyka's ski suit designer, that is the first item of business. Going over how to make Lyka go faster helped Kiri to reminisce about a passionate time on Sirius where she and another girl managed to cut a holo of the experience in what can only be called some sci-fi skin suits to allow the holograms video disks to be touch sensitive. Getting back to the future, we go over the events planned for the ski races and preparations that have been made to accommodate the expected 12,000 visitors and contestants from the other two bases involved. I then get reminded to pick up my Christmas present, a life-sized Energizer Bunny that because the bane of her sister's existence. The tape ends as we hear about the commands programmed into this toy that would make Silicon Valley very jealous and a lot of money as well.


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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 12/31/96. Side two includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Karra demonstrates how energy from the photon cloud enveloping earth can be utilized for some advanced healing on one of the house cats with a bad eye.


2.)(8:35)- Lyka takes us inside the Sirian Defense Force, the real guardians of the galaxy before we talk about her outfit she will be wearing in competition during the Tri-Base ski races.


3.)(22:24)- Kiri lets us know what her role will be in the ski races and recounts memories of a previous race on Sirius. It's in this session we hear out the advanced programming that went into a Christmas present she made for me.



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