The Ultimate Meta-Concert and Teene Finally Talks- Part 1

December 1st, 2020

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


The podcast for December is a compilation of two sessions where one session had to be cut short due to a work schedule and the second was just a half a session to fill in the rest. Because of that, we get two great discussions with both Omal and Karra. In a first for the archives, we have the honor to hear from Teene finally and it is well worth the wait. Teene is the mother of Treeny and the two of them often serve as technicians for our little group when they meet on the base to speak to us. Teene is our main technician and she is normally only known for letting know when there is a technical problem on the base's side. We get a real conversation this time that is substantive and educational. Speaking of updates, Alana updates us on the status of the pod of earth dolphins who had volunteered to come to a higher dimension and interact with the pod of Sirian dolphins in Dolphin Lake. Her and I located a pod off the California coast in one of the base's ships and was able to ask if they wanted the opportunity a while back. So far the merging of species was going well. Two more items of notes before going into a more detailed summary are that the sound isn't of the highest quality as has been achieved recently but two recording engineers did the best with what they had. The second item of note is that the editorial from both Karra and I this month is closely tied to our discussion on death that took place in the session with both Omal and Karra, though it wasn't planned that way. Somehow it always just seems to work out naturally without any need for our help. Spoiler alert, Karra reveals in her first time speaking on side one of when she sees us as having a similar opportunity as Sirius to ascend as a race. Now onto the detailed session notes.


Our ring mistress with her feline ancestry makes a joke about roasting a dog as we get started but that isn't an unusual statement after we've known her this long. We get the good news that the triplet daughters of Mark and herself enjoyed the stuffed salmon which is what was actually served as they are just old enough barely. We don't stay long with Tia as she brings on Omal to get to the serious questions and answers that brought us all together. Our discussion focuses on enlightenment through a deeper connection with the world around us. Then he combines that with the many past lives making up the self who is continuing a path upward in evolution. He very accurately describes my life prior to this one in an example he uses long before I even knew what had taken place in that life as far as my interest in herbs. He then helps me with a revelation on life I get so much more now than I did then with all the experiences to let me grasp the concept properly. He leaves with a "Star Trek"/"Star Wars" remix of an exit line before Tia takes over and we get into a deep theological discussion on the essence of God, or in her case Goddess. She defines the ultimate meta-concert that shows a great insight into that which unites all religions. The definition is not one that takes much time so Karra is set to take her first turn that we would hear of her on the tape. We start our discussion on a future life where her and I would be sharing the same dimension for a change and how she hopes her grandmother would be alive still. With her ability to communicate with those who have passed on, it would be a valuable help. It's a concern for her grandmother's health that we find out that Sirius is about to celebrate their 80,000th year since their ascension, a milestone for any civilization to be able to have that for a history of achievements. Reincarnating over and over on a higher dimension brings up the subject of Miranda, the daughter of Alana and I. She is the reincarnation of Kiri and Karra's mother who died while sacrificing herself to save the crew and passengers of the transport that developed critical problems. Much the same happens when we reincarnate as soul groups tend to stay together. We end with a valuable history lesson of the ascension of Sirius and how it led to the colonization of Atlantis that was to follow. Kiri comes on after her sister and, while we do get in a little political discussion, it is cut short as Alana is suddenly in the channeling field along with Kiri. Hearing Alana, I deliver the news I had for her about the dolphins on the base which gives Alana the floor from there on until the end of the side happens shortly thereafter.


For full transcripts of this session and more information about Hades Base and the 6th dimension, please visit our website: 


The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 09/26/1995 & 09/08/1998. Side one includes: 


1.)(2:35)- Omal stresses the importance of being in tune with yourself and your surroundings in a life of enlightenment and how past lives are ways to advance the lessons we've already learned in prior lives.


2.)(19:25)- Tia points out the goal post those who are looking to advance consciously as being part of the ultimate meta-concert without a physical form creating the ultimate creation.


3.)(23:52)- Karra and I discuss my eventual death and hopeful rebirth into a higher dimension with her as well as her mother's reincarnation. We then learn it's been 80,000 years since the ascension of Sirius.


4.)(00:00)- Alana and Kiri share Mark's vocal cords as they both are within the channeling field. Alana eventually establishes control and gets the short amount of tape left to the end of the side.

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