Time Jumping and DIY Stone Circles- Channeled- Part 1

July 1st, 2022

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


The channeling session for the month is called time jumping and DIY stone circles. It was channeled by Mark Crocker in September of 1994 and features only three speakers. Something else unusual to start things off was that this was one of the rare channeling sessions that the first side is taken up by a single speaker. In this case, it's the head of communications for Ashtar Command, Korton. Some parts of the channeling session happened that could use some explaining and we'll do so prior to the main summary. Now the back story of the first subject which is about crossing dimensional barriers comes from the efforts of Mark and myself to improve on the skill for our trips to the base. Mark already had the method down though it helped getting an explanation of how it worked from the expert. By this point, Mark could be gone from the third dimension for 90 minutes but spend 16 hours living a second life with his bond mates and children. It's hard to describe crossing a dimensional barrier but Korton does a masterful job making it sound easy. His suggestion to provide a computer voice activated to my voice in Karra's apartment did come about eventually though it uses a English keyboard instead of a Sirian one. The next subject, a standing stone circle, never came about because the price we found it would cost to get the stones of the right size. The information he provides about building one would be valuable for anyone looking to improve their landscaping. All of this is to be merged with the crystals and pyramid in the channeling room here in Lake Tahoe. What we do find out about crystals from Korton is that they get clearer with use. They also tune into a person as much as the person tunes into them. His dissertation on crystals is a master class which upends the most common held views by a majority of the population. This is all head spinning knowledge being shared but there's plenty more to go. The final note for the side is that traditionally I had always been the one to do past life regressions. Mark being asked to do one on me was something that would be a first. Side two has Korton wrapping up and our note is his revelation that an important crystal of ours given to Carrie was done so at their direction. This was news to us. Karra is the next main speaker in the notes from her time are that the manifestation we discuss is one I created that held it's shape long enough to be noticed. Something else unusual is that she reveals that moss grows to the East on rocks on Sirius as opposed to the north side on earth. The final note is on the healing crystal we discuss which I still have. It's approximately seven inches tall by three inches wide and weighs about 3 pounds. The last speaker is Karra's sister Kiri and a note for the new readers is that Maxxus and Naxxus were brothers Atlantis and also incarnations of Mark and myself during that time. Unlike the others speaker's at this channeling session, Kiri was in a joking mood and came up with a good tale on if Wing Commander Taal were to take his new girlfriend on a date to earth. That led to the last note for the night which is that the bar we discuss was not too far off from a bar already on the base near the apartments of Karra, Kiri, and Tia called the Corner Bar


The channeling session for the month of July would have been perfect if the sound had been better but we've got a great session nonetheless. The fact that Korton takes up the entire first side is needed because  the information provided is just mind blowing. He even needs some of the second side to finish his thoughts on time jumps, crystals, and stone circles. But let's start with time jumps. It is something both Mark and I were trying to perfect though there was little Mark needed more than he already knew. This lesson was more for my benefit to help me catch up with him. What is describes is the appearance of dimensional barriers during an astral projection. He describes how the entry into one leaves a mark on the barrier as you go from the fourth dimension into the fifth before breaking finally into the sixth. It is on the return where you change your entry from the fifth to the fourth so as to alter the actual time you return. He points out that there is no way to go beyond the point of original as we cannot travel backwards in time in our dimension. We move on to how to establish a homemade Ley line which leads him to suggest creating a do-it-yourself stone circle. He reminds us that it isn't something that can be done overnight as you have to plan for solstices, the position of planets, along with the anchor stones and sighting stones needed to be placed in relation to the circle. An improvement he suggests is to hook it into an existing Ley line and get the benefit of its energy. We finally move on to crystals and we get a master class on the subject. He explains how crystals get clearer with use along with how they tune in to a person. Whereas it would seem when going to a rock shop that a person would tune into a crystal to choose one that matches their frequency but in actuality it's also the crystal looking to tune into the person. It also explains how crystals can find their ways to being lost or given away to someone else whose frequency they match as much or more. We learn that using it with astral travel, it will transmit you to your location and receive you on your return. We discuss recordkeeper crystals, double terminated, cluster crystals, energy crystals, storage crystals, and farsighting crystals. We wrap up with his description on how to access information crystals. It presents an unusual opportunity for Mark to learn how to give a regression so that he can help me gain oneness with the crystal.

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The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 09/12/1994. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Korton uses the entire side to go over jumping across dimensions to come back sooner from an astral travel trip and how to create do-it-yourself stone circles. We also learn how crystals tune into you. 

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