When Warriors Meet and the Races of Atlantis- Part 1

January 1st, 2021

Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one. 


   Welcome one and all to a new year and a new change in the way we present the collected channeling sessions from the members of Ashtar Command on Hades Base. We've added a YouTube option where we have combined the images by Madeline Falkenström from the Center for Ascension as a visual aid of who is speaking on the base. We'll be including an introduction by Karra and myself but without a live video since only one of us is on the planet and it is always about the message and not the messengers. The channeling session chosen for this initial effort reflects well the theme of beginnings set with the first meeting between Lyka and our frequent guest Skip. It was also the first time for Skip's grandchildren to attend giving us some excellent questions from them to those who were channeling. It isn't the greatest of sound and now lacks the background radio that could be heard before our sound engineers got it to the best quality possible. Kicking things off is Tia taking on her traditional ring mistress role to help ease everyone into a relaxed conversation between friends. The ten minutes used does the trick so that Kiri, who comes on next, can put her motherly instincts to work in answering the questions the children have plus offering some helpful advice to their grandfather. It's after this point Skip meets a fellow warrior in Lyka who is a member of the Sirian Defense Force. Both had joined their respective defense forces on separate planets when they were young and both had seen things neither could talk about. Omal follows them to get us to side two by revealing they have been charging Skip up slowly with energy due to his exhausted state since the beginning. We see confirmation of the energy infusions into Skip all the way to the end as his energy levels build up over the hour. Side two picks up with Omal confirming the seven races that originally colonized Atlantis which has some surprises of who was included. Karra is also great with the children, especially one needing her help without realizing that she needed help and it's good advice to those wanting to avoid raising a psychic vampire. Karra's daughter Alana gets us almost to the end by explaining to the group the rejuvenation process Sirians go through twice in their lives and how their society operates without money. It was a new concept the children hadn't heard of before so it was enlightening to have it explained in the way she did. Her being a marine biologist on the base was the perfect example of how their system of service works for children practically on a field trip to a higher dimension. This may come as a surprise, but the two most important words ever spoken by anyone in all the channeling sessions happens in this obscure choice eight years later. As Omal is talking about adding our guest's grandchildren to a possible meta-concert, he mentions they would be part of the group mind. For those looking to for the next level in their ascension training this is the key. A successful meta-concert of five individuals or more can bring on a third dimensional group mind where all the participants operate as a single entity. That gets a group as close to next dimensional thinking as is possible when all can be united in raising their consciousnesses. This channeling session turned out to be an informative one also for anyone needing a primer on what it is all about and, for those who have been with us since the beginning, a new perspective on the other races that share this planet with us. Now, onto a deeper summary.


   Recorded in 1995, you would be forgiven for thinking we got together for this channeling session just last week. Events we hear being predicted by the speakers are certainly filling our news feeds with reports of possible civil unrest and revolution. Whether it is a case of the human race not learning from its mistakes or a fortuitous choices of tapes, the channeling sessions never feel dated. Tia gets things started by getting everyone up to speed with introductions and how a friend of Mark's he tried to help get to the base in her astral body with him on one of his trips fought him as they transitioned through the dimensions. He partnered with her for her first time to the base as he had me on my first time but they almost ended up stuck in the fourth dimension with little way back mentally. Prior to answering some questions on the stock market and the crash of 1929, Tia demonstrates a way of draining another person of energy which earns her stern looks from Karra. Transferring over to the first speaker, Tia runs through a familiar Abbott and Costello routine she picked up from Mark's mind which we then proceed to mess up totally. Kiri follows next while on a sabbatical from work so we hear about the projects around the apartment she's been working on such as the apartment's hot tub and a little cart for her infant son Leonedies who is a super operant. It is so he can use it as an assistant for a body still learning to walk but with a mind fully capable in all five psychic abilities. Kiri is in the middle of giving some financial advice for the future when a unexpected guest speaker arrives in the uniform of the Sirian Defense Force. She was there to speak to our guest who had been in the army at a young age just as she was now. Lyka reveals once she comes on that Skip and her have a common connection through their past lives to Skip's guide who had died and was now helping Skip. Before leaving, she informs us that her latest fencing lesson with Mark left her with a cut she could have avoided had she donned the proper equipment. Omal takes Lyka's place to the end of the side by letting our guest know they had been charging him slowly in small bits to avoid overcharging him which had happened in the past. I bring up an incident I had heard about where some UFOs were spotted over Mexico City and he confirms my suspicions by having me ask my flying instructor, Wing Commander Taal, the next time he was to channel to get the full story. We finish the side by planning lessons for the future like meta-concerts and a deeper look into devas. A question of how to fix the upcoming problems of the human race had to be left unanswered since their prime directive is no different from "Star Trek's" Federation of Planets so working it out ourselves was left as the only option.


For full transcripts of this session and more information about Hades Base and the 6th dimension, please visit our website: 


The sessions lasted from 1992 to 2001 with this one being taped on 07/27/1995. Side one includes: 


1.)(0:00)- Tia makes introductions while demonstrating some energy gathering tricks that do not meet with Karra's approval. We next get a history lesson on economics and her discovery of "who's on first?".


2.)(10:05)- Kiri describes some of the things on her to-do list around their apartment such as getting their hot tub jets working. She also gives a quick reading on the abilities of a very young guest of ours and mentions some concerns she's noticed.


3.)(19:57)- Long before she was Captain Lyka, she was a newly promoted first lieutenant who came to chat specifically to speak to our guest who had also served in the armed services. It would be a long friendship over the coming years.


4.) (25:15)- Omal reveals they have been charging up our guest slowly with energy which is seen as he is full of energy by the end. He confirms my suspicions about some UFO's over Mexico City and the date marks my decision to go online for the first time.

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